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  1. I'm just back to the game as well and I've only really noticed this issue with the one handed clubs. With knives you definitely have to get a lot closer. I'm wondering if they gave the clubs a longer reach because they share a perk with the baseball bat which would, logically, have a longer reach. As for fists and sledges I haven't really used them enough to comment but spears seem to have a pretty short reach for what they'd be capable of. If there are any old school Morrowind fans the reach on the spears in that game was more realistic. A bit overpowered maybe but spears are pretty overpowered in the real world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afqhBODc_8U
  2. Thank you for the replies. For the role play element I was making a hunter/settler style character and I went to 7 in Agility as soon as I could as sneaking with a cross bow with hunting knives for back up melee seems to be in theme and makes me a lot more survivable. If it's not essential to max out that stat I may branch off and try some of the other skills in other stat trees. The tracking skill in perception and master chef in strength are what have caught my eye.
  3. Back to the game after a long hiatus and I was wanting to ask a quick question. Since you can get to 7 in an attribute and have tier 4 in the assorted skills for just 8 points (12 counting what you put into the skills itself) but then have to spend another 8 points to get your attribute to level 10 to get the tier 5 skill is it really worth it? Looking at the actual increases in damage to get those last few percentages it doesn't really seem worth it when you could build up another stat to compliment your main skills. The reward to cost ratio just doesn't seem to be there unless you're an ocd min/maxer. Or am I missing something?
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