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  1. I don't know what TFP thought about to move the default settings into the regestry (not sure what they did at the mac/linux version) but basicly that is a bad desiction to force player to edit the registry. Since i start serveral new games, it is a small pain to adjust all the settings to your personal preference all the time. So it would be nice to have a mod, that add an extra button to Default Start which is Save current settings as Default. Or alternative add Load and Save settings and save them into a new file and keep the registry as default. I didn't found anything so far, so when there is some competent modder i willing to do such thing. Go ahead ! 🙂
  2. This happen to all mission objectives at all overhauls. When you NEED to craft something, the game need to see that crafting and this only happen when you craft it at your inventory or when you have the crafting station open.
  3. And i think Strenght 8+ would be required to use that thing at the hotbar ! 🙂
  4. Mosttimes the issues for such "crashes" are, the mashine run out for memory. Does your friend just got 16GB RAM ? Then he should close background programs before he start 7d2d to free some RAM. Or increase the pagefile. From the Discord: For Undead Legacy if you have 16GB or less system memory (RAM), it's highly recommended to increase Page File (for Windows) or Swap File (for Linux) size to at least 32GB! Windows Tutorial: https://mcci.com/support/guides/how-to-change-the-windows-pagefile-size/ Linux Tutorial: https://arcolinux.com/how-to-increase-the-size-of-your-swapfile/
  5. Hast das gleiche problem wie ich gehabt. Da ist ist ein hase hinter einem Strohballen, wenn du ins Fort reingehst links vor dem Stall. You got the same problem like me before. There is a rabbit behind some haybale, at the left side when you enter the fort.
  6. I got a same issue with the fort. Some lonely rabbit sitting behind some haybale there and was waiting for his dead.
  7. Be sure all files got transfered, maybe compare what is at the server and what is at your PC side.
  8. Eliminate the Horde (Part 2) It is possible to add a tracking for zombies you have to kill ? I just tried it and i can't find the last one. The quest spawn next to a POI, i even cleared that POI, but no luck. Or maybe change it to kill any zombie, not specific ones.
  9. Ok, but then maybe rename them abit. Like Wooden Storage Crate Iron Plated Storage Crate (Wild West style) to reflect their difference. And maybe add to the description about their resistance. Thats fine thats not all things arn't craftable. Just though since i don't found a recipe, but allready found some schematics from other "prototype" stuff i though it isn't ingame. Edit: Dang, i allready wanted to suggest for a Raft/boat vehicle. But then i found out you can ride pretty fast underwater with the horse. No need to ride all around these lake/river anymore.
  10. Where do you can change the chances for the Bee queen ? Didn't found an entry at the loot.xml Birds nest will refill allways, so you allways have enough to loot. But tree stumps arn't that common, and the Bee queen is very rare. I know it exist, because i allready found one at a previously try, but none at the current. Ahh found it at the blocks.xml <append xpath="/blocks/block[@name='treeMaster']" > <drop event="Destroy" name="QueenBee" prob=".05" count="1"/> </append> Edit: Some feedback: - Silencer, when you allready add steampunk vehicles and junk spitter, you should re-add the silencer too. Special since the 1.silencer is made 1892 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silencer_(firearms) - You should remove writeable storage, or adjust the recipe to be inline with the Wild west writeable storage. - Unless you have further plans with the different chicken parts, they should be merged into chicken meat. - The time that the tamed brown horse need break is far to long ! 🙂
  11. Started new with the latest Github release, and no problems finding these chickens. Maybe he changed the loot settings, and that might reduced the find of them.
  12. Canute

    Backup Mod

    You can change the locations at the settings.json // Custom backups folder path // IMPORTANT: You must escape all '\' characters or use '/' // Example: "C:\\7DaysToDie\\Backups" // Default: "" "CustomBackupsFolder": "",
  13. How did you change it when there is no serverconfig.xml, that is the place you change it. Anything you change on your client don't affect the server. Maybe you should take a look at http://ul.subquake.com/dedicated-servers that could help to configure your server better. Or ask the support of your hosting server.
  14. Try to read at page 416. Then you can find a video that help you to fix the problem.
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