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  1. I encounter some "Unzippable" things from another game. If you use maybe an "older" tool it could cause problems, try to get a new tool like 7zip (windows/linux). When you got an instable connection, i suggest to use download manager anyway. Their resume procedure is better then the standard ones from the webbrowsers which avoid download errors. The archives from Github and azure definitive are OK
  2. Or try to use a download tool. The download is resumeable and don't need to be downloaded at one rush.
  3. Don't use other mods (Mods folder should be empty before you copy over DF files) at first Be sure you have 19.4 installed and use DF for 19.4. Maybe create a copy of 7D2D you should play from. At this way steam don't update/modify that version. Start/create a singleplayer game, before you join a server.
  4. Maybe you should change the vehicle encumbrance system so they have allways a min. speed ?
  5. Vitamin's don't kill bakteria's (salmonellae) or mold which cause from food poisoning.
  6. At the workbench you can combine 2 items together. At this way you can "repair" them if don't got the skill to repair them without degrading. You can use looted one (but repair them the item wealth count not the quality) or craft one. But be careful, when the icon for mod's on the item don't appear at the result you should remove the mods before you take the final produkt.
  7. Regen stop weapon mod, anti-demonic weapon mod, coil weapons or when you found Laser ones. And alot of ammunations. I never tried it myself but i think the weapon mod that let the target freeze can help you, but i think you can't use that with the other weapons mod i suggest before.
  8. Yeah food can be a problem at the beginning. I suggest to gather apple to roast them on a stick over the fire. When you chop the tree there is a good chance to get an apple seed and you can plant the tree next to your base. And/or yucca fruits over the fire works fine too. And not to forget to pickup all berries. And outdoor sneaking works very well at night. Once you played awhile with the mod you will get the feeling. But that all don't prepare you about the endgame, be surprised and don't enter the wasteland without protection.
  9. You need to differ between mods and overhauls. Mod that just add things to the vanilla gameplay shouldn't have problems with Sorcery. But Overhaul's like DF or UL change alot of the vanilla structures and gameplay, you need a compactiblity patch version of Sorcery.
  10. You should check the description of the higher perk of the summoning. I think you could have 2 or 3, and the highest level remove the time limit. But once you use a vehicle you will outrun them and they despawn. And maybe you allready notice self their AI isn't that clever. It is mosttimes better to spawn a new one indoors while exploring a new room then to wait for the other to find the way to you.
  11. While you allready on it. Could you maybe get impact driver and try it too ? 🙂 But i don't think it would change anything at the result. The tool just made it faster to salvage the object but don't give more out. Only perks/traits affect it.
  12. That was a known issue at older version. Special when you butcher animals you notice you got much less meat out of them with machete then with knifes. But that should been fixed allready.
  13. Not to speak about the landmine's you will encounter (and never notice) when you leave the streets or POI area..
  14. Basicly people would say, place the sleeping bag next to the vehicle. But i think it is a nice idea, and should be an option when you leave a sleeping bag at the inventory of the vehicle. But it would be much more interesting when we would get bigger vehicles like a truck or camping bus and build that up to a mobile base.
  15. Weapon slot's. The motorcycle could have a SMG/Rifle at handlebar. And the 4x4 maybe a turret at the cargo.
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