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  1. Isn't it a survivial game ? Learning by doing, i only start reading when something isn't working! 🙂
  2. Since a nightmare run through the wasteland, i avoid to enter the wasteland if i can. While i drive through the wasteland with the motobike i hit a mine and died. On the way back to the bike, i hit 3 more times some mines and needed to start over. Wasteland only on streets for me now, except i got more health and explosion resitance.
  3. But the game count it for you ! 😞 I did serveral hardcore run too. And i notice it is the best not to fight at the beginning. Wood spikes are you friend then, you can run backwards and place them before dog's and wolfs they chase you. They will slow down them on a hit, and at last dog's get killed pretty fast with the spikes, a dire wolf would need alot more. But the bad thing you don't get kill count/xp from spike kills.
  4. Even with adblocker and scriptblocker on for all unknown sites, the download starts directly after clicking on the link. (Latest firefox). You can either use a different browser, use a download too or maybe the mod manager. When even a different browser don't help, then i would think your ISP block it.
  5. (2) At DF you can "repair" item over the workbench while combining 2 same items too. Just build a new gun and use it to repair your better quality damaged gun.
  6. That thing should maybe have the ability to hijack WLAN/Bluetooth monitors around as external display ! (Point at Iron man 2 movie at the beginning) 🙂
  7. The main topic was, How to play 7D2D on C64 or How to replace the Zombie's with emoji's !?
  8. Darkness Fall mod got lvl 5 Buried supplies quest, can you imagine what kind of Z's appear there ? 🙂 After i failed the first times, i dug a long escape tunnel i could flee after i looted the chest and avoid the fight at this way. Sure freezes are bad, but you shouldn't give the game allways the reason for it.
  9. You just need to find the perk book to craft a zombie control collar, and to put that collar to the zombie while it isn't aware of you.
  10. And when you win the hardcore version of the game (700 days without dying), the next day some special agents force recruit you to explore an unknown world portal ! 🙂
  11. Must be on your side of the internet. Just started the download and i got 6 MB/s (max. speed for my DSL).
  12. Like someone allready said, a Gyrocopter isn't a helicoper or any other similar VTOL. Basicly a gyrocopter is a plane with rotating wing instead of fixed one like a regular plane like an ultralight. IMO they should move it from lvl 5 to lvl 1, it is a very simple design. Only the the both propeller are the bottlenecks. If you want some VTOL, you should look into a copterpack.
  13. When they just want to send an SMS with the code or similar, did you try you regular phone number ? Many phone companies got a text to speech converter that say you the SMS. Or can't you just create a new email for a new discord account ?
  14. But chasing with a knife use alot of stamina which lead to increased hunger, not the effective way. I rather risk to loose the corpse then to chase a small prey. And don't tell me that you still hunt chicken/rabits later once you got a vehicle and see more bigger prey on you travels without tracking.
  15. Before you look at the server, you should look at your friends first. Can everyone start a singleplayer DF with the latest version 19.5 ? Or does the friends maybe wanted the server to transfer the mod data to them ? If the server is at your mashine don't forget your upload speed is far slower then you can download. It is better for an overhaul mod server that all the clients have the nessesary mods installed themself first. So far i understood you can join your server without problems ? textures are the problem of the client, the server don't use any textures.
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