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  1. But only when you use a fire spell (Sorcery) to kill them ! 🙂
  2. The difficult just adjust the strenght of the Z's not how many/big the horde's are (so far i know). You need to reduce the heat much more. Workstation that run all the day, you should put into a additonal base at another chunk. When noone is at these base, no screamer will appear there anyway, you just need to pickup/reful 1-2 times the day.
  3. Then you should manual delete the installation folder rather to use uninstall. Uninstall only remove the latest files they installed, but not any surplus files from older version or from mod's you installed not into Mods folder.
  4. But why just a 250GB ? Sure for a simple server it might be enough, but the 500GB mosttimes cost the same like a 250GB or just little more.
  5. Better your ears then your back, when you wouldn't have any hornet sound and they ninja you from behind ! 🙂
  6. Ekkk, do you want confuse us old 7Days player with new sounds ? 🙂 Do you know how long it will take again to get confortable with the new sounds, i bet we will die multiple times before we notice some Z scratch out back. And btw. music is allways i turn off at any new game i get ! 🙂
  7. The more important question is, are the DF player ready for the update ? Specialy the one who use DF with their main 7D2D installation and steam secretly update to A20 ! 🙂
  8. It is a kind of cheap DRM protection, Ubisoft/Epic is much worse then steam. And not to forget they want to monitor your playing times for their statistics.
  9. None, if you only use bicycle and solar panells 🙂 4 for each vehicle type one. 6 for generator bank. But you know murphy's law, when you searching for something you never get it. And once you don't need it anymore you find plenty. Basicly happen for your first minibike/motorcycle, you got anything beside engine or wheels(acid) and these don't want appear.
  10. Endgame scenario: You got someone with Inteligence 11/12 which is able to reseach a cure or nanovirus that turns zombie's into pile of rotting flesh. Then you need to takeover one of these rocketbases or build an new one. While you activate the rockets, you geting a constant blood moon event duration 2-7 days. After that you won the game and a credits screen appear and you will see a hall of fame.
  11. DF got alot of new plants/trees. And plants need water to grow. Together with new recipes like paste, orange marmelade toast and orange tea, you have many stuff to try out and feed yourself. Chicken nest for egg's and animal traps for meat. Serveral new POI's when you use random generator. There are also pregenerated maps, one number is vanilla only POI the other got got custom POI, but forget which number got what. But since DF is an overhaul, many other mod's won't work (well) with DF you need to be careful with them.
  12. Ask the author of the 250 slot backpack for a DF version of that mod, or don't use it. At a overhaul mod, many other mod's don't work (well) anymore.
  13. You can't get sap from any tree. Be sure you try it at the right class of trees. Just keep the bowls with you and try it somewhere else until you found the right trees.
  14. Wouldn't Zombies the perfect astronauts ? They don't need oxygen, radiation don't harm them. Just need a way to control/train them ! 🙂
  15. There is no endgame goal. The goal is survival. When you and your team allready reached the max. gear level you could increase the difficult like lower the loot drop chance, made Z tougher, do less damage to Z and blocks. But when that all nothing help, you need to raise the difficult at your own, like hardcore mode when someone is dead, he is out. Or use a mod that reset him to level 1. Try out overhaul mod's like Darkness Fall's or Undead Legacy. Both change the game drastical, it still looks the same but play different. Darkness fall at last got some "story" to close the demonic portal which you could count as endgame goal ! 🙂
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