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  1. Bat0206 like most other forum, this one got a search function too. Enter Sulfur, mark "This topic" and search and you will find the answer at your own.
  2. Doing Buried supplies 1 quest from the trader give you some food from the looted chest too + cash to buy more food from the vending mashine/trader.
  3. You don't want miss that feature, or you allways would have "only" 100 HP. Sure when you die alot you will have below 100 HP most of the time. And stronger Z's can kill you pretty fast. But since you have friends you should have a farmer at last. Then he can made food that give 2+ wellness, any tea raise wellness too. Beer too. Buy vitamin from the guard captain each day, that raise 2 wellness too. And there are a skill to raise your min./max. wellness too.
  4. It is awhile ago since i played Sorcery. But you sure you need to head to a waypoint ? If i remember right, at first you just need to kill any zombie with the spellcaster to show you the power of firespells. Just kill one with the spellcaster and check if the count get increased. If you are low on spell ammunation it is enough to do the final blow with it. It is just important that you hold the spellcaster while the Z dies.
  5. Since your C partion is pretty full maybe you should think about to move some of the appdata location to another drive. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/8b27ee00-07f0-4d83-b801-1be83ae21e88/moving-appdata-folder-to-a-diffrent-hard-drive?forum=w7itprogeneral And since your music is pretty full too, maybe you should think about to add a second harddisk for them. Even an external USB3 or better drive can do the job. It don't made much sense to split 1 harddisk into that many partitions. Once music is moved, you can merge that partion with the wi
  6. or downgrade if you updated it recently. At rimworld some user got crashes with their RX5700 after updating the drivers, not sure if a later driver update fixed that. Uninstall only remove the files from the latest version. When you uninstall the game, check the game folder if any file/folder is deleted (saves/worlds should normaly stored at a different location then the game) if not delete them. Then you be sure no leftover file could cause trouble.
  7. Taza's spear exist too. Side effect of all Taza's weapons, their quality increase while you repair them. But the modification slots never get adjusted based on the quality.
  8. No, there are 3 way's to get the master unlock: - spend 10 skill points - craft the master book (my favoured) - buying it for 100k from a trader with good standing (never did that myself i just read about it).
  9. But you could change the "craft" quest part's into gather.
  10. Just search for them at the producation. At the description you would see the required skills/class and workbench with the tools.
  11. At the workbench you can combine 2 items together. You can use that to repair the higher one.
  12. The "pre-sync mod" button is at the mod description page. To access this you need to use "Goto" button first instead to use Play.
  13. Or just use a pickaxe and mine a bit slower, that don't draw that much attention and don't generate that much heat then an auger. Did you try to do lvl 5 burried treasure quest yet ? It is about the same amount of zombies beside the cops. My way to deal with them to have a long straight hallway, placed some wood spiked along and at the end a robotic turret. The spikes slow them down, while i can shoot them mostly at the head. Ofcouse they can try to break throigh from about instead to move the way, so you better have an escape route.
  14. Ask youself, what weapon skill goes up when you use them ? Since it is Blunt, the skill should affect them. Since we just speak about fist/knuckle. Anyone else think they need to be moved into an own weapon category (if that is possible) ? They don't swing like club,bat,hammer and some of them got blades on them. I think it is to easy to switch the blunt weapons, and it is a total different to swing with a 1h club or a 2h hammer or use fist. But ok, that's maybe a generell request for vanilla then for this mod only.
  15. But when the player or players decide to live inside the trader POI ? Why building an new own base and not assist the trader, and get protected a bit by him ? 🙂 Since the trade is 24h open and the POI isn't invulerable anymore it should be possible. Just think about it and discuss it with your people on Discord ! 🙂 Did you build and equip medium or large backpacks at the tailor bench ?
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