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  1. I'll be happy when we can make maps larger than 8k - I hope we are there now.
  2. im always on a roof top at night in early game. I snipe zombies, harvest any metal bits that may on the roof, watch YouTube or read the news
  3. new7daylive


    I like all these ideas. 7 days to die is the only game that does what it does and.... It has limitless potential.
  4. The could also have a virus zone with a destroyed bio facility. Need special equipment to enter the area. This could also have special creatures - maybe super strong types (differentiate from radiated zone) Maybe also need a special serum to get you into the area. could also have a rogue military area - heading toward bandits here. Maybe they have anti-aircraft facilities and super strong mercenaries with dogs. Maybe need special armor to enter this area. backstory could be that this area is preventing air evac from the area or maybe it begins stopping air drops (wait... that means air drops would also have to become useful late game : ) ) Having a number of end game areas / poi's would do nothing but extend play and add another level of scavenging, crafting and fighting to the game. Also, provides a place to 'win' if thats what one chooses to do.
  5. We were discussing ideas for 7 days to die while playing on a private server. One idea that I thought was really good - When you die, you become a zombie. Basically, the game re-names a zombie with your name and it becomes a mini-boss. Im sure its not possible, but if the zombie could be in your image, that would be even more cool. Maybe this random re-named zombie retains some of your gear. Maybe it can re-spawn anytime in a 5 day window. Just another way to get a boss fight in the game and give folks another reason to stay alive.
  6. I am getting an error everytime I try to start my newly installed server. I am using compo pack 40 and I followed the instructions that accompany it. Appreciated any tips or assistance anyone cares to provide. Ive included the bottom part of the log. below 2019-11-17T17:56:36 61.341 INF Started thread GenerateChunks 2019-11-17T17:56:36 61.415 INF Processing world files 2019-11-17T17:56:46 71.629 INF Hash before: 6770741F17FFBF00F73B98C8F6C6DF07 IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at GameUtils.WaterFloodFill (System.Byte[] _cols, System.Byte[] _waterChunks16x16Height, System.Int32 _width, HeightMap _heightMap, System.Int32 _posX, System.Int32 _maxY, System.Int32 _posZ, System.Byte _colWater, System.Byte _colBorder, System.Int32 _minX, System.Int32 _maxX, System.Int32 _minZ, System.Int32 _maxZ, System.Int32 _worldScale, System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] _listPosX, System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] _listPosZ) [0x00053] in <680de279eecb476696111d3487ddfc8c>:0 at WorldDecoratorPOIFromImage+<InitData>d__14.MoveNext () [0x001d1] in <680de279eecb476696111d3487ddfc8c>:0 at UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) [0x00027] in <ca1d1fd848884ed5a84a515243f09e15>:0 (Filename: <680de279eecb476696111d3487ddfc8c> Line: 0)
  7. After the fun pimps intro, im getting a black screen. EAC is off. My game files (steam) are on G drive and I have installed Ravenhearst on H drive. Any ideas what might be causing this? I really need my Ravenhearst fix!
  8. select the stack of wood you want to scrap and then hit 's' or select scrap from menu.
  9. Another Ravenhearst question. We have been using Ping Perfect for a while now to host 7 days to die. Recently, we have experienced some crashes after loading the ravenhearst mod. We have never had an issue with our server. Ping Perfect is pointing at the mod. Any body have any experience with this? The message we get from Ping Perfect is : An issue or resource overusage has been detected on server 107...
  10. Want to say first off that Ravenhearst is just what the Dr ordered. Our playthrough is taking longer and we are having more fun. Thanks for making the effort to enhance the already great 7 Days experience. I having trouble with the shotgun class. Im at the stage where i need to Assemble Boomstick. I dont have a recipe by this name and can find nothing in the forums or internet about it. Is this referring to assembling a double barreled shotgun? I havent found all the parts and Im not to point where i can make them, so I assume there is something else im missing. Appreciate any assistance someone can offer. Thanks
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