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  1. My server isnt happy when i try to load creaturepacks for zeds and humans. When in game we get hit with a red wall of exceptions. Did you make any changes to get these 2 mods to work together for you?
  2. We just figured it out. Apologies for the distraction Besides this minor point, everyone seems to be enjoying the mod. Thank you
  3. Thinking about trying this mod. Was wondering if the creature packs mod would play nicely with it? Like to have as much variety as possible.
  4. I am also having an issue with images for the weapons and ammo in this mod not displaying. We just get an item that we identify by mousing over it. If its ammo, there is just a number of ammo. Is there a fix for getting the icons/images for the ammo and guns to display?
  5. Tried it and things went very badly. Its a shame, really wanted the bandits and the other additional variety that this mod offers :(
  6. Is it safe to assume that the creature packs wont play nice with a mod like Romero?
  7. My original server has steamnetworking disabled. On the new server, I disabled LiteNetLib.... i can connect now. I can connect to both servers. Thanks for mentioning this potential workaround above in your post - I hope there is a real answer to this issue soon
  8. Amazing... Sylen having the same issue I'm having : ) I set up a second instance of 7dtd on my server. The first on is vanilla and is on 26905 and the second is a romero server with other addons and its on 26908. My 2 friends can access both servers with no issue. I, on the other hand, cannot access the second (26908 romero) server and Im getting the same logs as you are Sylen. Not sure what to do. All ports are open (others can access). If you have anymore insight, I'd appreciate hearing it. Thanks
  9. I'll be happy when we can make maps larger than 8k - I hope we are there now.
  10. im always on a roof top at night in early game. I snipe zombies, harvest any metal bits that may on the roof, watch YouTube or read the news
  11. new7daylive


    I like all these ideas. 7 days to die is the only game that does what it does and.... It has limitless potential.
  12. The could also have a virus zone with a destroyed bio facility. Need special equipment to enter the area. This could also have special creatures - maybe super strong types (differentiate from radiated zone) Maybe also need a special serum to get you into the area. could also have a rogue military area - heading toward bandits here. Maybe they have anti-aircraft facilities and super strong mercenaries with dogs. Maybe need special armor to enter this area. backstory could be that this area is preventing air evac from the area or maybe it begins stopping air drops (wait... that means ai
  13. We were discussing ideas for 7 days to die while playing on a private server. One idea that I thought was really good - When you die, you become a zombie. Basically, the game re-names a zombie with your name and it becomes a mini-boss. Im sure its not possible, but if the zombie could be in your image, that would be even more cool. Maybe this random re-named zombie retains some of your gear. Maybe it can re-spawn anytime in a 5 day window. Just another way to get a boss fight in the game and give folks another reason to stay alive.
  14. After the fun pimps intro, im getting a black screen. EAC is off. My game files (steam) are on G drive and I have installed Ravenhearst on H drive. Any ideas what might be causing this? I really need my Ravenhearst fix!
  15. select the stack of wood you want to scrap and then hit 's' or select scrap from menu.
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