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  1. Sorry everyone, I kind of burned myself out with 7D2D and have been on a Pokemon binge (working on completing the national dex). Those two packages are intended to be used with my PIP optics mod and RMR replacer mods. They enable the use of the PIP optics with all of the new firearms, and enable the use of the RMR optic with the new firearms. Without those two, the PIP optics mod and/or the RMR replacer mod won't work correctly with the new firearms. It should be compatible with all 18.x versions. Thanks for the feedback, I'll get that patched along with the other
  2. I'm not sure myself, actually, to tell ya the truth. I know xml files are downloaded to client, and I'm pretty sure the asset bundles are too, not sure about the icons and localizations though.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I ran into this a few times myself, wasn't 100% sure what was causing it, although in retrospect I now have a theory. For now you can fix it by putting the gun that's having issues into a container, or dropping it on the ground, then picking it back up again. Be careful when dropping them on the ground, though, as the physics colliders are a bit funky and I'm not sure how to correct that. The scar H reload sound not working seems to be a bug with that particular animation set, I don't think the devs added the trigger inside the animation to call the reload sound, a
  4. Thanks for the feedback I haven't tested time of day specifically, but I didn't notice any huge differences in my personal testing between day and night. All three scopes are only using a 512x512 render texture that's only active when the player ADS, so the FPS impact is minimal (I did the majority of my testing on a Y500 with a i7 3630QM, 16GB ram and 2x 650Ms). I've considered offering versions with different render texture resolutions to tailor the FPS impact to the users needs, but nobody has said anything about a large FPS hit, so I haven't I also did a little shader wizardry to both a
  5. For sure! Just PM me a link when it's finished and I'll put it in the OP.
  6. Thanks! I agree, the vanilla scopes are legitimately pre-2000 era. Lol. After making and using this mod I can't imagine myself going back. Making other mod scopes PIP would be a collaborative effort between the other mod author and I, as I start by modifying the scope model itself in Blender, then I export it to Unity and build the functional parts of the scope there. So I would need access to the scopes model source file, or have a modified version provided to me. But it's definitely possible! I do plan on making a separate mod from this one in the future that adds some new optics to the g
  7. Thanks for the kind words! I personally don't use any of the large overhaul mods, and I haven't had anyone try using VFX with one. In theory there's no reason why it shouldn't work, the only thing I imagine might be problematic is if the mods replace the vanilla ammo, add weapon mods, and/or heavily modify the loot tables (to the point where the vanilla ones are no longer used). I'd just give it a shot and see what happens, it doesn't overwrite any vanilla files, only appends them. If there are compatibility issues that arise, if anyone feels up to the task of making a compatibility patch I'd
  8. Nice! Variety is the spice of life, after all
  9. Sykriss

    DMT Modding Tool

    After reading all of the responses after my post, the mention of file permissions kind of rang a bell in my brain for some reason. What I did was made a copy of my 7DaysToDie_Data folder, trimmed it to only contain the Managed folder inside it, and placed it, along with DMT and my DMT mods folder, in the root of my C drive. Then I booted up DMTViewer, pointed it to C:/DMT Mods as my mods folder and the root of my C:/ drive as the install location. Built a patch with no mods enabled, then copied 0Harmony.dll, Assembly-CSharp.dll, DMT.dll, and Mods.dll along with the DMT-built Mods folder from t
  10. That's actually awesome, I was a bit worried about possibly having to split it into a client side and host side modlet. Really glad to hear it! Thanks for the bug report and feedback btw, it is appreciated
  11. It is in modlet form and is self contained, although (correct me if I'm wrong) clients will need the localization.txt for the names and descriptions to show correctly. Everything else should should just download to client when they connect.
  12. Interesting. I hadn't done any testing in MP so this is new to me. It probably has something to do with two of the scope 'cameras' existing in the world at the same time and the object references getting confused. Honestly not 100% sure how I'll fix it, might fiddle with the gameObject hierarchies a bit and see what happens. Edit: I have a theory that might work, though I don't have the means to test it myself; give me a few minutes to package and upload it. Edit 2: Patch is uploaded, download it HERE. Hopefully this fixes it, if not I think I'll have to get a bit more creative.
  13. There's something up with your PC or configuration. On my 3770k/8GB ram desktop server, an 8k RWG map takes 10-12 minutes from server boot to a joinable game. On my 3630QM/16GB ram laptop it takes about 15 minutes.
  14. Thanks for the feedback! I'll bump up the recoil for 5.56 weapons in a hotfix. They are a bit laser-beamy, you're right, haha. Regarding the SCAR-H, there seems to be a bug with that particular holdType and/or reload animation. I've set it to have a reload sound in the xml, but no matter what I do, it won't play a reload sound upon reloading. I even tried calling one from a separate xml line with an onReload trigger and it didn't work. I think the reload sounds for that particular holdType are just bugged. I'll probably convert it back to using the same holdType as the AR15/SCAR-L. Sorry a
  15. Sykriss

    DMT Modding Tool

    I seem to be having some problems getting DMT to work. I followed the video overview tutorial to the T, made a separate DMT mods folder inside of my 7D2D directory and put just SphereII-Core inside of it. I copied the DMT files into a subdirectory inside my 7D2D root called DMT, started the program and successfully compiled a build with just SphereII-Core selected. However, whenever I start the game with this build, I get a red error in console about a missing Mono.Cecil.dll. I saw the earlier post in this thread about that issue and tried copying the 4 mono.cecil dlls into the 7D2D Managed fo
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