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  1. havent had a chance to catch up on the dev streams. Has there been any mentions about caves or other underground features being a part of the released game? Apologies if this has already been covered somewhere else recently. Thanks
  2. My server isnt happy when i try to load creaturepacks for zeds and humans. When in game we get hit with a red wall of exceptions. Did you make any changes to get these 2 mods to work together for you?
  3. We just figured it out. Apologies for the distraction Besides this minor point, everyone seems to be enjoying the mod. Thank you
  4. Thinking about trying this mod. Was wondering if the creature packs mod would play nicely with it? Like to have as much variety as possible.
  5. I am also having an issue with images for the weapons and ammo in this mod not displaying. We just get an item that we identify by mousing over it. If its ammo, there is just a number of ammo. Is there a fix for getting the icons/images for the ammo and guns to display?
  6. Tried it and things went very badly. Its a shame, really wanted the bandits and the other additional variety that this mod offers :(
  7. Is it safe to assume that the creature packs wont play nice with a mod like Romero?
  8. im always on a roof top at night in early game. I snipe zombies, harvest any metal bits that may on the roof, watch YouTube or read the news
  9. After the fun pimps intro, im getting a black screen. EAC is off. My game files (steam) are on G drive and I have installed Ravenhearst on H drive. Any ideas what might be causing this? I really need my Ravenhearst fix!
  10. select the stack of wood you want to scrap and then hit 's' or select scrap from menu.
  11. Another Ravenhearst question. We have been using Ping Perfect for a while now to host 7 days to die. Recently, we have experienced some crashes after loading the ravenhearst mod. We have never had an issue with our server. Ping Perfect is pointing at the mod. Any body have any experience with this? The message we get from Ping Perfect is : An issue or resource overusage has been detected on server 107...
  12. Want to say first off that Ravenhearst is just what the Dr ordered. Our playthrough is taking longer and we are having more fun. Thanks for making the effort to enhance the already great 7 Days experience. I having trouble with the shotgun class. Im at the stage where i need to Assemble Boomstick. I dont have a recipe by this name and can find nothing in the forums or internet about it. Is this referring to assembling a double barreled shotgun? I havent found all the parts and Im not to point where i can make them, so I assume there is something else im missing. Appreciate any assistance someone can offer. Thanks
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