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  1. I figured as much. The items only work with a17 atm. Don't have any current plans to upgrade those.
  2. theredwolf13_First Aid Bandage Splint Double the potency of the vanilla first aid bandage with a twist. The twist being your leg. >_> Left click for heals, right click for cast. theredwolf13_MultiTools Hate all that inventory management? Not enough bag space or just like to carry around all the essentials 'just in case'? Why not crunch it all into one tool? And by one, I mean three. <_< *AxePickShovel combo *WrenchHammer combo (Left click for your wrenchy needs and right for upgrades) Pretty much what it already does.. but not. *M
  3. I ended up changing parts of the code so I can convert the ammo on the go on a one for one basis, but otherwise, it works great. Needing the crafting station make more sense, mind you.
  4. I really enjoy your anti block bullets. Thank you for that. Any chance you could add recipes to convert normal bullets into these?
  5. Do you plan on adding descriptions for the mods? I checked your old thread but there was nothing of the sort there.
  6. So much this. My favorite overhaul by a long shot. I am one eager beaver to play this when it gets updated.
  7. Grabbed the latest 'Open Door Syndrome With Respawn' but the dumpsters and munitions are still being destroyed after looting. (not on a new save)
  8. Just letting you know your new backpack mod has the wrong description on the front page.
  9. Getting an error with wandering traders. Here is my log. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PaFfZ3y2VTu3EaIbJf_BtMqAKPYCB2Vu
  10. Valmod expansion installed then bbm on top. ERR [XUi] Global style key 'yellow' not found! -- hierarchy: -> windows -> window (windowBackpack) -> panel (header) -> label ERR [XUi] Global style key 'gold' not found! -- hierarchy: -> windows -> window (windowBackpack) -> panel (header) -> sprite (costicon)
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