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  1. theredwolf13_First Aid Bandage Splint Double the potency of the vanilla first aid bandage with a twist. The twist being your leg. >_> Also counts as a splint. theredwolf13_Trader Limits Opening hours too mainstream? Trader wont buy your 34th pistol? Simply want to give Joel a reason to be a grumpy snake oil peddler? How's zero sleep sound!? Ya douchebaguette. >_< *Traders open 24/7 *All vending machines will buy your goods *Traders restock daily theredwolf13_Falling Trees Simple little thing to stop the tree falling animation. Nothing fancy but may help if you play 7dtd on a toaster. Mmmm jam. Or just hate trees having a final revenge attempt. Should work on all trees, even new/modded ones. theredwolf13_First Aid Bandage Find it odd that first aid bandages are only made with plain cloth when you have all these bandages waiting to be smeared with that sweet, sweet aloe? Now you have choices! Smear away! Thank you very much sphereii, Guppycur, Valmar, stallionsden, Ragsy2145, scwanobi and really, everybody in the mod forums. It is a lovely community. I am sure I could go on with names of all the lovely people. Download
  2. Was having issues but it works.
  3. Now this I am in serious need. Good idea. 😺
  4. Weed Wacker link broken.
  5. The link isn't working for me. Gives an error.
  6. Well this is neato. Looking forward to trying it out. 😺
  7. Do you plan on adding descriptions for the mods? I checked your old thread but there was nothing of the sort there.
  8. So much this. My favorite overhaul by a long shot. I am one eager beaver to play this when it gets updated.
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