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  1. i would love to play this overhaul together with the sorcery modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?109145-Sorcery sadly iam to stupid to merge it myself. did anyone do it?
  2. are we there jet? I have no clue about the processes, but will it be integrated with the mod launcher? as modlet? if so what rework would you recommend? or will it be a complete rework on its own? all power to you!
  3. i'd approach all of this less from a magic perspective, but rather from a mutation one. No clue about the details from fallout 76, but about this setting.
  4. looks awesome! i want dis in my life i would really love a blink (short self teleport) spell also becoming a necromancer is an obvious magic shool choice maybe even playable on a phone?
  5. screamer? that was always the case.
  6. cant start it anymore. crashes in menue before i can load a game.
  7. why is this thread not in the game mods category? ^^
  8. iam to stupid to add it to the launcher it seems. it hangs on "add from url" and does nothing on "add from file"... I should be able to do it by hand and add that save game later to the launcher version right?
  9. sweet stuff @noe: i think we can just add the path to the github in the mod laucher. BBM=bigger backpack?
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