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  1. That's a nice tutorial there... now I understand better how farming works in DF. Thanks!
  2. I understand, I'm probably the only one here (lol) who enjoys finding solution to these kinds of problems. As for the "it's okay for me to carry it in my pocket?", no, if they did make vehicles "unpickable" I'd also want a special workstation where you need to craft the vehicle and that will make what you created "spawn" there. Kind of like a service platform for vehicles.
  3. You see? That's exactly what I'm talking about... if it was a REAL situation, you'd have to plan ahead or find the best places where to land and have enough space to actually be able to take off later. Instead, you can just drop on top of a building and care less about having enough runway. If you had no alternative, you'd maybe have even forced to build a small runway near the place you want to fly to. I don't know about you, but that's actually part of the fun for me.
  4. Sorry if I sound blunt, but... did you read my OP at all? My point wasn't that it's not "realistic". Also, I clearly said it's a non-BM base, but that's not even relevant for my point. It's not an idea I'm talking about, it's not even a "Pimps dream" because I know they most probably won't be able (or willing) to make such change. It's just something I realized was "missing" in 7D2D by comparing it with a different game. It's a real shame for me, since 7D2D is so complete that it's kind of frustrating you have to play "pretend" with what you have like kids do ( I'm looking at you Roland! ).
  5. Yes, I had thought about the "falling through the world" problem... maybe one solution could be that you could craft a parking spot "workstation" that will change appearance with the type of vehicle you used when you park on it. After that it won't be able to disappear anymore, since it wouldn't be an entity anymore, until you "use" the workstation and get the vehicle back. It's a bit convoluted and I don't know how hard would it be to do, but it's kind of what I'd do if I was a dev.
  6. As soon as A20 comes out, I'll go set up base in the nearest city, BM off but "feral sense" on ALWAYS. In my imagination, that should be great fun, like in the ol' times!
  7. The other day, while playing, I realized that being able to pick up our vehicles just kind of "ruins the fun". I set up a non-BM base surrounded by a full perimeter fence with a low wall with bars on top, going all around (and some ground hatches to work as entry points). What I was trying to do, was to replicate one of those nice bases that you can find in State of Decay and pretend I needed all the "base sections" that are used in that game. For those who don't know, in SoD, when you clear a potential base site, you can then set up a number of "slots" for a specific purpose. Some examples are a Kitchen, a sleeping area, a Workshop and, in the case I'm talking about... A PARKING SPOT. When I realized I completely walled myself in, I facepalmed my self and thought: "Oh great! Now I have to tear down a big section of the wall I just built to make room for the vehicle parking slot!". But as soon as I thought that, I realized there was NO need for a garage door, NO need for a real protected parking spot, for the simple reason that I could empty the vehicle and pick it up and store it in a closet. So, basically, that's what I'm talking about. Being able to pick up vehicles makes it completely irrelevant to plan a way to protect it, park it and have a "special place" for it in your base. Do you guys agree, at least in principle, with my feeling on this? Wouldn't it be great if they just made vehicles impossible to pick up and add a new type of "challenge" to the game? If they do that, later they could even add special workstations for the vehicles, like a fuel pump to refuel it automatically when you park, or a toolbox that if installed near the vehicle will slowly fix it without the need for repair kits (or something like that).
  8. What is it with you and game genres? Before, we had a heated discussion about this (in your opinion) NOT being (also) a Tower Defense game. Now, you're having another heated discussion about this NOT being (also) a Horror game. Why don't we flip the script, and right off the bat you just tell us all, ignorant people, what this game is?
  9. It's a false problem IMO. They could already build a sewer system right now (i.e.: under the cities) and use 1 & half blocks for the tunnels instead of the 1 block high ones.
  10. I agree. As a new DF player, I was a bit confused as well. On top of that, I can't understand why I have to read the same schematics multiple times before they get marked as read.
  11. It's not like that... Roland explained that zombies are now able to duck a bit and pass throw 1 & half blocks, they're not able to crawl through 1 block openings (yet) IIRC.
  12. Wow! How did you find that link? Thanks for sharing!
  13. If you ask me, I think all this copyright checks are pure madness. The tech companies have gone overboard to censor, "protect" and control everything on their platforms. I stay far away from them as much as I can...
  14. Yes, the original post was from 2019, but apparently people have been still having the problem recently.
  15. Just wanted to bring this topic on Steam to the attention of TFP. I think you should check this one or you could have some nasty surprises if/when you start doing the Streamers Weekend for A20.
  16. They're adding it in A21: it's the new dancing demo kid. Takes you out with cuteness and little explosions...
  17. In Kingdom & Castles you can build multi-tier walls and scaffolding so that the enemy will follow the path up or down depending on where your defending troops are. It's not the same as 7D2D of course, but they'll follow the path of least resistance to their objective in a 3D environment. I'm not sure about Sanctum since I played that one a LONG time ago, but it was a 3D TD game in first person where monsters tried to reach your base, and you could move around placing walls and turrets and shooting them (similar to this is also Orcs Must Die).
  18. Kingdoms and Castles and Sanctum (1&2) for example. They're not very common, but they do exist.
  19. Absolutely not. There are several TD titles that have had a fair amount of success in the last years that are exactly 3D traditional TD games.
  20. Actually, that could be explained very easily by saying the zombies retain some memory of the places where they used to work and live. It would make sense, since most zombies you run into probably died nearby and kept roaming around the same familiar places. Now, I understand that for some people that comes as something silly... BUT ... nobody seems to remember that 7D2D has been advertised also as a TD game. If you accept that, we can easily say that with A17 the zombie AI was finally put back on track with the game genre. Personally, I don't mind a bit of variety in AI pathing/behavior, but knowing that the general idea for Horde Night is that of a tower defense game is kind of comforting.
  21. I don't think that's how it works, you know? Everything you add to a (complex) game impacts some other feature/item/game mechanic. If they did that, they'd probably have to triple the time for bug hunting and people will be extremely disappointed with the "current version" mess.
  22. You either find better quality in loot or have to learn higher crafting skills.
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