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  1. I played also that alpha version where we had the "perlin" caves and I used the minibike. It was A LOT of fun, actually. I had to tag on the map the cave entrances and sometimes build small bridges to cross the gaps in the terrain with my minibike, I also had to build small lamp posts so that I could react in time and see the bridge while driving. That's what I'm talking about. But I see a lot of people are more comfortable with automatic this and automatic that... oh, well.
  2. There's no "surprised" emote so I put "afraid" lol @Roland *hint hint*
  3. I think there's more to the Steam Workshop than just an easier installation. It's also a place where you can easily search and find ALL supported mods, divided by type/category and such. It is well integrated with the main platform the game is sold on AND can help even smaller mods to be showcased easily. But I agree with someone who said that Mod version checking NEEDS to be implemented BEFORE they go live with Steam Workshop support.
  4. I don't know what you main, if you know what I mean...
  5. You use a different gun for each month of the year??
  6. Oh, ok, in that case I shouldn't have reported that as a bug... it's perfectly normal.
  7. Yeah, but somebody actually has to SUE them! It's not like there's a red alert light on the desk of a government officer which lights up whenever an EULA is bullcrap!
  8. Yeah lol, I did the same, because the problem is it's not just a L/R thing, the sound comes from the completely opposite dirction! (front/back)
  9. I don't think so... I've never noticed that in 7D2D vanilla. Furthermore, I think @Devrix this must be reported as a mod bug.
  10. I'm not talking about the red checkmarks, in my case I'd read (e.g.) "Minibike for Dumb@%$#s" several times, but I wouldn't get the check in the perks list (or maybe the next level... can't remember). Edit: I also made sure I read the skill books from a belt slot, as per instructions.
  11. The same thing happened to me all the time (latest version, no other mods back then). I think they'll only unlock when you have the other prerequisites, IIRC.
  12. Hi everyone. I don't know if this has been already reported before, but I noticed there's something wrong with the "Wisps" audio. I thought it was a bad setting or cabling on my part, but I realized the rest of the sound comes from the right direction. In the case of Wisps (can't remember the name) instead, I get the sound from basically the opposite direction they come from! Did anyone else notice this?
  13. Oh, so you won't be watching the streams, but you'll be HEARING everything... I see.
  14. Brilliant! One more question, in the meantime I've downloaded the Sorcery mod expansion, and they say they're compatible with DF. Do you coordinate with each other after each DF update, or is it only on major versions? I'm asking 'cause I wouldn't mind restarting a new game with both DF and sorcery active on the same version.
  15. Is that included in the full install already? tks
  16. It's the GameSpark server: resets at midnight.
  17. Yes, the price will go up to 60 bucks for the final version.
  18. @KhaineGB IF or WHEN you fix that problem... could you please tell us here on the forum? Sadly, I decided to uninstall DF since I can't play like that... I basically lost my base (it was destroyed) because I died and couldn't fight due to the NRE/Exception spamming the console. Thanks!
  19. I think I found the relevant part in the Log: I see it's the same error repeating several times after a while: Can this help?
  20. @KhaineGB : DF bugged out exactly at the worst moment... I was fighting a screamer horde but the console kept popping up making it impossible to fight. Here's the screenshot of the log... can you make anything out of it? Thanks
  21. I support you... but my vote counts ZERO!
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