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  1. You may have set up your base so that the best choice for them is to go in destroy mode. Try to "fix" the path they should follow to you so that they have the most clear and easy way to you. Also, as faatal mentioned some time ago, there are different types of "AI levels", some zombies are very dumb, and they almost always go into destroy mode. The "smarter" ones, instead, will path to you even if the path is longer and "complicated".
  2. Ok, here's a suggestion: as soon as you get to the T5 building, craft a storage chest and empty the entire content of your vehicle into that. Pick up your vehicle (or store it in the chest), then you can still go back to the storage whenever you need something additional.
  3. For the time being, I suggest you always empty and pick up your vehicles. Problem solved.
  4. Wow! That sounds like some nasty stuff! I hope they can be eased in, in just a few months, so they can really start contributing to the team. I can't imagine how difficult is to pick a new person and explain to him/her the massive code "mess" that is 7D2D!
  5. Not sure about other ways to do it, but I remember the "heat map" overlay would certainly show chunks. Edit : oh, I see someone else already replied with the correct answer
  6. Thanks! Since it defaults to the Review tab, I completely missed it!
  7. Just checked... it's not even possible to reply!
  8. Everyone agrees that spears are the weakest melee weapon in 7D2D right now. If you had to change something, I' add some improvement to the melee use of the spear, not to the throwing part (which is already good enough). Once I have a good higher tier spear, I don't even throw it anymore since I'm worried it could glitch into the ground or something.
  9. This is a bit off-topic, but I'll throw it here anyway,,, in my current run I'm going perception and using a spear. I've noticed that when I charge the zeds, and thrust the spear into them while running, It looks like I do more damage and/or get more easily a dismemberment. Maybe I'm imagining things, but does anyone know if there is any bonus applied to "running attacks" (that old perk from a few alphas ago called "Charging Bull" comes to my mind). Thanks
  10. Sorry to write here, I don't know where else to ask for this... @Roland Yesterday I filed a bug report in the proper section, but I realized I didn't fill in the "expected result" part. So I decided to edit my report, but I realized it's not possible! Why? Could you enable the possibility to edit bug reports in the future? Currently, you have to get it right the first time or you're in trouble, because you may have mistyped something or completely missed something that is fundamental for the report to be valid. Thank you
  11. A much simpler way would be to make trees "lootable" where you can directly find feather and eggs from them. Also, when felled, they should give some feathers on top the harvested wood. But I agree with the general idea that nests on the ground is kind of immersion breaking (though I'm so used to it right now that I don't even care anymore).
  12. I thought a Necromancer like you would enjoy that!
  13. Actually, there's a mound of the same exact "material" in a different POI where you can use the shovel and get mostly sand (it's the one with the side scaffolding and a Cement mixer in the yard and lots of cement pallets). That's why this one sounded weird. But maybe things have changed in A20.
  14. So, I was farming some sand/rocks from a POI and I realized that a pile of dirt/sand was working like if it was a bunch of rocks! Is this intended or a possible glitch/bug? The POI I'm talking about is this one:
  15. Yeah, some people attack preemptively because they don't like how something sounds. I say we should at least wait the second/third draft of the new system. There's plenty of time and TFP may change it a million times if they think it works better another way.
  16. Gazz just literally said this: feral sense on means almost no stealth gameplay. So, who're you talking to?
  17. Ok, that would cover small number spawns in rooms. But what about those areas in POIs where the designer wants you to be, basically, ambushed? Those are often bigger areas (like a warehouse or a big room) where you can't really hide the spawns from view.
  18. I think that part could be addressed by the POI designer (at least partially). But if you could decide a change, how would you handle "surprise spawns"? Any ideas?
  19. Hi everyone. I had a rough go with COVID during the holidays, so I couldn't find the energy/inspiration to play A20 stable until a few days ago, when I got back full strength. Just wanted to congratulate TFP @madmole, @faatal @Kinyajuu and the QA Team (sorry, but I don't know every TFP account) for the great new alpha version you've come up with! The game is fun, the graphics (at least for me) are very pretty even on my average system, and performance (SP) is great. Please keep ironing out the few remaining bugs/glitches, and I'm sure we players will play A20.x with great fun for months! That, IMO, will also give you more time and less pressure from the community to push out A21 (lol).
  20. Oh, I see, so it's what I thought. Here we go again... people masking criminality with politics. Anyway, I'll refrain to "offend" your friends in the future... Also, just to clarify, my joke was: "what do you know how breaking bulletproof glass sounds?" - I thought it was funny, actually. Geez! People get triggered for everything nowdays.
  21. @Aldranon & @Catdaddy: sorry, but I don't understand the down-votes... it's just a joke, not a personal attack...
  22. Did you get my reference though? It's a joke but maybe not too easy to get... ;-]
  23. Well, to be honest, I've received both positive and negative reactions from Kuosimodo... so, in my case, nothing to say to him.
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