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  1. I'd like an option to remove options...
  2. You mean the "Remnants"? Those are meant to be easily ready early game makeshift bases... that's the main reason they're in the game.
  3. Sure, Kinyajuu said there'll be a specific option named "[x] No super boring buildings" that you'll be able to turn on or off as you please. He also said that since TFP don't believe there are super boring buildings in the game, that option will actually do nothing.
  4. Where are the devs? Why don't they write here anymore? Why? WHY! WHY?! Is there something wrong with my computer?
  5. Easy. The Duke stole all your stuff and hit you in the head stripping you of all your lvl40 memories... again!
  6. LBD had its own problems and advantages while the current attributes/perks system has other problems and pros IMO. The real reason we get bored after some time is simply because the game is not ready yet (NPCs, Bandits, Storyline and such...). All the rest depends on personal taste, so there's really no point arguing on what pie tastes better if you don't like pies...
  7. It would be cool... if it was possible.
  8. I'd remove multiplayer entirely... what do you need friends for when you have NPCs?
  9. @Promethean Winchester : glad that was of help! And glad to hear you're actually re-reading your own post with a different mindset. If I may suggest something... put things into perspective, and you'll see that many of the zombie bears you're fighting now are, in truth, just scared rabbits...
  10. Good start! We don't need customers after all... Do you work in the sales department by any chance? Everyone was waiting to hear your opinion, you know it. That's why 2020 was so bad... but now 2021 is here finally! ... and your opinion of course! Don't worry, we all know you can't be wrong... Why does this remind of a passage from the Holy Bible? Yeah, you can judge how fragile they are just by looking at... ehm... Madmole. True, when I was a kid I've tried many times to teach life to my grandfather... but for so
  11. Ok, thanks for the info... I guess it's all in the same bucket.
  12. Does the Penetrator perk work at least, or is it broken like the AP ammo?
  13. The release of 19.3 stable has created a discussion (on Steam) with 290 replies! I wonder if 19.4 will beat that lol BTW: @Roland any sneak peek info on what will be inside 19.4? Tks
  14. Is it though? "Hello Fun Pimps? Yes, yes, I'd like to report a few names of unbelievers..." All these questions can be summarized into: WHEN'S THE NEXT DEV STREAM!! I'M HUNGRY!!
  15. Thank God that Yark is here to educate us all! Just by reading your posts I already feel a bit smarter! Thank you so much!
  16. That doesn't seem a problem to me. It's not that the random's not working, it's that the random stuff was generated beforehand. What you should try is to loot a POI, then generate the same world seed again and then loot the same POI again and see what happens I guess...
  17. Actually I do agree that the auto-trigger rooms should be removed or at least changed. In the past there has been a passionate discussion about this, and I've personally expressed my concerns to the devs after which I've been "educated" directly by faatal on the matter. That being said the current stealth mechanic is not so bad, it's just that it isn't applied consistently all over. Auto trigger rooms are an example, but I also don't like that wardrobe doors (the ones behind which sleepers sometimes hide), when destroyed with an arrow don't wake up zombies. At the same time, if you
  18. You already can do that, just keep SHIFT pressed on your keyboard while driving (not a toggle ok, but...).
  19. So basically you're saying that this forum is against you "because", and the comments have nothing to do with your opinion being actually unpopular. Hmm... ok.
  20. That's pure "Meta-Gaming": you didn't lose anything, since each alpha version is its own game. You only know that because you're in early access. Why don't you try to judge each version on its own merits when A20 EXP comes out instead? 🙂 IMHO it's too early to give such detailed feedback on the new clothing system, unless you're trying to dictate your terms to the devs preemptively.
  21. This reminds me of that movie scene...
  22. By TLC you mean Total Life Changer??
  23. IMO if they improve stealth mechanics, yes!
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