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  1. And banks were run by skeletons!
  2. Sorry, but the Grammar Nazi in me can't resist... FYI saying "fine A.F." is like saying "sizzling warm". Peace.
  3. @Roland : it's the Gazillionth time I have to put the "afraid" reaction because there's no "surprised" reaction... *hint hint*
  4. Where did you read that? I said he probably didn't play-test the game like he did in previous versions, just that. I remember when he actually made all those videos of him actually playing the (unreleased) upcoming new alpha from day 1 to day 100 or something. Did you see him doing that for A20? I don't think so. Hence why I said that.
  5. I did it, and it works... and I'm not half as smart as you are!
  6. They're putting back caves, cavemen (insted of bandits) and a new vehicle:
  7. Sorry, was just a bad joke about the number 8...
  8. Yes, I counted (I think) 8 of them...
  9. Yeah, it's complicated. Also, I'm worried if they have the processing power to calculate all that "in time" and not make it a lag fest. Ah! So, that's how they're called!
  10. The best way IMO is to cast a "ray tracing" (was that the name?) from spaces (air blocks) near the bandit, up to the player, and if there's a "free" block nearby that has a collision in the direction of the player that is cover. (did I say this right??) Example: (player) (cover 1) (bandit) (cover 2) In this case, both free blocks are cover, but you can have the bandit choose the nearest one by checking that there's a wall between cover 2 and player. The HUGE problem I see is that you'd have to tell the TYPE of block cover 2 is made of and keep only the ones that won't allow projectiles through.
  11. @faatal I'm no programmer, but I've read sometime ago on another game's dev blog that games often use a "decision trees" for the AI stuff. You surely know better than me that, apparently, using those you can have "toons" do complex stuff (like simulating needs and different reactions to events and situations). Is it possible to do something like that with Unity without going mad? And, most important of all, would that be a viable option for the new bandits AI? (P.S.: I've willingly ignored the pathing problems because I don't consider that "true AI", but just an accessory to it)
  12. So what? The point is I didn't know about it, that's why I said what I said. Stop arguing on something I said in good faith, you look petty.
  13. What will the content of this stream be? Last time, Lathan was talking about new zombies... anything else?
  14. I'm not sure if that's possible... but isn't there some setting you can enable directly from your graphics card? Maybe even create a profile specifically for 7D2D?
  15. Dude, when I was writing that reply to you, NO ONE had explained how it works right now in A20. It's easy to know that after Roland's reply, is it? But before we knew that I was saying that even if rebar frames are missing I'd imagined Madmole (or some QA guy) would have found a different way to make it sleek. Got it? To clarify: I was talking about buying concrete mix from the trader (sorry for the typo). The length of day changes everything, because you have more time to loot buildings (pallets) and/or get money to buy that concrete. Also, my direct experience in game, is that I seldom find a Nail Gun in the first week or two (depending on luck). I don't know what to say, maybe you're much luckier or just better players than me, I guess.
  16. I mean... I'll have to see it for myself. If you say it's good enough it probably is... we'll see.
  17. 1) I play 120 mins/day 2) I can buy cement mix from the traders
  18. What I'm worried about is that currently, with the new A20 block placement system, we don't have really a choice for higher tier materials. If you want to build an all-concrete base quickly, you can't use iron frames anymore, right? So in A20, if I understand it correctly, you have these two options. Option 1: place all the particle wood blocks and do the full upgrade path to concrete, wasting materials and time. Yes, TIME! Not everyone has a nail gun handy in the first few weeks, Roland. That's actually the best case scenario. Option 2: is to directly craft the concrete blocks in the mixer (if you have one) and place them to build your base. But as I said, you completely lose the opportunity to quickly handle misplacement errors, and you'd be forced to destroy each "wrong" block with (again) a huge loss of time. So, in the end, if this is how it works, I'll try to live with that, but IMO you (TFP) lost an opportunity to make the building system even more sleek.
  19. I'm sorry? Have you ever even built a base?? Most of the time you need A LOT of high tier blocks to build ANY base, so that means that now we'll have to go through the full upgrade path EACH TIME?
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