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  1. You either find better quality in loot or have to learn higher crafting skills.
  2. Unless it was already planned, but you didn't know...
  3. It depends on the expectations I guess...
  4. No, it's not (not legally, albeit morally it's another matter...). The EA Steam agreement clearly states that the game could even never be finished by the devs... You're buying the product "as is" at the time of purchase.
  5. It's just ONE @faatal afternoon work TBH. It's just that they have "other priorities"...
  6. Yeah, whatever... my statement wasn't exclusive. I'm just saying that pipe weapons DO use normal ammo IRL.
  7. It's the WHOLE point of these kinds of changes. They have removed the Blunderbuss so that you don't need a separate recipe for BB ammo, and they can remove BB ammo from the loot tables everywhere. Also, it's one less thing cluttering the inventory when you go around. No, it's not. Pipe weapons in real life do use standard ammo.
  8. There should also be bandits on bikes to catch up to you if you try to run. Then, you can blow their bikes up and maybe even take them (or take bike parts from the wreckage) if you win.
  9. Bind it to the <ANY KEY>... people have been searching for it on the keyboard for ages, but never found it.
  10. No "nerdpoling"! No "quests" from notes or treasure maps... (because they are similar to trader quests)
  11. You also need the Crucible and Big Forge to craft Steel Ingots to crat the parts... so, it's actually already multi-gated IMO.
  12. That's weird... I wonder if it's a bug then. I SHOULD have got at least some headlights by now...
  13. WHAT?? How low is the chance? I've been wrenching cars (with left click) for half the game now... please fix the chance for a headlight to drop, it's ridiculous now!
  14. BTW, I've got one strange question... Where can I get some headlights? In vanilla, you could get them by wrenching cars, but for the life of me I can't find/get one in DF. I can't even find anywhere a hint as to where they could be... anyone can help?
  15. I'm not twisting words, I think you're simply lying to prove your point. You said that playing stealth is like playing 7D2D with mannequins and that you like the AAZs as they are. So, what is it? Are you using stealth, or are you clearing POIs mostly by fighting in the open? If you do use stealth, then it means you've basically been criticizing your own play style all along, and that you're a hypocrite. If you're clearing POIs without stealth, then you prove my point, and you're also a liar.
  16. That was stallionsden's interpretation of what I said (troll)... what I actually said was quite different: I said that since you're a moderator and the main spokesperson for TFP, you already mostly agree with TFP's point of view. So I'd expect from you the same kind of response the devs would give in defense of the "status quo". It's very different being part of a group and (mostly) agreeing with their shared view vs. "being their puppet" (which I'd never think of you, of course).
  17. Well, as I said, the main difference is that in 7D2D you're always going to fail a stealth check in AAZs. I thought it was evident I was speaking about that. Again, nobody is asking to remove AAZs, I'm just asking for them to be integrated with the same stealth mechanics that is already used in the rest of the game. Will this ruin the game for other players? No. They can still go through AAZs the same way as today. Will stealth players be able to automatically skip AAZs? No. There will always be a good chance you still wake up the sleepers. So, I don't understand what your objection really is. The answer is in the details of my explanation, but both you and stallionsden just see the general argument, which you don't agree with, and then reply ignoring the important details I pointed out. Now, I can forget about that troll/clown, because he's evidently just trying to win the argument, but frankly I was expecting much more from you.
  18. I'm not talking about the abuse specifically on the player, but more of an abuse over the player choice of a stealth focused build. Maybe it's not the best word to describe it... What I'm trying to say is that the sneaking mechanics is overridden all the times you enter an AAZ, Even if you run away and some back trying to sneak again, you still experience it EVERY time right now. I want that changed, with a slim chance of being able to use stealth even in those zones. Sorry, but this is false. If by "respond" you mean running away and coming back sneaking, that's a "false" solution IMO. The ONLY real problem with AAZs is that you get the same result every single time. If they change that and add a stealth chance I'd be okay with it.
  19. Please stop. You can't even understand the implication of what YOU said, I was not talking about the exact words, but the point is you'd rather run "guns blazing" through AAZs than having the option to stealth through them. Admit it. If you really like playing stealth through and through, you'd WANT AAZs to be changed, but you don't. You're CLEARLY trolling. Good troll, go back under your bridge. The fact you insist on thinking I'm not able to fight zombies is funny actually, if you really wanna know, I don't really play much with stealth, since as it is now it's broken. I'm just saying it's not good enough to be a main choice in the skill tree. I said that AAZs CAN be avoided if someone knows beforehand where they are, I was NOT saying that's what I do when I play. Also, whatever mechanics you have available in game is NOT cheating. Destroying blocks is part of the game, so unless the devs protect specific rooms with unbreakable blocks, whatever you wanna do to reach your goal it's fair game. And again, it's NOT how I play, but I'd understand if someone did it. I normally use blunt weapons and clear ANY POI with minimal problems. But I'm sure in your next reply you'll forget about this and use some snarky comment about how I can't handle combat, lol... Is that how you vent your personal frustration? By trying to belittle other people to appear cool? My gosh, kid, you need to grow FAST, or you'll get kicked hard in the butt when you go out in the real world...
  20. It depends. Some rooms don't even allow you time to "re-stealth", others you could do that, but my point is the AAZs are a preposterous mechanics that is used to artificially create thrilling moments in the game. However, I've proved that the thrilling is short-lived and only works for new players, while the "abuse" over stealth players stands.
  21. Look, you either have serious comprehension problems or you're simply trolling now. First, take a look at my previous posts and try to actually READ them and UNDERSTAND them. The one IMPOSING your own way of playing on those who want also stealth gameplay is YOU, not me. You want to go through POIs guns blazing and all? Good for you! You can do that, even if they make the change I'm asking for, you can still do that. However, since you're saying you don't want the devs to touch the AAZs, you ARE imposing YOUR childish way of playing the game to us (see what I did there?). I don't know how old you are, but judging from your replies you must be 12 to 14 or something like that. Please, now, stop replying if you don't really care to read and understand what I'm writing and frankly, your condescending attitude is annoying. I'm not saying he can't have an opinion, but if you're a moderator you've been "selected" probably because you're leaning more toward supporting TFP than not. So even if he can disagree with anything TFP do, he'll also always be mostly on their side anyway. It is how it is, is not bad faith or conspiracy theory. You shouldn't ask the waiter owner if the food they serve is good...
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