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  1. hi Lumpus on the examplemap there is indeed some burnt biome and also there are a bunch of wasteland-craters but I dont think its 40%+ of burnt biome !!! pls check the preview-jpg inside the examplemap-folder to see it yourself - maybe u have spawned in a bigger cluster of burntbiome and think all the whole map is look like this - but its not. All the Northside of the map hasnt any burntbiome - also the complete southside of the map doesnt have any burntbiome IMO the amount of biomes has a balanced amount of each biome over the whole map its true - in the Nitrogen-options i have set the biome value to "more burnt and wasteland" because in Nitrogen-default-settings there is NO burnt or wasteland at all (thats how Damocles wants the world to look like) - but the result of "more burnt and wasteland" is that every biome has about the same amount of appearance. And thats how I want the world to look like
  2. its a vanilla-bug that belongs to wrong mesh-textures open console and type this: pois this should solve the strange grafic-bugs
  3. hotfix02 for CP45 is out now !!! We found the Issue and fixed it !!! It was 2 corrupted prefabs !!! It was xcostum_PeerCafe(by_Stallionsden) and xcostum_Stallionsdens_Ranch(by_Stallionsden) - they had too much Sleepers in one single Volume Once you have got the NullRef-freeze when loading your map it is needed to start a new world !!! If u havent any problems yet u can continue using your existing map !!! However we strongly recommend to install the hotfix02 to avoid your game to get corrupted and get lost !!! (then u will be able to continue your existing map without getting any Issues ) to get COMPOPACK_45hotfix02(for Alpha19stable_built180) pls go to the Opening Post you can still use the examplemap (name: CP45hotfix001) !!! here is what have changed in hotfix02: CHANGELOG COMPOPACK 45hotfix02 xcostum_Bills_1(by_Theodryck) filled gap in prefab ground xcostum_prefabhome1(by_Riahsaurus_Rex) fixed driveway with ramp xcostum_Car_Dealership_old(by_P1ut0nium) fixed street lamp rotations xcostum_Multi_Trader(by_Sparrow) fixed floating grass block removed excessive loot xcostum_timbershop(by_magoli) fixed sleeper volume error xcostum_Firestation(by_Slick50) fixed rotated blocks added deco adjusted sleeper spawns added quest marker added quest line to xml xcostum_ShoppingCenter_Galleria(by_Laz_Man) fixed block rotations reset sleeper volumes added sleeper spawns added fetch locations block updates blocks repainted set to t4 xcostum_MultiStore(by_ANT) added sleeper volumes added sleeper spawn locations visual overhaul block update xcostum_PeerCafe(by_Stallionsden) fixed sleeper volumes that were causing world crash xcostum_Stallionsdens_Ranch(by_Stallionsden) fixed sleeper volumes that were causing world crash xcostum_ThemePark(by_stallionsden) sleeper volume rework
  4. hotfix01 for CP45 is out now !!! because of the NullRef-error some of us is getting when they try to continue their saved games I decided to deliver a hotfix01 for CP45 We still dont know what exactly is causing these NullRef-errors, but we are working on in and hope this hotfix01 will help against it. We suggest it could have something to do with corrupted/older player-profiles and/or also with corrupted SleeperVolumes We still working on that and try to figure out what causes this. We recommend to choose/create a new player-profile before starting a new A19-game and delete/cleanup all the older profiles !!! further to that I decided to remove all the xvanilla-prefabs and use the original vanilla-prefabs instead again (for the prefablist.txt for Nitrogen) pls let me know if you are still getting errors after using this hotfix01 to get the hotfix01 pls go to the openingpost -COMPOPACK_45(for Alpha19stable_built180) has been exchanged with COMPOPACK_45hotfix01(for Alpha19stable_built180) -COMPOPACK_45(for Alpha19stable_built180) is not available anymore !!! -actual version is now COMPOPACK_45hotfix01(for Alpha19stable_built180) here is the CHANGELOG for COMPOPACK_45hotfix01(for Alpha19stable_built180) : xcostum_Bank(by_Guppycur) checked / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_Cabin(by_Sudo) fixed missing waterblocks / reworked SLvolumes / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_Cantine(by_Limodor) checked / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_CityPark(by_Spider) fixed missing waterblocks / reworked SLvolumes / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_CountyJail(by_Volar) reworked SLvolumes / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_exfarmstead(by_owl79) checked / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_Haulier_lg(by_Limodor) reworked SLvolumes / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_Hobbit(by_Limodor) checked / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_Motel(by_Limodor) checked / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_Prison(by_Limodor) fixed overlapping SLvolumes / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_PublicPool(by_Warsaken) fixed missing waterblocks / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_Recycling(by_Limodor) reworked SLvolumes / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_RedCatDiner(by_Najax) checked / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_ScienceLab(by_kinklade) reworked SLvolumes / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_SeafoodShop(by_Guppycur) reworked SLvolumes / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_WulftownA(by_WereWulfen) checked / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_Dark_Mausoleum32(by_LuckyStar) reset gamestageadjust / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_homestead(by_Mana) reworked SLvolumes / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_house_number14(by_Kam) reworked SLvolumes / reset gamestageadjust / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_house3(by_Curbolt) checked / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_modernvilla(by_owl79) reworked SLvolumes / checked/cleanup xml xcostum_Plant(by_Wsiegel) reworked SLvolumes / checked/cleanup xml removed xcostum_H0bbit(by_Limodor) (duplicate) xcostum_Firedepartment(by_Guppycur) fixed POI-size xcostum_fp_house_medium_002(by_Frank_Souza) reworked SLvolumes removed all xvanilla-prefabs and use the original vanilla-prefabs instead (I removed the xvanilla-prefabs because it seems it is not needed anymore to take care of the corrupted waterblocks (ID256) the waterblocks in the vanilla-prefabs are still corrupted (rotation/metavalue) but it seems the game can handle this now since built180 and there is no negative impact on spawning, missing waterblocks and game-performance anymore)
  5. link for COMPOPACK44 is now in the OP !!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjvoqgizjomd6fl/COMPOPACK_44(for Alpha19exp_built169).7z?dl=0
  6. thx very much for the tutorial - i will link it in my OP with your permission ahead
  7. update time COMPOPACK_45(for Alpha19stable_built180) is out now !!! this version has by far the biggest content-drop which was ever done in the CP-history my new CP-team (wolfbain5 and Stallionsden) has done a ton of reworks to a Lot of Prefabs this time (also JACKELMYER , sinda and WiZ) also there are 40 brandnew Prefabs from this forum and also from Nexus-mods thx to all guys who helped me and also uploaded their creations here and on Nexus usually I post the CHANGELOG here in the thread, but this time the CHANGELOG is just to big to post it here completly (it has 1138 lines !) but I tell u a few important things that have changed: NEW PREFABS: xcostum_Bills_1(by_Theodryck) (reworked Sleepers/Volumes / created meshfile) xcostum_Chaotic_RPD(by_ChaoticCreative) (decreased size / reworked Sleepers/Volumes) xcostum_CQC_HOUSE(by_XXX) (created meshfile) xcostum_Cyberdyne(by_SevenSaryns) (fixed missing unknown blocks) xcostum_Doctors_Office(by_Bostonlondon) (decreased size / reworked Sleepers/Volumes) xcostum_DouneCastleRiah(by_Riahsaurus_Rex) (reworked Sleepers/Volumes) xcostum_fp_house_medium_002(by_Frank_Souza) (reworked Sleepers/Volumes) xcostum_greenhouse_01(by_FLESHUS) (reworked Sleepers/Volumes) xcostum_HarbingerLabs(by_Riahsaurus_Rex) (reworked Sleepers/Volumes) xcostum_HellMart(by_ Riahsaurus Rex) xcostum_house_suburb_01(by_LazMan) xcostum_Mall_DOD(by_captainwhiskerbiscuits_mentalninja33) (fixed missing unknown blocks) xcostum_Overlook_Hotel_001(by_Quagmire1428) (decreased size / reworked Sleepers/Volumes / changed snowky blocks to RNDhelper terrsnow and plants) xcostum_prefabhome1(by_Riahsaurus_Rex) (fixed underground air to dirt / reworked Sleepers/Volumes) xcostum_serial_killer_01(by_FLESHUS) xcostum_Subway(by_NAGG_Rick) xcostum_trainstationRiah(by_Riahsaurus_Rex) (reworked Sleepers/Volumes) xcostum_UFO(by_NAGG_Ryan) xcostum_watchtower_01(by_FLESHUS) (reworked Sleepers/Volumes) xcostum_watchtower_02(by_FLESHUS) (reworked Sleepers/Volumes) xcostum_Multi_Trader(by_Sparrow) xcostum_Knolby_Cabin_1981(by_Klaus0Engel) xcostum_JoJos(by_JSDoctor) xcostum_Book_Stop(by_Hydroponic) xcostum_Bus_Depot(by_Hydroponic) xcostum_Desert_Temple(by_Hydroponic) xcostum_Graveyard(by_Hydroponic) xcostum_HBW_Metro_Station(by_Hydroponic) xcostum_Hicks_Family_Diner(by_Hydroponic) xcostum_Junkyard(by_Hydroponic) xcostum_Oil_PumpJack(by_Hydroponic) xcostum_SlavCo_SuperMarketSTALLEDITS(by_Hydroponic) xcostum_Small_House(by_ThetruJames) xcostum_Strip_Mall_Large_shops(by_Hydroponic) xcostum_Wank_Bank(by_Hydroponic) xcostum_Stallionsdens_Ranch(by_Stallionsden) readded xcostum_Slums(by_pikero) (WIP-version, but still impressive) xvanilla_house_modern_16 xvanilla_house_modern_17 xvanilla_remnant_house_13 fixed gaps between POI and terrain in many Prefabs updated all meshfiles checked/fixed all the brandnew prefabs for oversizes,RotationToFaceNorth,yoffset,Sleepers and Volumes,quest-functionality,Issued/missing blocks checked/fixed all existing xcostum-prefabs for RotationToFaceNorth and yoffset done a Lot of fixes and balances: Stallionsden mainly specialized on block-works , rotation-fixes and repaintings wolfbain5 mainly specialized on Sleeper/Volume-settings and quest-settings/balancing also wolfbain5 has done a global cleanup on the xml-files for me the full and detailed CHANGELOG file for CP45 can be downloaded HERE (and ofc it is also included in the CP45 files) to get COMPOPACK_45(for Alpha19stable_built180) pls go to the Openingpost thats all for now have fun
  8. the Issue with the dirt-walls inside Prefabs should be solved in the next COMPOPACK45- Release. COMPOPACK45 will come in a few days with lots of fixes, reworks, overdone Sleeper-appearance and also a bunch of brandnew prefabs. stay tuned guys
  9. Another Issue I dont understand: Iam about flying in godmode to make a final check of CP45 and suddenly got this:
  10. floating POI's again in b178 - what the heck ????? These are 2 Vanilla-waste-rubble-POI's in a Nitrogen-ocd-world There is a gap between the POI and the earth - these prefabs floating in mid Air (look at the shadow in 2nd pic !!!) Anybody any idea if this will be fixed soon ????
  11. yes u are right - will remove one of them - thx for the headsup yes - i will keep the nepa-base - but there will be a overhaul on that - It will be not a adminbase free lunch anymore - there will be some sleepers there in future
  12. glad u like COMPOPACK we need just a few more days - CP45 will come soon with a lot of new content and also a lot of fixes and changes
  13. looking good from what i can see in the screenshot - will def give it a try In which zone u think this should spawn (Nitrogen) ???
  14. yes - i noticed that too the question is which block causes that ? When loading a new prefab also a window popsup that asks if I want to "save file" - "discharge saves" and "abort"
  15. Hey everybody here is the riddle - who finds the Issue in this prefab wins a prize !!!!!! Issue: this prefab seems to be OK, but in the ingame-editor there is a "*" marked after the prefabsname usually this "*" means that something is not OK with this prefab - but what is it ??? downloadfile picture of the Issue in ingame-editor:
  16. thx Laz - now it makes sense But why linking Volumes together? Whats the sense behind this function ??? Anyway - mainthing is the confusion is gone now thx mate
  17. does anybody know why these SleepersVolumes are coloured ??? Whats that all about ???????? I never saw this before Its in a completly new prefab I got from Nexus - It is called Bills_1 from Theodryck
  18. ok - but who is the creator ??
  19. anyone knows whats the name of the CREATOR of this POI ???: the downloadfile is spelled: CQC I want to ask for permission to implement it into the next CP
  20. yes - link is working fine - thx for your work mate I will check them later - Have much work to do atm for CP45 - Iam about to add all missing prefabs from Nexusmods - also coordinate Stalli's and wolfs's redo's Also Iam about to prepare a big blockchange to implement all the new cool blocks (wallposters/Shelves/gaspump/Bunkerbed) to RandomHelpers Almost lose control of all the works because Iam old and slow and just work slowly step by step So pls be patient - I def will give u feedback on your changes
  21. wow - thats a bunch of POI's I will check them soon If u want to add me on yout steam-friend-list - here is the invitelink: https://s.team/p/qgb-bhpb/MHVDWTRP rock on mate
  22. no - i dont have an actual list will do a new list when CP45 is out
  23. thats great - cant wait to see what u did and how they look like now rock on mate thats a great idea - maybe I start a kinda pollthread here in prefabs-section and ask people to name their best10 and worst10 maybe
  24. hi prefabbers here is just a little list of prefabs that really needs some love and/or a new touch: xcostum_Prison(by_Limodur) (adding new blocks and do blockrepairs) xcostum_TheMill(by_MoNKeYest1) (adding some fields!?) xcostum_chernobyl (many misrotated blocks (poles) ) (rooms are very boring) xcostum_CountyJail(by_Volar) (rooms are very boring) xcostum_Farm(by_BigC90210) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul) xcostum_kuldbrickhouse(by_Kuldiin) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul ) xcostum_kuldlargehouse(by_Kuldiin) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul ) xcostum_McDonalds(by_BigC90210) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul ) xcostum_Office(by_Wsiegel) (adding new blocks and do blockrepairs and maybe paintings inside) xcostum_SuperStore(by_Volar) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul / adding all the new store-blocks (shelves) ) xcostum_WulftownA(by_WereWulfen) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul) xcostum_ZHigh(by_Volar) (needs more decoration/rubbish - more life - better painting) feel free to spray some love into these places yes - i talked to Andyjoki about that - he didnt updated this project for use with NONcustom-blocks - he has updated this prefab, but he was using a set of extra egyptian custom-blocks - And at this point of developement i DO NOT use prefabs with NONvanilla customblocks Yeah - this costum/custom-typo is here since the beginning of COMPOPACK meanwhile I know its spelled wrong and Iam stupid - But it became kinda my unmated marksign - so what LOL
  25. ok - cool - very appreciate your work mate But to make an old prefab looklike an A19-prefab it is needed to add (change) a bunch of blocks pls dont care about the creators versions - even if it becomes a completly new flavor of the POI its OK mainthing is to make the POI's uptodate and also exciting - be creativ - be fantastic - do what is need to be done to make the POI's excellent IMO most of the POI's needs more work than just adding Sleepers,Quests and repair the misrotated blocks As I said before: dont care about the authors and the origin POI-design - most of them are very outdated and need a total houseflip overhaul at all U have the permission to grab and restore any prefab u like (also my creations) !!! add new blocks to them - paint them - Make them fantastic - make them uptodate - give them a theming if u like - u have free permission to do all u want rock on mate P.S. what belongs the Quest-Satchels: IMO maybe we could place them on similar places like in the vanilla-prefabs !? (inbetween the walls, covered by a painting - or into the walkingfloor, covered by a destroyed plate - or on other secret/hidden/difficult to reach places) that would be awesome
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