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  1. hi Lumpus on the examplemap there is indeed some burnt biome and also there are a bunch of wasteland-craters but I dont think its 40%+ of burnt biome !!! pls check the preview-jpg inside the examplemap-folder to see it yourself - maybe u have spawned in a bigger cluster of burntbiome and think all the whole map is look like this - but its not. All the Northside of the map hasnt any burntbiome - also the complete southside of the map doesnt have any burntbiome IMO the amount of biomes has a balanced amount of each biome over the whole map its true - in the Nitr
  2. its a vanilla-bug that belongs to wrong mesh-textures open console and type this: pois this should solve the strange grafic-bugs
  3. hotfix02 for CP45 is out now !!! We found the Issue and fixed it !!! It was 2 corrupted prefabs !!! It was xcostum_PeerCafe(by_Stallionsden) and xcostum_Stallionsdens_Ranch(by_Stallionsden) - they had too much Sleepers in one single Volume Once you have got the NullRef-freeze when loading your map it is needed to start a new world !!! If u havent any problems yet u can continue using your existing map !!! However we strongly recommend to install the hotfix02 to avoid your game to get corrupted and get lost !!! (then u will be able to continue your existing map
  4. hotfix01 for CP45 is out now !!! because of the NullRef-error some of us is getting when they try to continue their saved games I decided to deliver a hotfix01 for CP45 We still dont know what exactly is causing these NullRef-errors, but we are working on in and hope this hotfix01 will help against it. We suggest it could have something to do with corrupted/older player-profiles and/or also with corrupted SleeperVolumes We still working on that and try to figure out what causes this. We recommend to choose/create a new player-profile before starting a new A19-game and
  5. link for COMPOPACK44 is now in the OP !!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjvoqgizjomd6fl/COMPOPACK_44(for Alpha19exp_built169).7z?dl=0
  6. thx very much for the tutorial - i will link it in my OP with your permission ahead
  7. update time COMPOPACK_45(for Alpha19stable_built180) is out now !!! this version has by far the biggest content-drop which was ever done in the CP-history my new CP-team (wolfbain5 and Stallionsden) has done a ton of reworks to a Lot of Prefabs this time (also JACKELMYER , sinda and WiZ) also there are 40 brandnew Prefabs from this forum and also from Nexus-mods thx to all guys who helped me and also uploaded their creations here and on Nexus usually I post the CHANGELOG here in the thread, but this time the CHANGELOG is just to
  8. the Issue with the dirt-walls inside Prefabs should be solved in the next COMPOPACK45- Release. COMPOPACK45 will come in a few days with lots of fixes, reworks, overdone Sleeper-appearance and also a bunch of brandnew prefabs. stay tuned guys
  9. Another Issue I dont understand: Iam about flying in godmode to make a final check of CP45 and suddenly got this:
  10. floating POI's again in b178 - what the heck ????? These are 2 Vanilla-waste-rubble-POI's in a Nitrogen-ocd-world There is a gap between the POI and the earth - these prefabs floating in mid Air (look at the shadow in 2nd pic !!!) Anybody any idea if this will be fixed soon ????
  11. yes u are right - will remove one of them - thx for the headsup yes - i will keep the nepa-base - but there will be a overhaul on that - It will be not a adminbase free lunch anymore - there will be some sleepers there in future
  12. u could use the ingame-prefab-editor to find prefabs - U can browse throw the thumbnails or just load the prefab and see it in 3d this way u should be able any POI u want in a short time wisely spoken Sir - that really was what happens And in addition to that sadly the ingame-editor doesnt work well (tbh the truth is the editor is NOT ready to work with atm related to 2 MainIssues(bugs) (WATERBUG/SIZE-CHANGEBUG)
  13. glad u like COMPOPACK we need just a few more days - CP45 will come soon with a lot of new content and also a lot of fixes and changes
  14. looking good from what i can see in the screenshot - will def give it a try In which zone u think this should spawn (Nitrogen) ???
  15. yes - i noticed that too the question is which block causes that ? When loading a new prefab also a window popsup that asks if I want to "save file" - "discharge saves" and "abort"
  16. Hey everybody here is the riddle - who finds the Issue in this prefab wins a prize !!!!!! Issue: this prefab seems to be OK, but in the ingame-editor there is a "*" marked after the prefabsname usually this "*" means that something is not OK with this prefab - but what is it ??? downloadfile picture of the Issue in ingame-editor:
  17. thx Laz - now it makes sense But why linking Volumes together? Whats the sense behind this function ??? Anyway - mainthing is the confusion is gone now thx mate
  18. does anybody know why these SleepersVolumes are coloured ??? Whats that all about ???????? I never saw this before Its in a completly new prefab I got from Nexus - It is called Bills_1 from Theodryck
  19. ok - but who is the creator ??
  20. anyone knows whats the name of the CREATOR of this POI ???: the downloadfile is spelled: CQC I want to ask for permission to implement it into the next CP
  21. really ??? Ur Hotel spawns ??? Without any performance laggs ??? If this is true I really see a good chance to let the slums come back to CP Only problem is now to merge Slums-part-A and Slums-part-B together to be One file Also maybe a block-convertion from A18 to A19 is needed But atm I have really no time for that - maybe after Iam finished with all the works on my todolist Iam also used to all the prefabs tbh - yes we got a lot of memories on them - but some of them really needs a very nasty update to fit into the current state of art of
  22. yes - link is working fine - thx for your work mate I will check them later - Have much work to do atm for CP45 - Iam about to add all missing prefabs from Nexusmods - also coordinate Stalli's and wolfs's redo's Also Iam about to prepare a big blockchange to implement all the new cool blocks (wallposters/Shelves/gaspump/Bunkerbed) to RandomHelpers Almost lose control of all the works because Iam old and slow and just work slowly step by step So pls be patient - I def will give u feedback on your changes
  23. wow - thats a bunch of POI's I will check them soon If u want to add me on yout steam-friend-list - here is the invitelink: https://s.team/p/qgb-bhpb/MHVDWTRP rock on mate
  24. thx kaneta1 for your opinion yes - i agree: xcostum_Bunker(by_Pille) xcostum_Cave1(by_NAGGcommunity) xcostum_InsaneAsylum(by_Genosis) these are very nice xcostum_SlumsA(by_pikero)/xcostum_SlumsB(by_pikero) has to be merged to 1 single prefab to handle it in rwg (else the 2 parts spawn away from each other) but the problem on that is the size of the prefab - Its just to big - it is simply not spawning in the world - thats the problem I hope there will be a way to let it spawn somewhen in the future because it is indeed a very very good Prefab
  25. no - i dont have an actual list will do a new list when CP45 is out
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