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  1. u could use the ingame-prefab-editor to find prefabs - U can browse throw the thumbnails or just load the prefab and see it in 3d this way u should be able any POI u want in a short time wisely spoken Sir - that really was what happens And in addition to that sadly the ingame-editor doesnt work well (tbh the truth is the editor is NOT ready to work with atm related to 2 MainIssues(bugs) (WATERBUG/SIZE-CHANGEBUG)
  2. glad u like COMPOPACK we need just a few more days - CP45 will come soon with a lot of new content and also a lot of fixes and changes
  3. looking good from what i can see in the screenshot - will def give it a try In which zone u think this should spawn (Nitrogen) ???
  4. yes - i noticed that too the question is which block causes that ? When loading a new prefab also a window popsup that asks if I want to "save file" - "discharge saves" and "abort"
  5. Hey everybody here is the riddle - who finds the Issue in this prefab wins a prize !!!!!! Issue: this prefab seems to be OK, but in the ingame-editor there is a "*" marked after the prefabsname usually this "*" means that something is not OK with this prefab - but what is it ??? downloadfile picture of the Issue in ingame-editor:
  6. thx Laz - now it makes sense But why linking Volumes together? Whats the sense behind this function ??? Anyway - mainthing is the confusion is gone now thx mate
  7. does anybody know why these SleepersVolumes are coloured ??? Whats that all about ???????? I never saw this before Its in a completly new prefab I got from Nexus - It is called Bills_1 from Theodryck
  8. ok - but who is the creator ??
  9. anyone knows whats the name of the CREATOR of this POI ???: the downloadfile is spelled: CQC I want to ask for permission to implement it into the next CP
  10. really ??? Ur Hotel spawns ??? Without any performance laggs ??? If this is true I really see a good chance to let the slums come back to CP Only problem is now to merge Slums-part-A and Slums-part-B together to be One file Also maybe a block-convertion from A18 to A19 is needed But atm I have really no time for that - maybe after Iam finished with all the works on my todolist Iam also used to all the prefabs tbh - yes we got a lot of memories on them - but some of them really needs a very nasty update to fit into the current state of art of the game or just have to go IMO !!!
  11. yes - link is working fine - thx for your work mate I will check them later - Have much work to do atm for CP45 - Iam about to add all missing prefabs from Nexusmods - also coordinate Stalli's and wolfs's redo's Also Iam about to prepare a big blockchange to implement all the new cool blocks (wallposters/Shelves/gaspump/Bunkerbed) to RandomHelpers Almost lose control of all the works because Iam old and slow and just work slowly step by step So pls be patient - I def will give u feedback on your changes
  12. wow - thats a bunch of POI's I will check them soon If u want to add me on yout steam-friend-list - here is the invitelink: https://s.team/p/qgb-bhpb/MHVDWTRP rock on mate
  13. thx kaneta1 for your opinion yes - i agree: xcostum_Bunker(by_Pille) xcostum_Cave1(by_NAGGcommunity) xcostum_InsaneAsylum(by_Genosis) these are very nice xcostum_SlumsA(by_pikero)/xcostum_SlumsB(by_pikero) has to be merged to 1 single prefab to handle it in rwg (else the 2 parts spawn away from each other) but the problem on that is the size of the prefab - Its just to big - it is simply not spawning in the world - thats the problem I hope there will be a way to let it spawn somewhen in the future because it is indeed a very very good Prefab atm I see no chance to let it appear in the world - even if its added manually after worldgeneration
  14. no - i dont have an actual list will do a new list when CP45 is out
  15. Hi folks I started this thread to get your opinion about your MOST FAVORITE and also MOST WORST prefabs from the COMPOPACK goal is to weed out the prefabs that most of the people dont like. And also get a clue of what you people do like to see. It would be nice if you could tell me lets say the 5 best and 5 worst prefabs from COMPOPACK (dont mind if the numbers are higher or lower than 5 - its just to get a little overview) this vote belongs to all the prefabs that are available atm (xcostum and also xvanilla) with that Iam gonna start with my list of the best and worst prefabs most best: xcostum_bridgesideapartmentsA16(by_Batman) xcostum_Gallery(by_TopMinder_and_Pille) xcostum_Hospital(by_Wsiegel) xcostum_ModernArtGallery(by_Pille_TopMinder) xcostum_Nuclear_Powerplant(by_Rocky) xcostum_OrigamiGallery(by_Pille_TopMinder) xcostum_rave_factory(by_orak) xcostum_WaterPark1(by_NAGGcommunity) xcostum_ColonyShip(by_NAGGcommunity) THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE !!! most worst: xcostum_Farm(by_BigC90210) (because very outdated) xcostum_Motel(by_Limodor) (because very outdated) xcostum_nepa_base(by_Eihwaz) (IMO a admin base) xcostum_Plant(by_Wsiegel) (outdated and also kinda strange) xcostum_Prison1(by_Curbolt) (outdated / boring) xcostum_shootingrange(by_magoli) (wierd somehow) xcostum_SuperStore(by_Volar) (outdated - need complete store-overhaul) xcostum_WulftownCD(by_WereWulfen) (outdated - just a duplicate POI of wulftownA and ManorMansion) xcostum_PeerCafe(by_Stallionsden) (wierd architecture and painting - also kinda outdated) there is a bunch of more prefabs I do and/or dont like for several reasons (some of them are to small or to big - some of them has wierd architecture or painting - some of them has to much or to less Loot - some of them are just to difficult or to boring - and so on) but so what - these are my lists - NOW ITS YOUR TURN FOLKS be consequent and fair !
  16. looks very nice I want this POI be part of the COMPOPACK with ur permission IMO this would fit very good in a cities downtown section rock on
  17. wow - great storyboard mate also what I see in screenshots is very impressing I want this POI be part of the COMPOPACK with your permission rock on
  18. thats great - cant wait to see what u did and how they look like now rock on mate thats a great idea - maybe I start a kinda pollthread here in prefabs-section and ask people to name their best10 and worst10 maybe
  19. haha - LOL had the same problem 3 hours ago - thx for the info Stalli - but sadly 3 hours to late LOL - now i downloaded the Ones i needed manually
  20. hi prefabbers here is just a little list of prefabs that really needs some love and/or a new touch: xcostum_Prison(by_Limodur) (adding new blocks and do blockrepairs) xcostum_TheMill(by_MoNKeYest1) (adding some fields!?) xcostum_chernobyl (many misrotated blocks (poles) ) (rooms are very boring) xcostum_CountyJail(by_Volar) (rooms are very boring) xcostum_Farm(by_BigC90210) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul) xcostum_kuldbrickhouse(by_Kuldiin) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul ) xcostum_kuldlargehouse(by_Kuldiin) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul ) xcostum_McDonalds(by_BigC90210) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul ) xcostum_Office(by_Wsiegel) (adding new blocks and do blockrepairs and maybe paintings inside) xcostum_SuperStore(by_Volar) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul / adding all the new store-blocks (shelves) ) xcostum_WulftownA(by_WereWulfen) (very outdated - needs a complete overhaul) xcostum_ZHigh(by_Volar) (needs more decoration/rubbish - more life - better painting) feel free to spray some love into these places yes - i talked to Andyjoki about that - he didnt updated this project for use with NONcustom-blocks - he has updated this prefab, but he was using a set of extra egyptian custom-blocks - And at this point of developement i DO NOT use prefabs with NONvanilla customblocks Yeah - this costum/custom-typo is here since the beginning of COMPOPACK meanwhile I know its spelled wrong and Iam stupid - But it became kinda my unmated marksign - so what LOL
  21. ok - cool - very appreciate your work mate But to make an old prefab looklike an A19-prefab it is needed to add (change) a bunch of blocks pls dont care about the creators versions - even if it becomes a completly new flavor of the POI its OK mainthing is to make the POI's uptodate and also exciting - be creativ - be fantastic - do what is need to be done to make the POI's excellent IMO most of the POI's needs more work than just adding Sleepers,Quests and repair the misrotated blocks As I said before: dont care about the authors and the origin POI-design - most of them are very outdated and need a total houseflip overhaul at all U have the permission to grab and restore any prefab u like (also my creations) !!! add new blocks to them - paint them - Make them fantastic - make them uptodate - give them a theming if u like - u have free permission to do all u want rock on mate P.S. what belongs the Quest-Satchels: IMO maybe we could place them on similar places like in the vanilla-prefabs !? (inbetween the walls, covered by a painting - or into the walkingfloor, covered by a destroyed plate - or on other secret/hidden/difficult to reach places) that would be awesome
  22. Hi TopMinder pls PM me if you want me to update prefabs in the next CP atm I dont have any glue if your prefabs in CP44 are on the latest state rock on mate
  23. good work Stallionsden how u know I myself dont use modlets atm, but I do support your work as much as I can I will give u all information u need to synchronize this CP-modlet to the current state of the official CP-version I hope your work will make it easier for the people to integate the CP to their games and servers rock on mate
  24. I have checked the 2 prefabs - well done mate but I saw 2 Issues on guppys_storeset2: the questsatchel is floating in midair above gunsafe / all the bookshelves are upsidedown another tipp to make the POI's more alive and realistic: overall feel free to spray more rubbish on the floors / make use of wallposters and signs and other decorations-stuff / avoid naked walls and floors rock on mate nice ! I think this place needs more Lootcontainers somehow - its a nice POI but overall it was kinda useless in the past because there was pretty much nothing to Loot there (except the coffins in the basement) - also spray some rubbish and decoblocks on the floors pls Ps: i currently working on - xcostum_3BlockStores(by_Leo_Liuos) ok - cool
  25. nice - this is One of the most outdated POI's - but also One of the most exciting Ones in previous times back in the days there where smoking-barrels everywhere around this POI that made this place foggy and kinda alive
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