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Opinions about the New Lumberjack Zombie


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All the new zombies look great ... except the lumberjack.  I was just looking at the loading screen that still shows the old lumberjack zombie and i remembered how scary they were.  now they kinda look like short little guys in flannel. 


I miss the height, i miss the dusting of snow, I miss their creepy eyes.


This is constructive criticism ... I like almost all the other changes but the new lumberjack zombies are not as good as the old. 


Does anyone agree?


Other than that ... great job devs.   

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I miss how the old one was taller.  It made him feel more intimidating.  However, I understand why they had to shrink him down alittle.  Probably to make him more in line with other HD zombies and for pathing through doors.


I do like how the new one is more universal and is more believable in more settings. Looks like he could be an outdoorsman, a warehouse worker, butcher, etc.

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1 hour ago, BarryTGash said:


I don't think so, Tim.

Of course We also have "pet names"  for most of the other zombies too....theres Sheldon,  Penny,  Wolowitz...Amy, Bernadette,  Howards Mother.  😁

But yes,  I am impressed with the quality look of the new Lumberjack,  I also think that maybe some pale white patches of skin on him might have better conveyed his undead nature...and given a tiny bit of throwback to those of us that remember him as the zombie version of Mr Freeze.

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I'm happy with the lumberjack. I think the variety of zombies is very good now along with how they can fit into most environments.

I do think they need to do a pass on skin tones though, the crawler needs a little work with its guts being jagged, also it's very pale in comparison to the socialite zombie which looks healthy other than the blood

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