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  1. That's some pretty dumb intent then. Also there are plenty of ways to implement RNGs that limit how bad your luck can get and its not a flaw in the RNG.
  2. Is this pathing with vertical surfaces limitations why zombies don't know how to use ladders really? Once in a great while they might give it a shot now but it almost feels like they're doing it accidentally, and more often than not they just break them instead.
  3. I was sure I remembered them doing so in previous versions but I've realized I haven't actually witnessed it in a long time now, never seen it in a20 at least, and was wondering if it still happens and maybe why I haven't seen it.
  4. I suspect its because the "interact" hitbox is the same as the "attack" hit box (wouldn't be surprised if the game doesn't differentiate between them), and the vehicles have generous interact hitboxes and it wasn't really considered how well that would play with weapons.
  5. Just wondering to the extent people are satisfied with how blood moons play out nowadays, whether there are elements they miss that added something, whether they enjoy them more in A20 because of something or other that has changed, that sort of thing. For my own part, I think zombie AI is broken in A20 but I don't know if its new, I just know that half my blood moon nights end up trivialized because the zombies seem to break and spend all their time bashing at some walls while I stand two blocks above them and to the left shooting them or even spearing them or clubbing them to death. I think it may be the presence of bars or ladders that renders them ineffectual? Bars I can at least avoid making, but I love to fortify POIs and most of them have ladder elements the zombies just don't know how to deal with, it seems they are equally like to try and climb the ladder or try and destroy it (sometimes bashing through multiple block wide walls behind the ladder to do so) One night was really funny though, because the zombies just ran in an endless loop hurling themselves out a window over and over again and pretty much ignoring me. Not the most challenging horde night, but it was entertaining trying to shoot the zombie rain to death. I do really like some of the new POIs for horde nights though, especially for the new Remnant POIs it really sort of feels like they designed them with horde night modifications in mind, which I'm super happy about!
  6. It' weird how much better the wasteland loot modifier is compared to desert and snow biome, especially considering it's really not all that much more difficult to survive there, especially early on before you even have the option of going loud at night which is something the Wasteland punishes you for. Imo, the snow biome is actually quite a bit harder to live in until at least mid-game. Zombie bear party crashers are always a risk, of course, but a risk that is well worth the extra loot even/especially on harder difficulties, imo. And I rather enjoy the feeling of turning a section of wasteland into a thriving area full of life. It just hate the damned weather, why can't wasteland have clear days once in a while, jeez!
  7. This feels true of all vehicles (and a number of blocks as well), always need to make sure I park my bikes far enough away from a corpse I want to butcher or it will get chopped up in the process, but its definitely with the worse of the gyro because so much of its hitbox is competely empty air.
  8. Yeah I don't think its a "what the rewards ARE" problem, I think it's a "how the rewards are communicated" problem. The first time I took a kit and didn't get any of the pieces I would have thought would have been in a kit was definitely a bit of a rude awakening as to what the words "[specific vehicle] kit" actually means, and that it doesn't mean getting pieces to that specific vehicle. Still, the vehicle kits are the only bundles I take anymore, just because they seem to have guaranteed wheels and wheels are strangely rare. Of all the gamey things in this gamey game (most of which I enjoy and think are good) the fact that you don't get wheels from wheels has always felt weird and bad, but at least the kits mean you can get some when there's no other way, since every single vehicle requires them it sucks to be perma-slowed due to rng. So I'm definitely super glad they got added, but do think its a bit weird when they don't contain vehicle pieces (chassis/accessories). If I could make a request, though, I would love it if there was a chance of getting an extra seat or something from these kits, because those seats are so much fun in multiplayer and so very hard to get otherwise. I'd take every single kit for a chance at on of those!
  9. I like it, but I guess I don't understand why they couldn't have kept the old one as the snow biome version of it? It was something that made the snow biome feel a bit special.
  10. I do want to say I'm actually fairly happy with the current system as a system. I think the game could do better by, say, playing to the games strengths and integrating the questing/POI system more directly somehow (I would love if every 5-level skill had one point that required you to complete a special quest at a special POI to get that bonus point or something just because I always want more reasons to do quests at cool new locations instead of the same old ones), but my complaints so far haven't really been with the system but rather with many of the specific skills being very weak, sometimes weak and niche, while others (especially int skills in single player) are incredibly powerful. I'd most just like to see many of the skills be more impactful and noticeable. I'm not a big fan of LBD systems, for what its worth, and I overall like the current system of earning experience and spending points. That part is fine.
  11. What is "LBD"? I just want to be clear - I didn't say Penetrator was bad, I actually think its exceptionally good, I said it was gated by things the player had no control over and without those things it did nothing, which is frustrating - specifically, finding the AP ammo crafting book, or finding enough AP ammo in stores (which I've found to be exceptionally rare unless, again, you've taken many levels of Better Barter, which makes it fairly common and is, I suppose, something the player has control of... but when the answer to every question about how to reliably make something work is "Take Better Barter", I think that's a problem). I had a previous game where I'd gotten to lv50 without any sign of the book, and having specced very heavily into Perception it was... it wasn't a good feeling that my only source of ammo was the occasional handful of bullets I could find from the trader, and even they were a once in a blue-blooded moon kind of deal.
  12. In a game with a world that's been steadily improving, and lot of fun things to do, the skill system is beginning to stick out as being... well, not up to the quality standards I see represented in the rest of the game. I know it's already been overhauled to get where are, and hopefully that was a change for the better, but it still seems to have some serious issues. Some of the skills are useless, or nearly so (looking at you, Infiltrator). Some of them are incredibly good, to the point where it's hard to justify spending points in the "okay" skills (see Better Barter, Daring Adventurer). Some of them teach you recipes, allowing you to jump ahead in the game at the cost of skill points, which feels good (Engineering, Grease Monkey) - others are pretty much worthless until you find the right skill books or items, practically locking them off from using them until you get lucky, making your investment in them feel like a complete waste (for example, Penetrator). A third group is good until you get certain items, after which it becomes a waste of points (Pack Mule being the most obvious) Overall, it feels like it really needs some substantial changes to "feel" good, some of them tied to changes in other systems (clubs with no skill seem to outperform a machete with maxxed out knife skill, which makes it hard to justify spending points on knives, for example)
  13. Interesting. I think it still qualifies as a bug considering how there's no way to no that's the way to do it - but I'm glad I'll be able to implement a workaround!
  14. There doesn't seem to be any way to paint the "wings" for this door piece.
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