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Gazz' mods, A20


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A simple modlet to prevent installation of a "silencer" on a revolver.



Repurposes the skull cap mod as a santa hat mod. Since this doesn't add/remove any items it can not break savegames.



"Silly sounds" are in effect while you use an auger or chainsaw making them a whole lot quieter.



When you start using an auger/chainsaw all game sound fades out to a heavily muted state.
When you release the trigger the sound fades back in.




  • If necessary, create a folder "Mods" in steamapps\common\7 Days To Die
  • Unpack ZIP into the Mods folder so that you see
    steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\Gazz-RevolverSilencer  (as an example)


Terms of use

Go nuts. Copy or alter in any way you see fit.

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Is this a new thing? It's been a while, but I think I haven't come across this in previous versions. Either way, this interests me. Apparently this allows you to block combinations with different items reversely, so in this particular case, instead of doing this for every revolver individually, you can simply block them all using one tag in one place. Nice, this piece of information might be useful for modders. Although, it would be even better if we could target just one tag and leave the rest untouched instead of hardcoding other tags the way they are in vanilla, because obviously there may be some tags added by other mods and this would break them.

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  • Gazz changed the title to Gazz' mods, A20

Don't know when that went in. A20 was cooking for a long time.

You should ask the guys who are actually good at this xpath thing if partial replacements are a thing. I barely cobbled this one together. =P



Edit: Added the Santa Hat mod... mod.

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  • 1 year later...

Since the terms of use are so open, and practically 'open source', I'll post this in here as an update for the 'Gazz-MutedAuger' since it is no longer functional with recent updates to A20. It also contains a small custom feature for something I'm tinkering with.


1. Gazz Auger Muffler (Original Updated)



The Gazz Auger Muffler continues to silence the Auger using Gazz's novel approach, but has a few small updates from the original as follows:


- Changed to the updated onSelfRangedBurstShotStart from onSelfRangedBurstShot for a trigger effect (which is why it is not currently functional)

- Gave the Auger an additional tag for 'motorToolAuger' to specifically silence the Auger but allow the Chainsaw to continue its sound, since it is typically used in pretty short bursts

- Added a small icon to show that it is functioning with descriptive text.


Alternatively here is a Mod version.


2. Gazz Muffler Mod (Mod Version for Auger and Chainsaw)



The Gazz Muffler Mod can be crafted on the player or workbench and doesn't require unlocking.
It is placed in a 'helmet'. It will muffle the auger and chainsaw. Once the mod is removed, sound will be restored. It offers an option to match the occasion.





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