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  1. Forestry updated for A21 rest will take some time, i have to figure all changes in game
  2. fixed scrapping of Steel items in "Steel"
  3. Updated forestry with new item and recipes for primitive Tools/Weapons
  4. niiiiice... finally some vehicle with shooting i always wanted to shoot from vehicle.
  5. Small update of "Forestry". removed recipes for direct crafting of burning Log spikes, instead changed into upgrade mode. need Tree Sap for the last upgrade its now like this:
  6. Forestry - small quickfix of log spike (fire damage on wrong one) also thnking of rewriting this part of code and make steel one upgradeable into fire, thus removing existing fire ones.
  7. New mod added, Forestry updated with few new things
  8. i honestly dont like those vehicles and wrecks with non-transparent glass. they looks weird, especially in some graphic settings. annyway nice progress
  9. not-so small project i did for a while. i had hard time to figure how forge works, but finally i managed to add new material and its Steel.. as why not make even steel smeltable right? i did it to make those sometime useless steel parts to be reusable for something else. i'm basically finished. i had really hard time. as parts cannot be smelted directly, i used recipes instead, where you can craft steel from them, then you simply put that steel into forge (like scrap iron) i tried to figure a way, but anything i changed just make those items unscrappable, so this was the best solution. also i added some recipes to craft parts in forge again from steel. (i probably do two versions, one with and one without those recipes) anyway.. soon to be here also did some changes in Forestry mod (mainly cleanup and sorting in tableSaw. ill be doing another changes soon in it, so it will be here after that
  10. ill look into it, but it really looks like some sort of conflict edit: tested and no error. must be conflict with something else.
  11. what mods are you using? its sounds like conflict in another mod, as my mod does nothing with sounds, and doesnt use stepwwod4 sound anywhere also please give me log, i cant tell without it, as i dont have any error. (7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data)
  12. you know.. i often wondered why noone did motorcycle with sidecar. >)
  13. new version of Forestry out. i figured background icon can be placed only on "shapes", i managed to recreate it partially, but was unable to apply it on logspikes, so i kept it as colored icon. check changelog for the rest
  14. yeah, saptree is from him, but i dont know what use it could have
  15. just did some experiments, i cant figure this (cone with background) but for now i did this with icons (client side) without icons (server-side)
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