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why is that everyone else gets the download and i dont


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(A pop-culture reference for us olds)


Can you elaborate? Is this related to your reply on the A19.6 download thread?

On 8/1/2021 at 6:44 AM, montyedge said:

Doesn't say opt out of all Beta programs on under none


Are you having problems getting A19.6?

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this happens on EVERY alpha. but its always the same so here we go.
i purposely installed a19.5 old stable to use as demonstration.

1. open the steam interface
2. in your game library (right click on the 7 days to die) and choose properties
3. in the small dialogue box on the left side and choose "BETAS"
4. on the right hand side click on the drop down arrow (DO NOT scroll down do not pass go)(also, scrolling the list WILL NOT SHOW YOU WHAT YOU THINK YOU WILL SEE)
5. click on "None"

IF you had an old version like i show in screen shot, you will see it downloading.

IF you see nothing happening... then you ALREADY have the stable version as it is the exact same thing as
a19.6b8 experimental.

QA Tester-unholyjoe




xep vs stable.jpg

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The beta opt-in menu is not the standard way to play the game. Its primary purpose is to allow players who are willing to test and submit bugs the opportunity to do so for experimental builds before they are pushed to stable. 

If you don’t understand how the beta opt-in interface works then it is best to just stay out so that your game will update automatically as stable versions are released.


The most current stable version does not ever appear in the beta opt-in menu. 

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