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Are you interested in modding? Afraid to learn? Fear not! Join the Unofficial Modding Discord! Over 1500 strong, our community takes all comers who are willing to listen and learn.

We host channels for many popular mods, and you'll be able to rub shoulders (and more) with some of the most highly regarded modders from these very forums. Not only that, but many projects have evolved from a simple conversation to exciting and groundbreaking content within these channels.

This peaceful but knowledgeable community uses the "teach a man to fish" technique of providing the tools and help necessary to learn how to mod 7 days to die. From simple xml edits to using custom C# scripts in DMT projects, we have a wide range of members who are experts in their areas and strive to provide an environment based on learning, collaboration, and helping new modders grow.

There's not much the game cannot be coaxed into doing, and the only limitation is how far you're willing to expand your skills.





Click HERE to Join!


Read the rules, they're very very important.

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I highly recommend Guppy's discord if you have any desire at all learning how to mod 7 Days to Die. The denizens are super helpful-- and learning what they can teach will increase your enjoyment of the game beyond your current comprehension. 


However.... Guppy hangs out there a lot. Full disclosure.

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Am I Human captcha thinks I'm not Human for this discord. Earlier I was accepted then immediately booted from the 7 Days to Die Discord (clicked discord link from forum page) because my account was to new and I possibly wasn't Human. Couldn't follow the directions the bot gave me because I didn't have access to the 7DTD discord to post the &^*/$ emot (of my choice). 


I'm starting to think I'm not Human at all now..... 

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On 6/25/2022 at 5:47 PM, OnToYou said:

a whole lotta introverts on that channel.. you ask a question and it gets ignored.. you have to be in the channel for a few years before someone will ever speak to you.. not a great solution at all

I bet you don't even believe that yourself. It would take anyone about 3 seconds to realize you're a liar. Some people, man... 😂

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On 8/6/2022 at 5:18 PM, ashaherro said:

Hi, I just joined but can only see the welcome page. I agreed to the rules and was able to give thumbs up. Is there a time out for new members?

Did you get sorted?  If not DM one of the red or blue folks.  



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