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Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS (A20)


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I do not believe it will be possible to update to A21. The feature that allows the Zombies to be made, such as the Scarecrow, Undertaker, and Hammer Spammer does not appear to exist in A21. I could be wrong and other community members are welcome to look deeper. It is possible to bring back some of the Zombies into a different server side mod but it won't be Snufkin Zombies.

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19 hours ago, DanielHazmat said:

It will be update for A21 ?

It is not Snufkin Zombies PLUS. Unfortunately, A21 removed some of the essential features to make it possible to upgrade.
It does have its own charms and challenges though and is something where there would be nothing.
As we get to learn more about A21 and the possibilities, it will be updated for sure.

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On 6/13/2023 at 12:28 AM, arramus said:

It looks like that is the end of UMA and with it a farewell to the Snufkins Custom Server Side Zombies for A21.
I've searched through what assets remain and, unless show otherwise, believe a number of essential things are now gone.


A non UMA variant based on the existing zombies is still possible but will certainly miss that eclectic mayhem. We'll see what can be salvaged, repurposed, or innovated on.

u guys just do yalls best its all we can ask for

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Hello TantraMan. Just a heads up that this is the A20 thread, and the bulk of the Snufkin Zombies are no longer in existence because their class was removed in A21.

The A21 still contains a couple of the very first original Snufkin Zombies, but the remainder are a new concept and new additions along the way. The A21 post for the replacement is here.


It would be possible to add an exploding type zombie entity beyond the demo and cop, but it would lack the same kind of timer warning the demo has and be a more passive type explosion. Feedback in the past on adding too many flyers hasn't been favourable and the Shark and 2 drones came out for this update. A lot of players were asking how to take them out. This A21 update has been silent with very few posts which is generally seen as a pretty good sign that it's all doing as intended with balance. Saying that, A22 is out in a few weeks as the first experimental, and we'll see what the update offers.

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