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Once again and it seems to be a big issue in the game since back in alpha 17. Seems that quest are resetting claimed bases. Walked up to my poi base and half the building was gone invisible with things floating in the air on invisible walls. The base had reverted to the stock poi and it wiped all the the building changes I had made even though it was claimed. As a server owner this bug is ruining gameplay for all. The fact I searched and found multiple articles with the same issue and no fix tells me that someone is not paying attention to this issue. Hopefully someone can go through and figure out why quest reset claimed poi's If it's not a quest then what else resets a claimed chunk. Some have said they're removing quest all together. That's where I will be headed next. If I have to rewrite the quest and put them in one spot in the middle of nowhere to prevent claimed poi's from resetting then I will. Just wondering if anyone else has fixed this issue without removing quest? 

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This is why you need to pay attention. I'm certain you would have recognized your own base when approaching it before you activated the quest. Even if you knew you had your LCB down, why would you have activated it? To temp fate?


If you have an actual issue of having a bedroll/LCB inside the area, and were able to reset it with a quest, then you need to submit a detailed report on the issue so the cause can be tracked down.


On our servers, we just blocked people from setting bedrolls and LCB's down in quest POI's.  Makes it better for other players in the long run because you don't have failed quests from someone squatting in a POI.

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I never activated a quest. You should read what I posted again. I am simply asking why quest are resetting a base. When other players activate them. So yeah I am paying attention just fine. Maybe read what I actually put?


There is your detailed report. Clearly showing a quest is resetting a poi. The poi is claimed. Not sure why you insist on coming on every post about this issue and acting like it does not exist. You literally did the same thing on the steam forums. As a moderator you should be helping people not being rude. You said the same copy paste response on steam two years ago. Pretty sad when we have to do your job for you. This bug has been an issue for 2 years. NotImplementedException: CopyFrom() not implemented yet
  at TileEntity.CopyFrom (TileEntity _other) [0x00000] in <2a506ca37a4c4916bbc3a64b89a45697>:0 
  at Prefab.CopyIntoLocal (ChunkCluster _cluster, Vector3i _destinationPos, System.Boolean _bOverwriteExistingBlocks, System.Boolean _bSetChunkToRegenerate, QuestTags _questTags) [0x004a2] in <2a506ca37a4c4916bbc3a64b89a45697>:0 
  at PrefabInstance.CopyIntoWorld (World _world, System.Boolean _CopyEntities, System.Boolean _bOverwriteExistingBlocks, QuestTags _tags) [0x00012] in <2a506ca37a4c4916bbc3a64b89a45697>:0 
  at PrefabInstance.Reset (World _world, QuestTags questTags) [0x00030] in <2a506ca37a4c4916bbc3a64b89a45697>:0 
  at ConsoleCmdChunkReset.Execute (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] _params, CommandSenderInfo _senderInfo) [0x0046c] in <2a506ca37a4c4916bbc3a64b89a45697>:0 
  at SdtdConsole.executeCommand (System.String _command, CommandSenderInfo _senderInfo) [0x0011e] in <2a506ca37a4c4916bbc3a64b89a45697>:0 
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.Logger:LogException(Exception, Object)

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Hi Frank,


A couple things for your consideration:


1) Sylen could be nicer but he also wasn't any "meaner" than you were. You were the one who opened the door about people not paying attention. Is it ideal customer service to mirror the customer's own snarky manner? Probably not. But Sylen is good at tech support if you can look past the bluntness.


2) Your report was not very detailed. Quests are always activated by selecting the rally marker in the yard of that POI. Until that marker is activated no changes or reseting of the POI occurs. That is one of the failsafes in place so you can cancel a quest if it happens to take place in a POI you are using as a base. A second failsafe is that the rally marker will not activate and reset the POI if there is an active bedroll or claim block inside.


You stated you did not activate the Rally Marker so did somebody else? If they did can you be sure your claim block and bedroll were currently active?


If the POI was reset the moment it was selected as a quest location that is a bug and not normal and I've never seen that happen for any quest.

If the POI was reset when the rally marker was activated and an active bedroll/claim block was inside then that is a bug.

If the bedroll/claimblock became inactive without a new bedroll/claimblock being placed then that is a bug.


If any of the above turns out to be true then they are bugs and need to be reported in the bug pool. Just bringing them up here complaining that the dev team isn't paying attention invites the responses you don't want and does nothing to get the needed information to the people who are writing tickets for the bugs to be fixed. Now, to be fair to Sylen, he did give you a workaround that you can use in your server. Workarounds are what the support forum is all about. You want ideas to keep your players happy until a particular bug gets fixed, nobody is better than Sylen and he gave you a great temporary fix but if you want the problem fixed fixed then report it in the bug pool with more clarity.


So as bitter a pill as it might be to take Sylen's advice to work out some details about the situation and see if there is a cause that is reproducible and post that over in the appropriate place, it is the correct instruction that he gave you.


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And everyone has access to DBS,


Press F1

type dbs

hit enter

hit OK

Drag that screenshot in the text box.


RWG is RWG: it's random. Navezgane is huge and the pregens are larger; screenshots are worth a ton here. How close are neighbor pois/houses to the base that got messed up? Which POI -- and which seed/map size -- gave you that error?

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Yeah, I missed the part where someone else reset his base.  I deal with this question a lot, and so far you're probably the first that didn't bring it up because he reset his own base. Most of time they have failed to place a LCB or bedroll either, so the fault is entirely their own, and not some faulty game mechanic.


I am aware of issues with using multiple LCB's not blocking sleeper spawns. I can see how that might extend to causing an issue with preventing the LCB from protecting the POI as well. Without details and hard information though, it's all just speculation or complaints. Bugs aren't going to get fixed without detailed information to replicate them.

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Ok, I'm in search of a repro. I searched the forums for a bug report on this and didn't find one.

I made a quick stab at reproducing it, which failed. So what are the steps to reproduce this? Does

it have to be a different player than the owner of the landclaim? If you guys can give me steps to repro

I'll make a ticket.



@FrankHolidaySome vital info for a repro would be:

  1. Name and location of the POI
  2. Name of the quest
  3. Seed name/World size
  4. LIst of all mods
  5. MP or SP?
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LOL you all deal with this question a lot but yet have failed to fix it. Yes my claim is active. Yes another player activated a quest. Yes it was a poi. For two years you devs have ignored this problem. Every server runs no poi base claims because of it. So don't act like it does not exist just because you fail to reproduce it. Nothing test like a real world test reproducing it obviously must be an issue but apparently the problem still persist.  I gave you the line of code that shows what happened. It's not my fault you're too lazy to fix your game.

How many logs do you want I can post them for days. The thing is can you read them ? Can you understand what you're looking at? Seems that the entire community that runs servers has this issue. Sad you chose to run your mouths instead of looking at the code and finding the issue. If you expect the daily gamer to literally write down all those bull@%$# excuses you gave all the possible ways it could or could not happen then your game is going to fail more than it already has being in alpha six years lol


The fact you blame the consumer for not knowing all the possible ways your game is @%$#ed up is a clown show. Great work . I will go fix your game for you now write my own code put in my own items and make it mine.


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9 hours ago, FrankHoliday said:

I will go fix your game for you now write my own code put in my own items and make it mine.

Cool. Problem solved, then.  We have a modding forum where you can share your changes with all the other server owners. You’ll be a hero. 

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You are correct. I CAN'T fix my game so 0XP languishes in development hell until A19.3 eventually releases and I can get some help from the big wigs. As for this thread, it isn't closed. Hopefully, a few more people like @Beelzybub will pick up the torch and find repro steps and get it fixed. I take it you don't plan to be one of those?

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