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  1. Awe Roland.... You can't seem to fix your game so you close threads and cry.
  2. LOL you all deal with this question a lot but yet have failed to fix it. Yes my claim is active. Yes another player activated a quest. Yes it was a poi. For two years you devs have ignored this problem. Every server runs no poi base claims because of it. So don't act like it does not exist just because you fail to reproduce it. Nothing test like a real world test reproducing it obviously must be an issue but apparently the problem still persist. I gave you the line of code that shows what happened. It's not my fault you're too lazy to fix your game. How many logs do you want I can post the
  3. Yeah so its mod support ? Oh really well gee thanks for the help.
  4. I never activated a quest. You should read what I posted again. I am simply asking why quest are resetting a base. When other players activate them. So yeah I am paying attention just fine. Maybe read what I actually put? There is your detailed report. Clearly showing a quest is resetting a poi. The poi is claimed. Not sure why you insist on coming on every post about this issue and acting like it does not exist. You literally did the same thing on the steam forums. As a moderator you should be helping people not being rude. You said the same copy paste response on steam two years ag
  5. Once again and it seems to be a big issue in the game since back in alpha 17. Seems that quest are resetting claimed bases. Walked up to my poi base and half the building was gone invisible with things floating in the air on invisible walls. The base had reverted to the stock poi and it wiped all the the building changes I had made even though it was claimed. As a server owner this bug is ruining gameplay for all. The fact I searched and found multiple articles with the same issue and no fix tells me that someone is not paying attention to this issue. Hopefully someone can go through and figur
  6. Hello, I run a dedicated server with allocs, server tools, bad company, all up running and working. I have setup Gimmie and setup wallet. Whenever I enter the /gimmie or /wallet the server sends me a PM that states.... Server (PM) This command is disabled! Ask your server admin to enable it. I am an admin so it works for me. My players say it works for them but I cannot seem to figure out how to get rid of this message. Any help would be appreciated thanks !
  7. Typical devs remove one of the most popular tools to fix hackers destroying servers...
  8. I have a quick question. So if I run my dedicated server now does it save automatically? If so how many minutes in between saves ? If anyone knows that would help me greatly. I was looking to put an auto save bat in and this tread reads like it is no longer needed or not possible to do. If so that is okay would like to run a server and at least understand how the saving is working currently. Thanks.
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