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  1. The first link I provided will take you to the 19.3 version. When you make a copy of your 7 Days to Die folder, it should be a vanilla, (no mods) copy. You start with a clean copy of the game and then install the DF mod, and only the DF mod. Any other mods will likely break the game.
  2. Just a shot in the dark; I'd make sure the mods folder is deleted before installing darkness falls. It may be conflicting with a previous mod. Also DF is on 19.3 now, so maybe try that instead of 19.1. You may get a better answer asking in the DF mod section or DF discord.
  3. I tried connecting to that server and they have updated to 19.4 and the port has changed. So that's likely why you can't connect. See here for updated server info.
  4. @7daysexpertAfter you read this sticky: Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help. Also, 25 bugs is not "quite backed up".
  5. I connected to the server and LiteNetLib was disabled on the server. Sever admin enabled LiteNetLib which fixed the ping problem.
  6. Another thing you can do, If you can't complete the quest, is to exit the game. When the you re-enter the game, the quest will be reset to the beginning, and you get to try again.
  7. What happens when you try to teleport? Try "teleport yourplayername theirplayername" to teleport to your friend, or have your friend use the command to teleport you to him or her. If you downloaded a new map and fresh player data from the server, and it's still broke, then your player data is likely corrupted. If teleporting doesn't sort you out, I think the only thing that would help is if the host has a backup from before your crash. Also I notice that Litenetlib is failing for you but I don't know how to troubleshoot that. Maybe @SylenThunder has an idea. Are you
  8. I would try deleting my local cache of that server's game. Dunno where that is on a mac though. Maybe you can get there with the Finder via: Tools / Open savegame Folder. The folder will be named 004FCFD69C341840A92E143C4CF0240D
  9. You could delete their player profile. That would give them zero zombie kills.
  10. Your issue is clearly pointed out in the beginning of your log.
  11. I would guess that's caused by a ui mod.
  12. Check if you have a Mods folder in your game directory, and delete it if it's there. Unfortunately, uninstalling and verifiing files does not currently check for this.
  13. You could add back the mods that affected the forge and campfire, then empty and remove them. Remove the mods and replace the workstations. Pain in the butt, but it might help. Might be easier to just destroy them and replace from the creative menu.
  14. Changing the game time with debug mode can also screw up hordes. They come back eventually though.
  15. @Rafael81Another thing to try would be to damage a block adjacent to the invisible one. I had this problem, and when I damaged a block next to an invisible one, it reappeard. After that, repaired the damaged blocks and I had no more invisible ones. Just a fist was enough damage for it to work for me.
  16. It looks network related, you loose connection for 8 seconds. Also, there is no download of the game in that log, so you already had an existing game from SZ on your drive. That game will have to be deleted from appdata/roaming/7daystodie/SavesLocal because it's corrupted. I would do that, and try again, and post the new log. Does it get that network interruption every time you try? Are you on wireless maybe? Other people using the network in the house? Reboot router? Check cables?
  17. Also, your graphics driver is very old. An up dated driver may help. Here's the latest for your card. I'd recommend a clean install.
  18. @ElmoHave you checked that your pagefile is set correctly? It should be set to automatically managed by windows. Here's how.
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