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  1. Dunno how big of a problem it will be, but your world was made in (b218) and afaik, we were supposed to wipe when (b238) released.
  2. I just connected to your server and got the same errors as posted in the other client log. I went to the closest trader and saw two blocks that are weird. That couch piece is supposed to be an ammo box. So, ??? Is this an old world? Or did you modify the blocks on purpose? Also, after I tryed to "open" the couch by pressing "e" I could no longer open anything.
  3. Is this on a server or on a SP game? Reduce the # of simultaneous zombies.
  4. I think this means that they are on a different version. You could check a client log from somone who is failing to connect to confirm. Also, why is this in your log? 2022-01-21T17:06:22 1.143 INF Last played version: Alpha 19.6 That seems to point to something not being cleaned up completely.
  5. If you were using mods on that world, and removed them, that could break the world. Maybe adding them back will sort it out.
  6. Also check that your swapfile is set to be managed by windows. For whatever strange reason Unity doesn't like a small, manually set swapfile. And another thing you could check for is a bios update for the motherboard. Any overclock of cpu, ram, or gpu happening? Turn those off as well.
  7. I loaded your save and got the crash when approaching the bad area. Deleted the "power.dat" and "power.dat.bak" files and was able to enter the area without crashing. So there's the fix. You'll have to replace your engines from the creative menu and rewire. ps: I also tried deleting the player files and still got the crash. So I don't think the player files were the main problem.
  8. Your log says you're connecting to a server so, the issue could be the client or the server. To see which is the issue, try a new single player Navezgane game and see if that works. If it does, then it's more likely the server is the problem. Is the server running on a separate machine or the same machine? Can you post the server log?
  9. The command to give xp is giveselfxp. You would have to make him an admin to so he can run that command. Then remove his admin rights. To get his stuff just use the creative menu, which is cm in the console.
  10. Dunno if it's an issue but this line from your server log makes me think things weren't cleaned up. 2022-01-09T08:21:34 1.251 INF Last played version: Alpha 19.6 Looks like your save location is the default, which could mix A19 and A20 files together. If you're still running an A19 client on that machine you should isolate the A20 files by using the <property name="UserDataFolder" variable in your serverconfig.xml.
  11. Try deleting your local cache of your friend's world from your appdata\roaming\7daystodie\saveslocal folder. Your friend's game will then resend fresh data the first time you try to reconnect.
  12. You could try having him delete his local cache of the game from his appdata\roaming\7daystodie\saveslocal folder. His data will be resent fresh from your machine.
  13. The correct port mapping for 26900 would be 26900 tcp and 26900-26903 udp opened/forwarded to your machine ip. Your output log may offer clues to the problem. You can upload it to pastebin and link here if you want someone to look at it.
  14. If a specific area is corrupted you can reset the area by deleting the region file. F3 will show you what region you are in. Also, may not be related to your issues, but you are running a version of windows from 2018. Updating that might help things.
  15. This info is stored in the power.dat file in the save game folder. If you have a backup, you can shutdown the server and replace that file. I assume that when the server crashes, this file is getting corrupted.
  16. Your GPU driver is from 2020 I think, so update that. And update Windows while you're at it. Set your Swapfile to be managed by Windows.
  17. If it's just one other person on the server, pick up your land claim and you won't have the issue.
  18. @Angry GamerDunno if any of this relates to your problem but here's some issues I see in your log. GPU driver needs an update OS says win 10 but uses an win 11 preview number? I haven't tried win 11 but this seems weird. This is a server configuration error. Should be using LiteNetLib as it is lower latency and more efficient than SteamNetworking. Generally this is caused by incorrect/incomplete port routing.
  19. That part about providing a log file seems to get overlooked a lot.
  20. From their log file, it looks like Windows 10 needs updates and the GPU driver needs updates. Both are running versions over a year behind.
  21. The missing prefabs from your log are compo pack prefabs. That server is A19, so if you tried to connect using A20 your save is messed up. I would get rid of all A20 data and clean install a19. And delete your local cache of the game from: C:\Users\Ozzie\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\SavesLocal\A0AAF15E727BEC4299E2AFA5F7CDD389 Delete the whole folder. The server will send you a new one. Only do this once you have a clean A19 install with not A20 data/prefabs/anything around. A19 and A20 don't play nice together.
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