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  1. I think if you pm @Rolandhe can sort you out.
  2. This is often a power supply problem. Your CPU and GPU are relatively high power users.
  3. What happens when you press the Start button?
  4. I get over 100 FPS with a i5 3550 and a gtx 1060. More info is needed from you.
  5. Do you get a bad fps when you don't have 4 players connected? Maybe something is going on there. See if your fps is normal with just you playing.
  6. https://buffer.com/resources/willpower-and-the-brain-why-its-so-hard-to-avoid-temptation/
  7. Then your: propertyname="GameWorld" should be value="02"
  8. The property "adminfilename" is specifically and only for the name of the adminfile and is not able to or intended to include a path. The path is set with the property of "SaveGameFolder".
  9. I get over 100 FPS with an i5 3550 and a 1060 6Gb gpu, using high textures and otherwise medium settings. These are the settings.
  10. .xml mods work the same on the client or server. Your log file will tell you if the mod loaded.
  11. Make sure your swapfile is turned on and set to "automatically managed"
  12. Maybe you should run a memory test to check if your new ram is ok.
  13. Maybe one of your friends has more bandwidth and can be the host.
  14. Ugh! Try disabling Depth of Field, Bloom, and Anti-Aliasing. See if it improves. Maybe bring down your View Distance as well.
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