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  1. Another issue with wifi can be interference from other wifi devices. If you have an Android phone lying about, a great app for analyzing your wifi is here. You can check if other devices are on the same or a nearby channel, and then move your wifi to the most open channel. Also it will show if your signal is weak.
  2. Hotel not floating for me in 18.4 Those trees though...
  3. Supposedly, older versions of Citrix can cause this issue. Check if that's installed.
  4. Wow, my Portuguese is really good. Didn't know I could do that.
  5. In the debug menu there's a command to recalculate stability, which should keep the buildings upright. Afaik, it only works for the current chunk, but I would not swear to that in court.
  6. It might be heat related since it takes a while to happen. Try running a hardware monitor while you play to see what your temps are. If they're high, you can try cleaning dust out of your machine and off any filters. Make sure all the fans are spinning as they're supposed to. If you don't have good air flow in your case, try playing with the side panel removed. It could be other things, but I'd start there.
  7. I'd guess that it reduces cpu, memory, and bandwidth required by the server by reducing the view distance.
  8. You're probably running out of memory, though that log files says you disconnected from Steam. Check that your swapfile is set to be managed by Windows, and not manually set. Are you connecting via wireless?
  9. This is a stab in the dark so.... probably won't fix it. Maybe it's confused because of this: output log Line 70 GamePref.AirDropFrequency = 0 Line 71 GamePref.AirDropMarker = True It's set to never have air drops, but to always mark them. Try setting AirDropMarker to False and reboot the server.
  10. I can get better server performance by turning down this setting from the serverconfig.xml: <property name="ServerMaxAllowedViewDistance" value="12" /> Try value="6" and see if it helps.
  11. Thanks! Sometimes Windows overwrites the Nvidia driver with it's own stupid version. Perhaps that's what happened.
  12. Check your volume levels in the os mixer settings.
  13. Thanks for this info, I thought that just launching the game would take port 26900. So, it only takes the port after you've launched and then selected "Continue game" or "New Game" from the Menu.
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