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  1. Also, you can't use debug mode or the creative menu. Like for example, to give yourself a magnum in a new game.
  2. If it's a multi player game on a server you would ask the server admin. If it's a single player game you press "F1" and then type "cm" to enable the Creative Menu. From the Creative Menu, you can give yourself anything you've lost.
  3. I tried to reproduce this by disconnecting my Ethernet cable while in a game. Nothing happened. The game just continued. After a while I quit and restarted and got the above message but "Play Offline" was not greyed out. This page might be helpful. If not, post your log files and someone will help you out.
  4. You place a chest above the Trader door? In Vanilla you can't put anything anywhere in the trader compound, are you using a mod? Oh wait, you mean you place a chest at the quest poi right? The poi gets reset when you accept the quest, so that's why your chest disappears. You would have to place the chest outside the boundary of the poi for it to stay in the game. Or use a vehicle for storage.
  5. This info will be in your output log file. You don't need to "go back and try again" to get this information.
  6. This bug has already been reported.
  7. Did you shut the server down first?
  8. I've only gotten this when logging on to a friends modded server. Logging off and back on fixes it.
  9. That log doesn't show a crash. Post a log from a time the server crashed.
  10. I thought that's what I'd already done. I just fiddle with the settings till I like them. The mouse software allows for single digit dpi adjustments. That's as precise as you can get.
  11. I think you have to be logged on as an admin to run it. Or at least, you have to run the program as admin. (right click and select) What anti-virus are you using? Have you excluded the game folder from the AV? As for your BSOD, If it's not the power supply, it could be a flaky memory stick, or a driver issue. Win 10 has a built in memory test you can run. Your mini dump will show what driver's might be at fault.
  12. Try increasing the size of your swapfile. Mine was 2GB (default for Ubuntu) and after I increased it to 8GB the crashes stopped. For your setup I'd set it to 16GB. You have old A18 mods in use, for example Stallionsdens Stack Size Increaser. He recommends using Claymore's stack size increaser instead. And your Wireless Power Box mod is very likely not compatible with A19. Try reducing your MaxAllowedViewDistance from 12 to 8 or so. I doubt anyone will notice and it reduces memory and cpu use on the server. Reduce your MaxSpawnedAnimals and MaxSpawnedZombies. There's reports of bugging out when using numbers higher than the defaults. (50 and 64).
  13. There's a ton of old monitors around that have this as the native resolution. I think it's 16x10.
  14. Maybe the bad mods corrupted your game and you have to start over. Dunno. Again, if you post your log, maybe someone can help figure out your issue.
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