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  1. @Naz@The_Great_Sephiroth So, let's say we lived in an alternate universe where people could actually buy GPUs. I install a RTX 3080 FE, just like @McGee9899 has. According to your statements, my i5 3550 would get a better frame rate in 7 Days to Die than his Ryzen 3700x. Every benchmark I can find has a Ryzen 3700x having better single core and multi core performance than my i5 3550. Except in 7 Days to Die? I'm really skeptical.
  2. This thread is so confusing to me. On the one hand, I would kill for a 3080 card. On the other hand, I get 120+ fps on lowest setting with my i5 3550 from 2012 and a GTX 1060 6Gig. I guess my computer is just magic.
  3. I would check this line from your serverconfig.xml. <property name="AirDropFrequency" value="72"/> <!-- How often airdrop occur in game-hours, 0 == never -->
  4. A full log. What Hypervisor? What else is the server working on? Antivirus? Are you monitoring the network/router? What size world? Mods? Server managers?
  5. Much better. Also, it's very easy to find processor comparisons on the internet by typing "cpu1 vs cpu2" into a search. In case it's not obvious, you would replace cpu(n) in that example with the cpus for which you are trying to get info.
  6. The game needs to be public or friends only. If friends only, then you need to be friends on Steam to join.
  7. I think memtest86+ will tell you which stick is bad. Could be wrong. I would do stress testing with prime95 and furmark to see if I could repro the crash outside the game. How are you monitoring temps? hwinfo is good. What speed and timings are you running your ram at? Did you check your power connections to the cpu?
  8. Also, the answer to your title question is yes.
  9. This isn't a support question. Also, you could easily try A19 and if you don't like it, go back to A16.
  10. Even if you're just playing 7 Days to Die, you may have Discord, Chrome, Other players joining you, Mods etc. going on. For that, you'll need a better processor and more ram than you have specced. And, as @SylenThunderalready said, don't get that 3200G no matter what.
  11. An easy way to run a memory test is to just type "mdsched" in Windows search bar. It can take a long time, but there are settings you can change to make it quicker.
  12. Some things to try: Disconnect any controllers Check the box "use native input" in the launcher menu In option/controls temporarily set "interact" to a different key, like F maybe, to see if that works. Test that your E key works in a text file.
  13. Sounds power related. I'd check the 4 & 8 pin cpu connectors on the nw corner of your mb. Also check the 3090's 12(?) pin to 2x 8 pin dongle thingy.
  14. Try recalculate stability from the debug menu.
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