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  1. Monitor the threads on the processor to see if any are hitting 100%. I know Sylen said they are, but it's good to check these things for yourself. Win 7's Resource monitor will show you this, or you could use a tool like hwinfo or hwmonitor. Also task manager will show this but you have to specifially select 1 graph per cpu in the settings. (defaults to 1 graph for all cores) You may have to ditch the zombies and compopack to see if they are a problem. (make a new 8k vanilla world and test that with your group) That will help isolate the issue. Also, posting a log ma
  2. Yes, I think also if there is no trader in the forest, the opening quest will fail. (if that's what you're asking, not sure. Feel free to clarify)
  3. I agree. It was a good tool.
  4. In vanilla the opening quest wouldl fail to complete with a "No Trader" message. There will still be traders on the map, you'd just have to find them or cheat to locate one.
  5. Have you excluded the game folder from your antivirus software?
  6. Was your first login, when you played for an hour, on a publc server or a local game?
  7. @7 Days One CupIf you have saved games you want to keep, back them up somewhere. Then do this. Clean install: From Steam Library click "Play" Select "Show Game Launcher" from the popup. Click "Play" From the game launcher select the "Tools" tab. From the Tools tab select "Clean game data..." Check all the boxes and select "All Maps" under Discovered map of remote games. Click "Clean" Close the launcher, don't start the game. From your Steam Library, right click the game and select "properties". Select the "Local Files" tab, and click "Uninstall Game" After
  8. I think it was removed from A19.
  9. This can happen if you log off or disconnect from a game while in a trader's inventory. The only fix I know is to reboot the server. If you mean this line: "Coroutine couldn't be started because the the game object 'XUi' is inactive!" I get that in a game that starts and runs normally, so may not be an issue.
  10. Windows should write an error in the event viewer in that case. Maybe there's some info there that can help. PHD's mods haven't been updated to 19.4. That may or may not be a problem. You'd have to test each one.
  11. The game shut down, or your computer shut down?
  12. I don't understand. Do you mean if you drown once, you keep drowning every 16 minutes?
  13. Don't use Nitrogen? Or try another map till you get one that works. Nitrogen hasn't been supported since A19 experimental.
  14. You could try saving the un and pw in your browser.
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