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  1. @xDripzllTry starting the Launcher, selecting the Tools menu, then select "clean game data" check all the boxes, then press the "clean" button.
  2. Don't know if you tried it but you can select "clean game data" from the tools menu in the launcher, which will do the same thing you did manually.
  3. @Realism51You're running a very old graphics driver. Try doing a clean install of the latest driver from here. Don't install the Geforce Experience.
  4. @vitamindedYou said you were not running an anti-virus program, however, you are. It is called Defender. It is recommended that you exclude the game folder from your anti-virus program as it can cause the problems you have described. Instructions on how to do it are in the FAQ sticky at the top of this sub-forum.
  5. @cammelGood catch! I think you found the problem. And only 7901 GB available on c:. That's pretty low. Hope there's more room available on the d:. @jmcdan805So, uncheck "Automatically manage paging file" and then select each drive (c & d) and check the "system managed size" box. I've never seen "automatic etc." not work but that seems to be the issue.
  6. Beelzybub


    from the console (F1) type "weather fog 0"
  7. Ya, sometimes it's a pain to get working, but it's a good game and worth the effort imho. Appdata is a hidden folder. If you type %AppData% in your search bar it should get you there.
  8. It's too late now, but when you die, the location of the backpack is noted in your output log file. This may help in finding the thing.
  9. I think the new on-screen marker only shows up when you get close to the backpack.
  10. F9 is 7 Days to Die's screenshot key and saves to the games \7 Days To Die\Screenshots folder. F12 is Steam's screenshot key and saves to Steam's screenshot folder. This location is set on the Steam settings/In-Game tab.
  11. Windows 10 comes with Defender, an anti virus program. You've disabled this? Why?
  12. @jmcdan805Ok, not the paging file. I see your Nvidia drivers are quite old. Try the latest driver from here. Don't install the Geforce Experience junk. Also, your log says last version played is A17, so make sure you've deleted all your old saves and generated worlds from C:\Users\Jon\AppData\Roaming/7DaysToDie And lastly, your dxdiag is showing your built in Intel gpu being used. I'd disable that in your bios if you're comfortable doing that.
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