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  1. There's a lot of false information in your post. Your epistemology could be improved. Maybe take a course.
  2. Ok, I'm in search of a repro. I searched the forums for a bug report on this and didn't find one. I made a quick stab at reproducing it, which failed. So what are the steps to reproduce this? Does it have to be a different player than the owner of the landclaim? If you guys can give me steps to repro I'll make a ticket. @FrankHolidaySome vital info for a repro would be: Name and location of the POI Name of the quest Seed name/World size LIst of all mods MP or SP?
  3. You could try this. It's been a problem for a long time. Your only options are to try different versions of ASUS Aura Sync, or disable or uninstall the software. Also ASUS is abandoning the software so it will likely never be fixed.
  4. @Chery123Try cleaning your game files like this: From Steam Library click "Play" Select "Show Game Launcher" from the popup. Click "Play" From the game launcher select the "Tools" tab. From the Tools tab select "Clean game data..." Check all the boxes and select "All Maps" under Discovered map of remote games. Click "Clean" Close the launcher, don't start the game. From your Steam Library, right click the game and select "properties". Select the "Local Files" tab, and click "Verify Integrity of Game Files" After the game is verified, try playing again.
  5. That's really weird. Post your output log.
  6. @Dracodard_93Your output log looks normal. 24 gigs is fine. That's 2 - 4 Gig and 2 - 8 gig sticks, which, as long as they are in the right slots is fine. If they're not in the right slots, they'll run at half-speed, which is what Sylen is referring to.
  7. What mod is loading? Some linux builds only create a 2 Gb swap file, which has caused me problems with 8 Gb machines. Check that and increase it to 8 Gb if it's the small size. Verify your files on the server.
  8. I don't see any errors in your output log. The shader messages can safely be ignored.
  9. Those aren't invisible zombies. They didn't exist until you saw them. An invisible zombie is an extant zombie with no mesh who will attack you and you can't see him. If the zombies are just appearing in front of you it indicates some kind of lag in your system or in the game engine. I don't know how to help you with this. Is your game running off an ssd or hdd? There is always risk of a bug.
  10. Maybe there's some unwanted/leftover port aggregation/trunk/mirroring thing going on in the server nics or in the switch's port setups? Are all the Dell nics in the same subnet? I have an old Dell that has bios level settings for the nics. You might find something checking in there as well.
  11. No. Exclude the folders by this method. Maybe you can find French instructions.
  12. @Dracodard_93There was a case recently where a player's anitvirus program was replacing the new files with the old ones. The AV software locked them or something. Maybe that is happening to you. Try exluding your game folder and the Saves folder from your AV program. You'll have to re-validate your files after you do this.
  13. @ManaI see what you mean. The castle spawns in before the terrain. That's weird. I would mess around with the Video Settings to see if I could get them to match up. Specifically, Terrain Quality may change the distance you see the Terrain. Also messing with LOD and View Distance may help.
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