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Cars respawning without a mod or modlet?

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I have a colleague who swears that since the last couple of alphas, specifically Alpha 15. he's played vanilla and swears that in vanilla, cars respawn. I say he's full of crap.  I have played since Alpha 3 and NEVER had an experience where cars respawn without a mod to make it so.    I know in certain circumstances a car or few will respawn if you have a quest and wrench and loot the cars then activate the quest, THEN cars will respawn around that POI.  But in the wilderness, I have never had cars respawn in ANY alpha. I told him show me the patch notes where this is true. He said Devs don't always put everything in patch notes. I think something of a change of that significance would be in the patch notes.


So, do vanilla wilderness cars respawn without a mod?

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For your colleague:




Cars do not respawn in vanilla. Any more than trash bins or birds nests or mailboxes do, if destroyed (and excepting within a quest-reset POI of course). The loot inside of a car will respawn if the game is configured with loot respawning. But if you wrench up the car, it ain't coming back.


Any chance your colleague has played on a public server where the admins respawn stuff periodically?

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On 8/27/2020 at 3:58 AM, JCrook1028 said:

Yep, as Boidster said. Total crap. Cars only respawn with a quest/mod or admin manual intervention.

Any chance you have a link to how this is done by an admin? I am looking for a way to respawn previously wrenched vehicles


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No, you can not reset previously wrenched cars without resetting chunks. As mentioned, Grab a stack of variety of cars in various condition in Creative Menu, Fly around in Admin mode and place cars. I did a 12K map in about 2 hours...or just use a modlet. I used to reset chunks after checking for user bases. After trying the few ways to reset cars, I either let it naturally degrade or use a modlet. 

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