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  1. meant zeds can destroy traps on the way. that is the reason I put them 1 block above their heads so blades can hit their heads, but zeds can't hit the blades, just a vertical mounting.
  2. that is great, but they can still smack em if you place em low enough
  3. your question is not clear, please hold the line.... maybe try to use goole translate ? or that was it?
  4. which alpha is it? 16,4? Thought devs put it on the shelf for a while with consoles as they've got a mess with PiCi/MC/Penguin...
  5. It is vital for your loot, and if you do not loot you die... Thats the mechanism for now unfortunately, you have to go out and loot to progress, and you still have to leave enough resources to survive your BMs, so if you die every day you'll keep living in the Stone Age for decades...
  6. they do not glitch, the still try to get you, and if they find a lack of access they will dig and dig fast, that is one of the reasons why underground bases are no more.. if they find themselves stuck in a place they kick in with something x6 damage multiplier and ram their way... But you can still give it a try, guess if there would be a really high cliff and zeds will spawn to low the horde spawner will start throwing zeds into your base))
  7. yep there is a pc like button on the top that actually enables the appearance of dev tools in the tab. After you click it just input "dev" in the search bar and it will filter all dev tools for you.
  8. Just fooled around with my steel bat few days ago adding explosion perks to it to make em fly far if I hit em with secondary attack, worked as a charm, and I didn't add much damage there I simply wanted them to fly on hit)) On the other side adding bullet consumption would be way trickier...
  9. Guess their calculation is far enough and is not chunk based I would assume something like 30 blocks radius from the target (you). Or probably even more as there were some designs with way looong bridges 20+ blocks and zeds still were running all the way to the ramp up and through the bridge. For my humbliness the best designs yet are some pretty snail shell like designs where you male em run though loooong corridor filled with traps with a single door in the end, one of the reasons I usually keep the doors open is with a sledge in the doorway, they just go for the door and I let blades/spikes and rest do some fine dmg to them and just one hit them if they survive. Negative is demos again... They are a matter of dices in the base defence... So I always put blades high enough so they do not trigger demos, but chop heads instead and electric fences slow them down right under the blades.
  10. Here is the thread from like a week ago mentioning base designs
  11. yep it is still there, there is also a terrain mod tool that can grow mountains or make loopholes even in protected area.
  12. @IDNeon Boy you like to type long messages)) Ignorant? Boring? Sorry, I'm just a bit sarcastic) Your base design is not better or Forster than any other currently known here, it still has plenty of room to evolve and etc. Don't be offended by sarcasm it is not good for your mental/physical health)). B.W Foxes design is way safer for player, and there still are "pit-grinder" schemas that are proven to last why longer without exposing you to zeds, there is a set of "cheese walkways", but they are rather expensive or impractical as you can't really use them for both - main and BM basses, so is yours, it is a clear BM installation where as the one by Fox is fine for all in one. And yes there is not that much to contribute here, you've spent your time thinking on your base, I've spent time reading your post, what do you expect to be added? It is yet another base design I don't find attractive... Should I simply ignore your post? Why? Man, come back to good mood, were here playing a game, take it easier)) @Fox can you suggest if demos still penetrate blocks with their blast? As I remember in the past versions they could gladly damage several layers of blocks at once and you behind them without effort.
  13. demos will certainly just blow your box up and let all the rest to the party inside...
  14. Yep there was such a bug that appeared after excessive use of auger, did see it since A18.
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