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  1. as far as I remember you will not get any achievements on a modded or cheats enabled game.
  2. First and always - a grip to reduce stamina drain, than a chain mod, and as a last resort or when got go mining or night mission the burning shaft mod because : "We need to keep us worm in this cold winter nights" 😁😁😁 The woodcutter
  3. But you do still want to be able to buy a book for your companion!
  4. It can be done way simpler. Simply forbid reading books that were read. Or add a big RED robin sign on them.
  5. Got to try it again on my last desktop which is still alive. Phenom x4 9950, 8Gb DDR2 800Mhz, Asus GTX 560 1GB with some SATA III SSD
  6. The Chanel basics are clear to me, you usually have a chart in the manual for these, but you suggested adding 2 more units of RAM to use double channel, that's why I asked.
  7. isn't he already running it dual-channel? or it is something specific to server boards to have all 4 slots filled?
  8. Woooow! A 9600 GT!!! That really sucks.... I thought I was the worst when started playing with a GTX 260, but it is a beefy monster in comparison to this specimen! BTW when I started playing around 10.x my GTX was quite adequate for this game, it could easily pull like medium settings. But you also have a Core2 Duo to top it out! Man! Hope DedMoroz brings you a new PC this year)))
  9. headlight certainly make you more attractive to zeds)))
  10. You can give it a try and make 2 virtual PCs out of one powerful machine. Guess Linus had something of a kind on his channel.
  11. That is because you linked 2 cameras in one sequence, so the second camera gets powered on only after the first one senses something. Cant see how you can hook 2 cameras at once...
  12. I tried 3440x1440 with my dell ultra-wide just to see how can it look like with one fps)) But never had anything like that...
  13. I also liked the one in a well. Really comfy inside.
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