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  1. guess this is doable even through modding. hiding the torch for reloading should not be a big issue. and yes you'll need a slot for the offhand
  2. Do not really understand what is it all about. Being and int perked you can easily put a huge amount of traps and deadly corridors for the horde night and notice that something is happening only by sounds from outside your base... Making a base in form of a shell with a long corridor running around your base many times produces an absolutely impassable fence informs on zeds. just add few blade traps 1 level up the zeds head and another on the floor level and you're done, Thou shall not pass!!
  3. We were talking of WWII times, not now or yesterday)
  4. Ah yes, you're right, the best battle is the one which didn't occur. Avoiding battle is a great skill for nation survival.
  5. As wiki mentioned Canada lost around 43 000 people during WW2. Where as: Soviet Union: between 20 000 000 and 27 000 000 Poland: around 6 000 000 Yugoslavia: 1 027 000 to 1 700 000 UK: 450 900 USA: 419 400 I'm not an expert, but seems the attendance of Canada in WW2 was either minimal or mostly economical (example: Land-lease, as far as I know here SU was mostly leased by USA each third or second litter of gasoline in USSR tank was given by USA, lots of machinery for mass weapons production like the one for building tank head roller system was from USA, incredible amount of aluminium/copper/gun powder etc was sent in by USA, and the tanks/cars/trucks in quite impressive amount). And our ancestors managed to die the most in this was... My grandpa told me some "tales" of those times as he managed to participate and it was really disappointing in most part as they where sent to destroy tanks with one rifle per 10 men, the rest were carrying shovels. Later on after the land-lease program was on the way they could fight off more effective, but until some help arrived from the other side of the ocean they were simply meatloafs sent to die...
  6. and talking of food, for the ones ho remember: Fleash.... huuuunngeeerrrrr.... braaaaainnnsss.... Hunger! Hunger! BTW brain activity consumes quite plenty calories, but these should be "fast carbohydrates", hope my translation here is good enough))), like sugar, you will rarely consume your fat thinking, but you'll throttle like my Mac under heavy load))) Thats why we always have some cookies or other sweets in the office, just to boost our brains when we get tired.
  7. This is only a matter of time now))) Let the fun begin!!!
  8. does this value get in play each time you enter the world or is it once per map generation?
  9. I just find a nice flat spot and start doing flagstone (l*w*h) 7*7*3 where middle layer (window) is only inserted in the corners with one wood2 door and make a spear fastest possible, if there would be some intruder in the night I simply stab it to death with spear not leaving my premises, repair the damaged door on occasion. Next day just keep digging to make a nice basement floor with all my belongings, campfire and all the rest after that. Third day just give it a roof and go get some more effective weapons for the first horde night (just guns and ammo), after that just upgrade what you have to concrete as soon as you get the mixer and keep digging for ores/smelt etc, do some corridors in a shape of snail house ending with entrance door to your base so all walking dead has to go all around your windows that cover 360° so you have plenty of time shooting these @%$*#!s before they even reach your main door. After I would add some electric fences to slow them even more and add few propellers on the wall of my doom corridor on the 3d block in height so it only touches their head while they move to the door, then add a sensor or a trigger plate and some dart traps in the last section of the coorindor and a auto smg turret in the very end in the window right next to the door so im sure no-one start smashing it while im underground.
  10. guess there is a way around logging in process for really outdated stuff?))
  11. Anyone can suggest if oil shale only spawns in desert?
  12. As far as I can see it is internal problem of the application. It is multiThreaded and one of the Threads actually becomes lack of heap, meaning there are too many objects in the heap and GC could not clean it up in time or they are yet pointed from some other place. If you start the program from a jar with console command you can alter the amount of memory dedicated to the heap of java with following: java -Xmx6g myprogram here 6g is 6Gb of RAM just note how many you need. myprogram stands for compiled java jar application. BTW when you download nitrogen you have a 'start_8G_Ram_16kMaps.bat' which is already preconfigured with 8Gbs of RAM for nitrogen and is meant by devs for 16K maps.
  13. Why not simply create an RC and give it to try to everyone willing to try it out? You'll get much more feedback and cover more metal specs.
  14. the first one you mentioned is a random set from 1 to 5 for tiers 2-6. So it will throw a dice each time new item appears to give you the value. the second one is for strict setting value/tier: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 for you question: I assume that strict ranges use arrays under the hood, so you will end up having : 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, null/5, null/6 - for the first line (Possible NPE if it is not covered by C# variation of Optional.ofNullable(n).orElse(0)) and a regular random from 1 to 5 for the tiers 2,3,6 for the second example
  15. it is possible to make it. BTW you can use inheritance in items.xml i.e you have a gun with all attributes and specs, and you have lots of children right after it with single tag for your desired bonus, so no need for randomising the stuff, loot randomiser will do it for you. Or you will play with one and only item, but I didn't find a way to make it add only one attribute a time, so you can end up finding a gun with all attributes +1, where you only wanted it to grant not more than one per item.
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