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  1. Yep there was such a bug that appeared after excessive use of auger, did see it since A18.
  2. that would be a pity as for now using default game settings wood doesn't last any longer than a few hits by zeds... so they gonna be one hit for wooden, 5-10 hits for iron and like 20 for steel, that isn't offering any benefit of using them at all.
  3. there was a mod that actually let you turn on/off poi lights, but it didn't concern the lights you spawn yourself as poi lights use light-source object to emit light, it is an object in the creative menu.
  4. Another reason could be an HDD if you didn't yet manage to transfer to SSD. This piece really boosts up the performance. On the other side I do not really see why game should dip with your CPU and GPU assuming you actually didn't set "all hight". Give it a try just setting everything to "as low as possible" and check it out, and for goods sake get those reflections to off as they are not optimised the proper way and consume resources as hell. With all set to low/off you should run like plain 100 fps with small dips when lots of houses/entities etc is loading and that's it. My daughters notebook is actually way weaker as it is I5-8300H and a GeForce GTX 1060 3Gb, I could tune vanilla there to run at pleasant 40-60 FPS all time with: Texture Quality : Full, Texture filter: high, view list: Far. All rest dumped to low, what gave a stable playable FPS and a nice picture.
  5. Rip the bottom plate off and and glue there something like this: if possible with detachable external block)))
  6. I do use robotic sledge at the base main door which stays open all BM paired with some barbed wire and electric fence, so they see me, they try to get to me, but they never can)) Cause they get shocked by the doctor for not cooperating cause they're rocking the table while his operating))
  7. Yep, even building a relatively small java app with -T8 throws it into 100C+ and throttling pretty fast... And only 2 solutions possible: ruin the MacBook design by adding water cooling with a radiator and fan as a separate piece or switching to linux on 17" gaming laptop with a desktop processor...
  8. guess they simply rested the chunk.
  9. That is same for me, never tried to avoid the horde, always being doing absolutely opposite -> prepare myself and the base for the horde))) Just to say: "I've being waiting for you ObiOne)))"
  10. that is way too complicated... you don't want a permanent quest just to get some casing...
  11. Yeah, but this is what actually happen in all horror movies)))
  12. Didn't find where to put the first row, but replacing the line <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name='AIPathCostScale']/@value">0.0,0.1</set> for each zed type in the entityclasses.xml does the stuff. Could support up to 50 zeds on the screen with moderate fps drop, yet still payable. Problems start when they begin demolishing the surroundings)) All this integrity calculations throw my poor i7-8750 into heavy throttling dropping to 2.2Ghz per core... you mistyped something in line 8 starting char 120 of your xml... It is what it is...
  13. just fences and blades. Tried darts, but they end up pretty fast.
  14. There is another solution for BM and vehicles -> just stop them dead! Right at 10PM All vehicles convert into pumpkins! You can still open their inventory, you can still have your ass set inside, but you can not make it move! Disable control and that is it. And remove this freaking turbo vultures!
  15. Lucky you))) I started that particular game to actually test how is it to play with points contributed to the int tree
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