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  1. wow! MacAir playing 7D2D! I thought the worst nightmare for this game is my MacPro18))) Nay! you did it!))
  2. I always go laser and full auto on 9mm, same for vulture as I always carry some main rifle like ak with scope or a shotgun.
  3. Sorry pal, missed the part with in game test in your message.
  4. What is that sh*t you smoke?))) 7mph??? Maybe km/h? More less common walking speed for a regular person is around 7km/h(4,35mph), same for running speed, not people never break 20km/h(12,5mph) record specially if we are talking of 1-5km runs, not a 100m sprint. I would actually suggest make speed differentiate depending on your stamina, so you slow your pace when getting tired.
  5. any tips to try affinity with Macs?)))
  6. Cmon people... You all pretend to know a lot about guns, but you keep calling all AK style guns AK-47...
  7. How's you MB Air playing experience? Hows the performance?
  8. Heck, I do remember my first assembly of a PC where I had to choose between S3 Trio and VoodooRush ))) I made a bad choice then)), and the first pc of mine was a 33 Mhz IBM with TURBO mode to 66Mhz what did exactly nothing))) 10Mb hard drive! And before that I was frequently visiting one of my friends as his father was some sort of computer scientist that time and he had a "portable" computer using spool of magnetic tape)))
  9. What kind of settings are you expecting to get? Such a machine should perform quite fine. If you install 7D2D to your SSD+add 8GBs more RAM and upgrade your GPU to something with at least 6 Gas of memory that should do more than adequate. I'm actually playing 7D2D on a MacBook Pro 2018, it is crappy, but still playable in low res.
  10. Same for me, just do the intro quest find a trader and a place for my base and start digging the basement. So by the end of day 2 I usually get the basic 2 story box as a base and a mine shaft prepared. The box is made of flagstone so far and is upgraded to cobblestone in next few nights. I do quests all day long before first BM and mine n upgrade my base during nights.
  11. But it is"Not Supported Yet" Anyway with all these updates I have to say that : Running 7D2D on a Mac still suck a lot)))
  12. Any? Mean there is a version for Mac users?))) As my Radeon X555X Pro 4Gb sucks as hell)))
  13. never?))) TFP currently dropped support for consoles. Maybe they will come back to it some day.
  14. Devs are people... they may mistake)))
  15. Yeah yeah... old American joke about giving new names to existing objects with existing naming just because they don't like books))) We also never say "I ran out of bullets", but we do say "Save the last bullet for yourself". And yes lets play this nice grammar nazi game)) You can commence the execution!
  16. Maybe that is because we are very nostalgic people. We still praise "old-good-times" and old games for some sort of soul in them, not the graphics or any fancy stuff like that, but for being made by intelligent people to cause interest in intelligent people, we usually don't like silly games with flashy graphics, at least for my generation, I do not really care for it much. I've spent like 7 years playing Ultima Online when you already had things like LineAge and games like it. You know this warm "lamp" feeling from the past...
  17. If it shuts down it is a probability of these 2: 1. Either your CPU or GPU overheats 2. Your power supply is not outputting the required amps for peak performance. (Aged?)
  18. -21 C here at night, no trouble at all as we are used to such temps, thus it is not common for us for years now. I do remember winters in my childhood when we had -25-29C and it was common. Now days I do not even turn on the heaters if it is not -5 outside... It all is a matter of getting used and being prepared to something.
  19. I do my mines right below my base, so I can further extend it into the mine, usually it is a huge cavern below the base and bae is standing on pillars of its own and later I move all the smelting/forging/chem to the mine level so it doesn't bulk up inside main base building, and I usually have paths you can travel with bike or mini, sometimes I also have some vehicle exits to the surface with gates or such
  20. Strange to hear that, as it is more than double increase, assuming your gpu dent usually give out full frames - the more frames per second your gpu/monitor emits - the smoother visual performance you get. Didn't try 144, but difference between 30-60 is clearly noticeable simply moving your mouse pointer around the screen. And difference is drastic.
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