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  1. use search, the problem was already reported. start game with rosetta
  2. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=open+program+with+rosetta
  3. Could you share the server please? I would also like to try it out, got bit tired of solo...
  4. Any suggestion on frame limiting on Mac?) I've got same issues, VSync on is not working at all (no limitation), VSync half though is working, limiting the fps to 30, and stutters go away, but my eyes start bleeding with 30 fps)))
  5. Steps to reproduce: 1. deploy a drone. 2. throw some stuff in it 3. enable DM with god mode and start jumping away from the drone very quickly so it looses you 4. empty drones container and pick it up 5. jump away fast from that spot, most likely when you stop the copy of the drone will arrive as engine has lost track of drone that is already in your pocket. P.S. Sometimes it is an old drone from several hours ago with old loot in it. Just wanted to say thanks and didn't want to bump the post up, this was a shortened reproduction on the dupe than I had and it saved me a little time narrowing it down @Vampirenostra -Jugginator
  6. VSync is on somewhere... Otherwise you would get system usage to the top and ramping coolers and fps jumping. It is never stable unless it is limited.
  7. 😹 Most people here count their hours in game with thousands))) There actually was a topic about hours spent and the winner had something like 7k hours?)))
  8. Seems the HALF Vsync is working as expected limiting fps to 30, but ON still doesn't work at all
  9. Hey Mac guys, can anyone check of VSync is working for you? Im a bit outdated with my MBP Pro 2018, but still game on it, and thing is I get up to 100 fps even though the VSync is on and monitor is 60Hz only, on 19,6 which vsync enabled I had a constant 60 fps and system did not ramp up as a rocket.
  10. just set it all manually. do some testing with different configs and figure out what is the best for you. if you do not possess a high end gpu set terrain quality to medium and ssao reflections/shadows to low or off as these are really consuming your resources
  11. So it simply makes no difference VSync on/off still get peaks of 75+ fps on a 60Hz screen. Any ideas? macOS Monterey (MBP 15" 2018 i7-8xxx, 16Gb, Radeon Pro 555X 4Gb) . Screen is connected through Thunderbolt.
  12. Huh, I just don't let myself start buying stuff for gaming, as I'll not stop myself after)) And I can't explain myself why spend 2k+ on a gaming rig when there are so many more opportunities to spend them with more sense). That is why I'm still using my company issued MacBook for gaming)) It is almost 4 years since I do not have a pc of my own))
  13. Good pick Fox! For others who also work I can recommend the DELL U3419W which I'm using for like 3 years. 4K curved VA panel, it took some time to get used to it after working with 2x24 + 15, but I'll never go back from big screen anymore.
  14. Aha, nice idea by steam. So buying games in country of my residence - Ukraine means that I count be able to play them during travel as I didn't buy them in Germany or US for example... Great...
  15. wow! MacAir playing 7D2D! I thought the worst nightmare for this game is my MacPro18))) Nay! you did it!))
  16. I always go laser and full auto on 9mm, same for vulture as I always carry some main rifle like ak with scope or a shotgun.
  17. Sorry pal, missed the part with in game test in your message.
  18. What is that sh*t you smoke?))) 7mph??? Maybe km/h? More less common walking speed for a regular person is around 7km/h(4,35mph), same for running speed, not people never break 20km/h(12,5mph) record specially if we are talking of 1-5km runs, not a 100m sprint. I would actually suggest make speed differentiate depending on your stamina, so you slow your pace when getting tired.
  19. any tips to try affinity with Macs?)))
  20. Cmon people... You all pretend to know a lot about guns, but you keep calling all AK style guns AK-47...
  21. How's you MB Air playing experience? Hows the performance?
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