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  1. I upgraded from the 1070 to the RTX 2070 Super OC. That will be gifted to my son as I will bump up to the 3070 most likely. I'm considering the extra $200 to push to the 3080 but I'm not convinced yet. I'll wait for actual reviews to come out. There is also a mystery card from NVidia that I've heard some substantial rumors about. I assume it will be a 3060.
  2. The proc will be fine. I run 16 people on my server with a similar proc (hosted in Windows). The memory...might be a bit shy. Otherwise, if you can throw an SSD drive at it, it wouldn't hurt. We have a 64 zombie max count, but also crank up wasteland and burnt biome zombie counts, as well as larger wandering hordes, etc. and still don't have a problem. Recently, I've started rebooting the server daily. That helps the performance also.
  3. 9/13 - Updated to A19.1 B4. Updated Khaine's Bigger Backpack (with food/water) to 10 slot version to maintain compatibility).
  4. Can someone please give me the basics on how to add a User POI to the available tier 5 quests? We have a particular POI (that is new to us). It would make a great Tier 5 clear. I've not messed with that but am becoming more comfortable with the XMLs and such in general. I'm sure I could figure it out, but if someone has already done it, I'd prefer the short route.
  5. Please wait for the 3000 series to come out. I just bought an RTX 2070 Super OC last year, but it's getting handed down to one of my kids as the RTX 3070 will be the same price ($499) as what I just purchased (very satisified) and edging out the performance of a 2080Ti for the same price along with some new features. I consider the RTX 3070 to be a no-brainer. Gamers Nexus just put out a video the other day with PSU estimated: 700 -800 Watts for the 3070/3080 with standard "Custom" gaming setups which is very reasonable in my opinion.
  6. 9/7 - Bdub's Vehicles updated for new horns/vehicle sounds - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ymwteirhbpl3t01/Bdubs Vehicles.zip?dl=0 Various server-side tweaks to update some recipes.
  7. I gave the built-in RWG three attempts on A19 B180. Each map was more glitched than the three maps I built in Nitrogen V 0.501 by a significant margin - Water flooding the map, mountain passes with holes to infinity, and a host of other issues. We were really looking forward to seeing what the new "no dupe POI" feature was going to do. I've got to stick with what is working and Nitrogen works and works fast. I built our last 10K map in less than 5 minutes on my rig. I and several others flew all over the map looking for bugs...and couldn't find one. I don't even care about the time as much as I just want stable clean maps. I look forward to what the Fun Pimps do, but for now...It's Nitrogen for the win.
  8. If you want spikes back (at least for now)....https://7daystodiemods.com/craft-spikes/
  9. ...in the meantime, our server is trying to make most enemies and animals tougher with a wider variety so we can suffer and die more.
  10. There are several working sinks and stoves modlets available for download. Also, you can add recipes in the XML's to allow for crafting of anything in the Creative menu as far as I know. https://7daystodiemods.com/appliance-and-device-mods/
  11. We change Server-side XMLs constantly as issues/suggestions are brought up by our clients. Difficulty: Custom 24 hour cycle: 2 hours Daylight: 16 We run Nitrogen maps (10K - 16K), added Burnt and Wasteland endless zombies in Wasteland 24/7, endless at night in Burnt Biome (nearly impossible to survive alone early game) extra zombies/increased respawn in other biomes Adjusted screamer spawn rate to max (20 and staggered via gamestage). Added zombies/small animals/larger animals and custom tweak their HP, Speed, etc. Added food recipes, tweaked for balance/buffs and then nerf for rarity to balance difficulty. Bloodmoon: 10 day with 3 day swing (7-13 days)
  12. 120 minutes - So many players equals time going by too fast. It gives people time to explore the map, go on quests, build/rebuild on their base. We have plenty of zombies in-world to keep people who are "bored" of long days. They can always wander to the burnt or wasteland areas and rack up kills as we have an endless stream of zombies in those biomes.
  13. If we're talking concrete, it's a bit wider than that. 5 blocks is wood. Concrete is more like 16 blocks wide.
  14. Good call. I'll start there. Much easier - Thanks.
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