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  1. 11/29 - Geek Gaminng Trick or Treat modlet bug fix - Added missing Soylent Green Schematic. Adjusted loot values. Buffs still in progress. Updated Valmod's Expanded Traps with new icons, updated schematics/books to fix schematic with generic Trap schematic. This is a customized version, with several traps removed.
  2. 11/22 - Added Geek Gaming Trick Or Treat Food Modlet - Adds Tier 1-5 foods, new recipes, Drinks, and Candies - Works with Fishing Modlet and More Cooked Foods - loot table additions and combined recipes for looted ingredients. More to be added, as well as more complex Buffs. Added PHD Lights, Wireless Fuse Box. Added more Ore realism with slightly randomized mining. Biome tweaks to ensure need for clothings/food for survival in extreme biomes (more tweaks to come).
  3. 11/6 - Added Server-side Snufkin's weapons (modified) and Server-side Iceburg's craft pipe modlet
  4. I have not seen a mini-lag. I'll keep an eye out for it. A 4 hour auto-restart seems a bit extreme. Have you tried longer restart intervals? I find daily to be plenty enough and have gone several days on occasion since the last stable A19 (b4).
  5. Anyone finishing the quest should not affect the others once the quest has started. If one person has finished the quest, they can leave, assuming it is a satchel fetch quest. If it is a clear, all zombies must be cleared first. If one person leaves the quest area early, they are the only ones affected and will fail the quest. The others can continue to finish the quest. That includes if a player leaves the game. They may start the quest and leave the game, but won't affect others actively in the quest.
  6. 10/25-2020 We have imported our Tig's Track (Race track) into the world (A19GeekGaming2) near 0,0. It may require a world redownload but nothing has been touched beyond that one region. We have also determined the glitch that was causing issues with biome zombie and animal spawns. It has been fixed and Snufkin's Zombies are back again. We have removed the Bohemoth modlet due to a conflict.
  7. My son and I made a POI that works really well with the buggy and dirt bike. We've had a blast playing with it. It has several alternating paths when hooked up to electricity to the motion sensors which run the drawbridges and vault doors, which are used to trigger blocks/alternate paths for a short time. It forces you to use different legs of the track. We recently just added new POI lighting for night racing as well. TIG_RaceTrack1.zip
  8. We have our server set to default (15) but it shows as -1 as well.
  9. 10/22 - Cranked up Zombie counts and frequency on A19GeekGaming2 - Running Stable version
  10. Due to our ISP making changes internally, our IP has updated again to
  11. Another thing I have run into - Someone on my server has a bad ping (200 for example)...affects all of us.
  12. What I heard you say was "I don't understand how voxel worlds work and how much has to be transmitted beyond just user position and a few animations. I don't understand that every block placed, texture, along with all the other things happening in the world, all must be transmitted between clients and the server in a voxel world. I don't understand the difference between Unity and Unreal. Because of this, I'll just post a sarcastic comment."
  13. 10/9 - Server IP updated to Working on new recipes for GGFoodpack modlet. Testing this weekend.
  14. Nitrogen also has added USER POI's that you can do as missions also. 300+ at last count. My missions are MUCH more varied and fresh with the current compopack46 using Nitrogen.
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