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  1. I went through mod by mod. Determined the Craft tier 6 mod is causing our issue. I'm going to see if I can determine if I can fix it. We also found an issue with the A21 Sniper Turrent V2. It takes any kind of ammo, including rocks. Also, 44 ammo was listed twice.
  2. We have quite a few mods, including SStuff and a craft quality 6 mod. I will reorder the mods. and pull possible conflicts until I determine exactly our issue. I have a quick fix by pulling them from the crafting and just doing loot drop/trader until I determine our exact issue. A bit rusty on my modding on A21 so I'm embarrased that I didn't even consider looking elsewhere. We now run a testing server at the same time as our live servers so we can test mods for conflicts without affecting our play. Arramus - I do have a specific question on the Rally marker. I'll DM you. My son and I made a new rally point in Blender/Unity that we want to drop in, but can't find any code on XML's to use to point to the replacement marker.
  3. We are having the exact same issue with 1887, M1897 trench, M31Hunter, and the pump shotgun. Fresh world, have the magazines. Others will craft.
  4. Ti2xGr

    Military APC

    Just wanted to report back that we are now using both vehicles in our Server with no errors. Thank you so much for fixing the Object reference error. We have very excited friends furiously building APCs and Apaches to see who can try them out first. This is a vehicle game changer in my opinion. FREAKING AWESOME!
  5. Ti2xGr

    Military APC

    When I first installed them together, I was a bit confused as they share the same "core" files and obviously requested overwrite. I assumed they were the same so I just took a shot and overwrote those folders. Of course, I found out they were compatible and could be used together.
  6. Ti2xGr

    Military APC

    You are my hero. I saw that you updated for a null reference issue, but didn't want to get my hopes up as I have so many mods loaded and didn't want to assume. I will test shortly and report back. Your mod has been on many of my client's wishlist so I am pumped now.
  7. Ti2xGr

    Military APC

    I checked my log, but as I am not a true coder, I don't know how to interpret it. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at IsBloodMoon.IsValid (MinEventParams _params) [0x0001d] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at MinEventActionTargetedBase.singleTargetCheck (MinEventParams _tempParams) [0x00029] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at MinEventActionTargetedBase.CanExecute (MinEventTypes _eventType, MinEventParams _params) [0x00047] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at MinEffectGroup.FireEvent (MinEventTypes _eventType, MinEventParams _eventParms) [0x0002d] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at MinEffectController.FireEvent (MinEventTypes _eventType, MinEventParams _eventParms) [0x00010] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at BuffClass.FireEvent (MinEventTypes _eventType, MinEventParams _params) [0x00013] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at EntityBuffs.FireEvent (MinEventTypes _eventType, BuffClass _buffClass, MinEventParams _params) [0x00003] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at EntityBuffs.Update (System.Single _deltaTime) [0x00180] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at EntityAlive.OnUpdateEntity () [0x00019] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at EntityPlayer.OnUpdateEntity () [0x00000] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at EntityPlayerLocal.OnUpdateEntity () [0x00163] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at World.TickEntity (Entity e, System.Single _partialTicks) [0x00127] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at World.TickEntities (System.Single _partialTicks) [0x000ab] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at (wrapper dynamic-method) GameManager.DMD<GameManager::UpdateTick>(GameManager) at GameManager.gmUpdate () [0x00305] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 at GameManager.Update () [0x00000] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 I figured I'd just start by loading the mods that either have similar effects and then my vehicle mods, hoping that I can determine it that way. I have extensive IT background so my usually method is just starting with the most possible conflicts first and working my way out. Interesting that I have no issues in a single player world - just Server/client setup. I have a spare system that I can do server tests on. The one thing I do appreciate about loading/unloading mods during testing is it gives me extra time to poke through the configs and see how the relationship of the XMLs and how I might refine the settings a bit more. These two mods are just wonderful. I can't wait to get them functioning on our server.
  8. Ti2xGr

    Military APC

    Arrrgh....I got this and the apache to work awesome in single player. Still struggling with Server/Client. No errors on startup. I get object reference errors on the client side when we load it with the same pack of mods in our Server. Not looking for help. I'll figure it out this weekend. We've got 80+ mods so it will take a bit of time to determine the conflict. I'll let you know what I find out. I'm going to load a clean Server/client setup and load your mods first and then start adding the others one by one until I find the culprit.
  9. I'm having trouble on a dedicated server. I downloaded and installed 0.9.5 version. After using a wire tool once in game, I get null reference errors and then have to log out/login to try again. I love the concept of this mod but can't get it to function correctly. I get no red errors and it seems to load fine. Should I attempt to put it in the "old location" as I am reading here?
  10. 7/24 - Added animal/zombie Creature Pack (Testing phase) - Will rebalance after week of testing. IP updated: 7/10 - New Server map started. Changed up Creature packs, added Jetski, Compopack 47 Nitrgoen, Vicious cracks, wide roads w/light damage.
  11. 4/29 - Adjusted Savory rifle for balance to other rare "super" weapons. Increase Damage to entities slightly, bumped magazine size default to 18, and increase firing rate from 120 to 180. 4/29 - Enabled All rotations on Drawbridge and Powered Drawbridge.
  12. This is phase I of our parkour park. We have already finished phase II, and will hopefully have phase III done by this weekend. It is designed for Parkour level 4. I will build one designed for both Parkour Level 0 and Parkour Level 2 next.
  13. 4/21 - Increased XP for Spiders (Brown small - 3000, Black Small - 3500, Queen - 4000) to compensate for HP levels. Fixed Fish trap (sellable to trader), Made all sinks/stoves in UBBI functional).
  14. 4/21 - Adjusted HP on ZTensity's UBBI - Window HP increased to 3000 (Bulletproof glass level).
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