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    Backpacking, Holiday decor, Extreme adventure

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  1. 7/24 - Added animal/zombie Creature Pack (Testing phase) - Will rebalance after week of testing. IP updated: 7/10 - New Server map started. Changed up Creature packs, added Jetski, Compopack 47 Nitrgoen, Vicious cracks, wide roads w/light damage.
  2. 4/29 - Adjusted Savory rifle for balance to other rare "super" weapons. Increase Damage to entities slightly, bumped magazine size default to 18, and increase firing rate from 120 to 180. 4/29 - Enabled All rotations on Drawbridge and Powered Drawbridge.
  3. This is phase I of our parkour park. We have already finished phase II, and will hopefully have phase III done by this weekend. It is designed for Parkour level 4. I will build one designed for both Parkour Level 0 and Parkour Level 2 next.
  4. 4/21 - Increased XP for Spiders (Brown small - 3000, Black Small - 3500, Queen - 4000) to compensate for HP levels. Fixed Fish trap (sellable to trader), Made all sinks/stoves in UBBI functional).
  5. 4/21 - Adjusted HP on ZTensity's UBBI - Window HP increased to 3000 (Bulletproof glass level).
  6. 4/15 - Increased Flamethrower damage to entities in order to make it an effective weapon. Added special ammo, and Screamer beacons.
  7. 4/3 - New world STARTING TODAY, NOON PST with custom 14K map. Added ZT Personal Elevator. Swapped out Mean Cloud fishing for Teltric's A19 Fishing modlet. See main page for links to current Geek Gaming Mod pack.
  8. 3/5 - We are adding Non-fuzzy bulletproof glass and FlameThrowers. Take care of those pesky spiders the fun way. Barbeque them!
  9. Did you get the kind of advice you were looking for? There is sooo much to 7 Days to Die, we don't want to spoil all the fun of learning/discovering things.
  10. Could be due to an age restriction.
  11. I'd recommend that most folk go to the south pole. At least you've got McMurdo. Up north, we lived in tents on the ice sheet. Even the summit station isn't a permanent structure and must be moved every few years. That, and the 200+ mph winds can be a bit intense for some.
  12. Or just login to your "master" steam account when you want to play your game on that system. The game saves don't transfer in the cloud though, so it would only work for server hosted games unless you mapped both systems game save folders via a network mapping.
  13. Oh, there's plenty of barrels, cans and such. There's even beer still in the bar (left from 1982) still sitting on the counter. They even have generators. Mind you, my fuel probably won't last long and I don't know if I have enough fuel to dig the 2.5 miles down to the deposits.
  14. I lost 16 lbs while I was out there. The first two weeks of work, yeah...I hurt. bad.
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