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  1. If you carefully aim your rocket launcher into the locking mechanism of the Gun Safe, scoot up real close, and shoot an HE Rocket in the little hole in the center, the safe will pop open.
  2. As a Server Admin and player on my own server, I have just learned to wear the hat only when I have to. I don't want to spoil the game for me. I have been known to admin warp to help out a player...and then walk back to my base. I think you should take out the F1 key.
  3. You'll need to change your view to see hidden/system files in your file explorer. That's why you can't see that folder he is trying to point out.
  4. With the wire tool, you should see the fence posts yellow if they are "hot".
  5. ...and you should be starting via the start_8G_Ram_16kMaps.bat file to run it so you have enough RAM dedicated to the Nitrogen generator.
  6. 5/25/2020 - New Test Map starts today at noon (PST). May become permanent map until A19 release.
  7. Is there a way to add distance fading to modlet object sounds? I'd really like the line of code to add to a video we added on one of the TV modlets, and kind of poked through the XML's but haven't found it yet.
  8. I completely understand your point and respect it. I've spent many hours adjusting modlets, repairing missing features, and just having to learn how they work in order to keep balance within our map. Add a food modlet and all of sudden, you're swimming in too much food. Add a weapon pack and everything becomes a one hit kill. I've got a pretty darn balanced server at this point (IMHO), but I'm still going back through some of our modlets to tweak settings to make it more vanilla and I'm having to learn as I go. It makes me really appreciate the Fun Pimps more and the modlet makers are amazing. Most of these modlets are pieces of art in my opinion.
  9. You can PM me and I'll help you out. You're not quite at the right place. Once you do it once the right way, it will be easy.
  10. Change your view options to show hidden/system files/folders.
  11. They recommend copying the prefabs into each user's prefab folder. I'm not sure why as I've had users connect to my server and see everything on the map just fine, but I just follow the directions. A Compopack 43 world gives you an extra 275 new POI's and makes some adjustments to some vanilla ones. It is epic. If you need help, you can pop on my discord channel and I can help you get one setup/tested. https://discord.gg/h5XpKB. I can give you a tour of a Nitrogen world on my discord if you want a preview. Yes, Nitrogen maps themselves are viewable by all who connect, just like any other world.
  12. I think you just need to visit our Server. I've got three level 6 augers in our tool chest. I'd be glad to give you one and a stack of Concrete and Rebar to boot. I would just recommend focusing on Tier 5 Clears only until you get your proper reward. I'm not sure if you are using Compopack on your map but if you have a 4-in-1 trader, you can crank out 2-3 tier 5's in one in-game day if it's POI's you're comfortable clearling on standard day length.
  13. Go to your output folder and copy it here - C:\users\<your user here>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds\ The folder and it's contents go inside then it will be available for Single Player use. As a Server, do the same and in your Serverconfig.xml, just put the name of your folder where it asks for anything seed, map, and it should load just fine. Compopack 43 rocks for the record. To do that, download and copy the contents of the prefab into your prefab, overwriting everything. Then there is a RWGMixer file overwrite your default (just save a copy if you are concerned) to generate the maps. Don't go over 16K unless you've got plenty of RAM (32GB or more).
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