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  1. 3/5 - We are adding Non-fuzzy bulletproof glass and FlameThrowers. Take care of those pesky spiders the fun way. Barbeque them!
  2. Did you get the kind of advice you were looking for? There is sooo much to 7 Days to Die, we don't want to spoil all the fun of learning/discovering things.
  3. Could be due to an age restriction.
  4. I'd recommend that most folk go to the south pole. At least you've got McMurdo. Up north, we lived in tents on the ice sheet. Even the summit station isn't a permanent structure and must be moved every few years. That, and the 200+ mph winds can be a bit intense for some.
  5. Or just login to your "master" steam account when you want to play your game on that system. The game saves don't transfer in the cloud though, so it would only work for server hosted games unless you mapped both systems game save folders via a network mapping.
  6. Oh, there's plenty of barrels, cans and such. There's even beer still in the bar (left from 1982) still sitting on the counter. They even have generators. Mind you, my fuel probably won't last long and I don't know if I have enough fuel to dig the 2.5 miles down to the deposits.
  7. I lost 16 lbs while I was out there. The first two weeks of work, yeah...I hurt. bad.
  8. It depends on the traverse to be blunt. Are there hot female scientists? Yes, definitely. Most from my experience. If you are a scientist going out in the field in the most extreme environment in the world, you have to be in excellent shape. We are all required to get complete medical checkups several times before we are allowed to go out. There is tons of physical labor involved in science teams. Everyone has to be able to handle a 1 meter drill filled with a 6" ice core and 18 meters of fiberglass pole, dig multiple 8x8x8 pits by hand and then fill them back up. Building wind blocks and sett
  9. I spent a month and a half basically living in two tents (sleeping shelter and mess tent). The Dye-2 Station pictured above is 6 stories and packed with a bar, shuffle board, kitchen, top secret listening room, 3 radars, and a ton of cool hidden areas to explore. I'm not saying it's for everyone, but it's kind of like "extreme camping" for me. Mind you, the storms can last for weeks at a time which does grind on the mind a bit. If I have my solar panel, my laptop, and a copy of 7 Days to die...I'll be fine. If I'm not bored of it with 8,000+ hours, I doubt I'll get tired of it anytime soon.
  10. There are mods change the sounds of vehicles and creatures that I use all the time. Download one of those mods, look at the xmls and see how they do it. Then just make your own after you track down the sound files based upon their pathing. BDub's vehicles, Snukfin's zombies, etc. all reference the sound files.
  11. In the "real" apocalypse, the winter biome would be effective. I've lived on the Greenland ice sheet for months at a time. Nothing lives out there. Eventually, the zombie dogs, people, etc. will run out of nutrients and die off. I just have to outlive them. 250 miles from the nearest civilization of 600 people. Considering that not even birds were able to live there, I'll be fine. I even have a cute little shelter pictured here that I can stay at.
  12. Considering I've seen it on sale for $7.49 roughly once every two months through either Steam or Humble Bundle, it's not worth the discussion. Not sure if this is legit but just saw it on this site for $7.22 - https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/7-days-to-die/
  13. You are formally invited to join our server (A19GeekGaming2) where we will teach the ropes, answer your questions, and escort you on all the ways you can play, craft, and survive. We are a free public server with friendly people who will help you. Our discord channel (for live chat/questions) is here: https://discord.gg/qEMRS58 Or...as others have suggested: 1. Don't be afraid to run in the beginning. The deck is stacked against you on purpose. In the beginning, the struggle is real. Take over a small house with a set of stairs you can take out or similar. Go on quests from traders
  14. 2/10 - Added small brown/black spiders to Bloodmoon spawning table. Increased late game chance on Bloodmoon for Scorchers, Gheists, Juggernauts, and archons. Increased spawning rate of spiders in both desert night (moderately 15 spiders, 2x per night) and forest night (Significantly - 3x per night at up to 20 per horde). Increased HP significantly (brown 900HP, Black 1100HP, Queen 2500), jumping, and speed of spiders, and XP reward for spider kills. Fear. Spiders.
  15. I've been working on a base on an island near the edge of the water at the edge of the map. I made a lighthouse and a boardwalk complete with restaurants, and a place for us to dock our boats. That got me thinking/wondering...Is there any plans for the rivers, lakes, or water border to be "biomes" for placeable POI's like ships, sunken ships, underwater caves, island POI's, etc?
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