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Modlet "Show more effects"


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This modlet allows you to show in the list of effects which glasses worn by the character, and whether wearing super sneakers, accelerating a jacket or a cigar.

This modlet I made only for myself, but decided to share with you, and therefore do not need to write to me that this mod is useless ;). Or you use this modlet or not in use.


During the game, I often change my glasses and other items of clothing, which give certain bonuses:
- if I scoured the boxes, I wear Aviator Goggles
- if I create things, I wear Nerd Glasses
- if I develop a character in the perception, I wear Shades when I fight with zombies, and so on.

I often forget to change glasses, but in order to determine which glasses I'm wearing, I need to open a window each time a character - it's uncomfortable.
Do not open the window every time a character to learn what subjects are wearing, I made this mod.





For assistance with bugs thank you very much @n2n1







01.jpg 02.jpg

03.jpg 04.jpg






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