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  1. I tried to solve this problem in my modification, I made it so that parts of these items were required to repair weapons and tools. And it works. The only thing that spoils the feeling a little is that the amount of detail that you get when scraping an item does not depend on its quality.
  2. Question: Will the locations on the Navezgen map be updated in Alpha 20?
  3. @faatal Will the player have to find a fuse in the location to use it with the Fuse Box (insert the fuse into the fuse box to activate this trigger)?
  4. Shouldn't he throw bunches aimed at the player, as the zombie Cop does?
  5. I would like to see more physics in the boobs area )
  6. @madmole on the stream, you said that in 20 Alpha, all traders received new models. Will in Alpha 20 trader Jen change too?
  7. It works for sure, tested! )
  8. Extra seats look especially good )))
  9. Will the new Screamer have a scream animation?
  10. Isn't this picture from another game? Do you think the weapons don't work in that game?
  11. Maybe you weren't listening well? )
  12. Hmmm ... which alpha version are you playing? ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚
  13. A question about a new type of quest to restore the electricity supply. Can we expect in 20 Alpha, in high-level locations of this type, the appearance of turrets with infinite ammunition that attack the player, protecting the top-end loot? Or other electrical traps that the player will have to disable in order to get to the top loot? Or is it a surprise?
  14. @madmole Hi. Alpha 20 should be out soon, can you give us some details on these points? If I missed them, may be it make sense to update the information in the first post of this discussion? Thank you.
  15. Once upon a time, before the release of Alpha 19, we on the forum discussed the appearance in the game of a kind of train. I couldn't find Joel's post, but I do remember that he was speculating that at some point in the game, improvised minecarts could appear that could move on rails that players can place. These minecarts could be used by players to conveniently travel to and from mines. Also, if I remember correctly, it was mentioned that such rails could be located almost vertically, which could replace the lifts for the players, which the developers refused to implement (lifts) in 16 Alpha (if I remember correctly). Q: Is the implementation of the rails and minecarts still under discussion, or is it Joel's ( @Madmole ) dead horse that shouldn't be kicked anymore? Thanks for what you are doing, I look forward to 20 Alpha) P.S. @Roland you can say that Joel never wrote this, I still couldn't find proof ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚
  16. I probably translated your message incorrectly )
  17. But this didnโ€™t work with other pills, so your example doesnโ€™t quite fit )
  18. You could have avoided poisoning if you took a green pill before meals) (I'm not sure if this was intended, but it always worked with me)
  19. Ok, what then is this, if not the words about what Joel told? ) lol English is not my first language, but I'm sure this is about food poisoning and unfair punishment of the player ) "The fact is nobody on the team liked it. It was too demoralizing to lose all your food over something random, you didn't really do anything wrong and you got punished and food is very scarce on MP servers so its not the same as SP. Rotten food will damage your health."
  20. No, the point is quite different. The point is that trigger zones, in which the player's stealth skills are completely ignored, are implemented very poorly, they have no logic. In such zones, without any adequate reason, zombies wake up and attack the player, and this looks like punishment for mistakes that the player did not commit, just like it was with the poisoning, which was eventually removed. Then Joel also said that the poisoning looks like a punishment for the player even if he did not make mistakes, and therefore it should be removed. Trigger zones now work as punishment for imperfect mistakes. It seems to me that the solution may be awake screamer zombies who can hide behind corners in such zones and could wake up the rest if they notice or hear the player. It was logical and would not look as punishment for imperfect mistakes as it is now. True, for this, you will have to completely rebuild the level design so that even with such zombies, players have a chance to eliminate them before they raise the alarm. Such zones could be called a surprise if they accidentally appeared in completely different locations and in different places of these locations )
  21. That is why I insist that the game has a noticeable notification that the player has left the quest and must return there within some time, for example, five or ten seconds) Why are the developers against this? )
  22. Waiting + Alpha = hmm... WHALPHA? ))) May be WHAILPHA? ) Whalpha 20 )))
  23. @KingSlayerGM Hi These are the images that my subscriber sent me. What could be the problem?
  24. @madmole @faatal @Gazz Hi. Is there a chance 7 Days To Die will support FSR from AMD? Today it became known that Unity now officially supports this technology, and this could significantly improve optimization even on older hardware. For those readers who do not know what is it, here is the link: https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-super-resolution
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