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  1. (what theme are you using for notepad/vs?) Maybe you can just increase time for respawn to many many numbers https://7daystodiemods.com/nosorens-increased-respawn-timers/
  2. Mod name is "Forges Hold 1M" or https://7daystodiemods.com/forges-hold-1m/
  3. "gfx st budget 0" in the console after every joining the game or if you just see these blurry textures
  4. Your xpath is wrong, should be <set xpath="//block[@name='rebarFrameMaster']/property[@class='RepairItems']/property[@name='resourceForgedIron']/@name">resourceScrapIron</set>
  5. Undead Legacy mod has everything statistics you need to know about a certain item. There are no separate modlets for this and never will be.
  6. You need to add your nailgun to this file and find the optimal coordinates for flashlight placement
  7. Because it requires a lot of code in the C# programming language. Nobody will spend about a year of their life on this, as Manux did
  8. What mods do you use? Give here a complete list of all mods or just a zip-file with all these mods.
  9. I don't know about hornets, but collecting/boiling water in a tin can can be easily returned, you could make a mod for this.
  10. "Key,English" format is easier and better, because you don't have to write a lot of useless text you skip anyway
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