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A19 General Thoughts and Feedback


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So will start off with these.....

First buried treasure was fun xD




...and this new giant bear scared the geebus out of me as I exited a POI.




1. Overall the game run much better, and I love the new vibrant look. Even on my laptop where I can't use max settings, the game run and perform so nicely.


2. Thank you for fixing the hitboxes. This is such a big improvement on gameplay.


3. Thank you for making bows useable again. Especially with the new slow progress, the bow is now again a viable option.


4. Cant wait for the traders to fall under the same GS as loot. Still too easy to buy high tier weapons and tools at traders. 

Finally, just thanks again for a amazing update. You guys really gone the distance again this time. 


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2 minutes ago, Tahaan said:

Agree with all, except nr 1.  I seem to be alone in thinking that the game, but particularly the zeds, looks over saturated.

I like the new graphics in general, but that is one thing that has been bothering me too. Something seems off.

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Agreed with all statements here.
2 more things:
Traderquestrewards need to be rebalanced. First questreward: 120 shotgunshells. HUNDREDANDTWENTY!!! Give me 12 and increase their prices. AMMO SHOULD BE SCARES!

And I got something I didn't get since A13:
Roaming doghorde on day 2.  THAT IS A NO GO!!! Especially since they now hit the blocks beneach you. 4 or 5 dogs on day 2 is just way too much.
I play on Insane, but that shouldn't happen on any difficulty as it is a garantueed death, no matter what weapon you have!

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9 hours ago, Marinxar said:

2. Thank you for fixing the hitboxes. This is such a big improvement on gameplay.

Except plants. Super frustrating to be looking at "Cotton Plant", swinging my fist, and hitting the grass I can barely see in front of and to the right of the cotton. Okay, try again. <bonk> hits the dirt behind the cotton. The screen says "Cotton Plant" WHY I NO HIT COTTON PLANT?!?


If I am armed with a fist, and possibly also a bone/hunting knife/spear which tends to strike directly outward, I should hit the thing the pointer tells me I'm looking at. I'm sure this is easier said than done with the new swing-arc mechanics. But my frustration is real, man, and I must express my truth.


/I'll get over it.

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