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  1. My main desire for alpha to end is so the alpha defense against any criticism can be dropped by the forum white knights. I mean, we're 7 years into early access. 7. Years.
  2. There was as game we were playing back in A18 where there was two shopping carts right in front of the trader doors. It was so annoying to drive around them and go around them to enter and exit the trader. So, yeah, I can get down on the protection only extending to one block over the farthest boarder or protection only applying to things within the trader poi file and not things in the random gen world.
  3. Depends on the application. Mass digging where I don't care about the shape outcome, auger hands down. This is usually when I'm mining resources en mass. If I doing precision digging for foundations/etc, then mining pick. I do agree that the sound is annoying and repetitive. That is probably by design to be an additional drawback. The gas, heat, and repair kits don't bother me at all since it is the price of using an efficient tool that doesn't use stamina.
  4. On my server we have dubbed my shotgun as "The Homewrecker". Once you get a few perk levels in Shotgun Hobo and a t3-4 pump shotgun plus mods, yeah, the place looks like swiss cheese afterwards. I have to be careful that I don't aim at locations that I think might have loot boxes behind them because it can rip through walls to destroy. Hope you didn't want an intact floor either. Thankfully I always carry around wood frames to fill in gaps.
  5. Last time I played, myself and my friend both got stuck in doing the digging animation when we would fire our guns. Looked pretty funny when she was shoveling while firing a pistol. The pistol was also stuck in her offhand. Apparently I got in the state too with the blunderbuss.
  6. We have horde nights turned up to 11 for spawns so we go through 1.5k to 3k+ each of ammo. Also means that melee-centric horde base design is out as well since we don't use pathing cheese. In the past, I was more of a melee person. Now with the Blunderbuss being pretty decent and the enrage on damage (since A18), I've moved more towards guns. One shot, one kill means no surging zombie that connects from 10m away even though they are swinging in the air.
  7. Depends on what your use case is for the rotten flesh. Hobo Stew? Great. Farm plots? There are farm plots in POI's now that remove the big need. Personally, I like the bones but with the increased animal spawns that need has also diminished.
  8. Are you playing solo or with a group? If I was solo, I'd be fine. The imbalance would still be there but there is only one sink in my pool of brass resources. As soon as you add one other person, you've drastically increased the sinks while the faucets have stayed relatively fixed. The only way the faucets increase is if the other people are also foraging as much brass as you are or more. Given the roles that most group dynamics form around, typically they are not salvaging as they are doing other roles like cooking/planting. Perks make it inefficient to spread the salvaging workload much l
  9. Yeah, I mentioned radiators in my initial breakdown of things I constantly wrench. Those help out as a source but it still isn't enough. When I can get 17k gunpowder and lead in a day compared to maybe 3k brass in a day through the course of all my wrenching, that's an imbalance.
  10. Brass is certainly the gate keeper to bullet production. Has been for awhile now. It seems so odd to me that I can spend a single day mining coal, nitrate, and lead to be set for weeks in terms of gunpowder and bullet tips/buckshot but I am constantly wrenching cars, air conditioners, radiators, and desk lamps for brass. Then eventually destroying sinks and doors for more brass. Every quest POI I go to, I pre-game by clearing out every area that has the potential to drop brass before kicking the quest off. Ultimately, I end up putting stacks of dukes in the forge with the excess after buying
  11. The main takeaway is that while food units are equal the number of survivors divided by the number of dig quests you do, the xp and dukes are multiplicative. 2 people doing 2 quests nets 4 xp rewards and 4 duke rewards. 3 people doing 3 quests nets 9 xp rewards and 9 exp rewards, etc. Food reward is lower when number of people is greater than the number of quests but the other rewards more than make up for it especially when you start factoring in efficiency for time spent. Travel is the huge stamina spend (assuming you run, walking while doesn't drain stamina does cost time which is the most
  12. Yes, it is still that way. Also, the zombies only trigger after the owner of the quest takes the supply item.
  13. Dig quests done separately: 1 quest = 1 food unit reward, 1 xp reward, 1 dukes reward, -1 stamina unit Dig quests done in a pair: 1 quest = 1 food unit, 2 xp reward, 2 dukes reward, -1.6 stamina unit because the hard part of digging is halved but both still need to travel to location. If second person has a dig quest close by: 2 quests = 2 food unit, 4 xp rewards, 4 dukes rewards, -2 stamina unit because the big spend of travel is out of the way so only a small spend each for digging. Based on the data above provided by OP: 1 food unit = ~52 stamina 1 stamina unit (with
  14. After this came up in the thread the other day, I ran a single test on this as well. I started a new game, did the newbie quests, got the the trader, and accepted a 335m BT quest. No perk points spent, no stamina boosts or reductions active (coffee, shoes, jacket, etc). Newbie buff active. Accepted quest with 93 food Got to dig site with 91 food/89 water after sprinting the entire distance Finished digging but before opening chest with 86 food/83 water After fighting the spawned zeds with a few arrows from combo of newbie bow and wooden club, 84 food/80 water Turned in with 80 food
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