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  1. You are so far from correct that you'd have to use an international code if you wanted to give it a phone call. Not like New York to Ontario international but West Coast to Eastern Europe. It was a local game with just myself and a friend to test the new alpha. Also, I ran all around the city and surrounding forests looking since food is kinda a big deal early on. We had the eggs, just no meat to go with it.
  2. Agreed. I feel the same. I don't mind food being important. It should be important. What I mind is that I'm constantly eating and going through that animation. I shouldn't have to do that animation 6+ times and down 5k calories to get back to full. Honestly, the system could easily be balanced with all of the supporting systems that are in place. Like, literally 4 hours of work with the core of that being spreadsheet setup and then data committing. Actually, the data committing (depending upon editor being used) could be longer. If you set up your sheet to export then really simple but that adds to set up time. But hey, what do I know, I've only done systems design and balance for 2 decades.
  3. I look at it as how much time I have to stop what I am doing to eat and wait through that animation. It's monotonous. It doesn't add any depth to the game other than being a time waster especially when you have to do it 6+ times to even get out of hungry. Look, I'm all for there being survival aspects in a survival game. Food should be important. I should feel good that I found a can of chili and I'm able to keep myself fed for awhile. I should not find a can of chili and think "great, only 17 more to find to feed me for the day." I should feel good about downing a deer because that should feed me for weeks. Not for half a day. Also, out of 14ish days played total this alpha, I've seen a one boar and one rabbit. All of this in forest biome with plenty of movement over a good 1.5km radius from base.
  4. Agreed. I have a high rise in anxiety when walking around the top of the Shotgun Messiah tower on that catwalk because of this. Maybe that is "as intended" though.
  5. Agreed. I think in my first day I consumed the equivalent of 20k calories and was still not at full food. This is also when I swapped out of heavy armor and went with padded. It's still a drain but not as bad.
  6. I'm about to share an experience that has stuck with me for 20 years and guided me greatly in my growth as a designer. Back in the early days of Everquest, I was friends with this paladin who we called Rainbow Brite (which he then went on to take as his surname) because his armor was literally every color of the rainbow. Helm was bright yellow, pants blue, chest silver, boots green, gloves black, and red legs. Just a complete eyesore. This was long before they had class armor quests or people could reliably break Fear to farm paladin gear. So I asked him one day why he did this to himself. Why he let people poke fun at him for his mish-mashed armor and his reply was priceless.... "I'd wear a tutu and a neon garbage bucket on my head if it gave me 4 more AC." That was the day I learned how much some players value function over fashion.
  7. I figured especially with the 4% number thrown in there. LOL. Kiss-curse is a pretty common in game design and used really well in deck building games like Slay the Spire and in the ARPG space on unique/artifact level items. Silencer is probably the closest example of kiss-curse in 7d2d currently and it even has a path to remove the curse aspect. Which is really good design, IMHO. Most of the curses in those other games have a path to remove/minimize them as well so they make interesting build options. For my example of Overpowdered, let's say there was a path in the demolitionist perk line that decreased damage from your own explosions. That would make the mod worth building around and expand the build space.
  8. I totally just read this in Neebs' voice.
  9. In my experience, early game is the only point when armor matters. After you find better weaponry, learn all the new "traps" for POI's where you're going to get ambushed, and are perked up, the chances of taking a hit are highly decreased. Sure there might be the one zed or buzzard that gets a lucky shot in but that's a handful of times over the course of many hours of "endgame" play. Also, given the experiences thus far with food consumption for stamina usage, it certainly gives a bigger edge to padded being the armor of choice for the entire game. It wasn't until I saw the new changes that it made me evaluate to what end I was perking, modding, and suffering through the penalties of heavy armor to come to the realization that I actually don't "need" heavy armor. Again, I used to be pro-heavy armor but I can't deny that the pendulum has swung the other direction.
  10. Hard Pass. The blunderbuss already has enough drawbacks for it's place in progression while dealing enough damage. Now, if this was say a kiss-curse mod or perk that a player could opt into, that's another story. Overpowdered - Blunderbuss deals X% more damage but has a X% chance of backfiring dealing X damage to the wielder and reducing durability to 0. That is something I can get behind. For the most part, I think this is how some of the extreme ideas should be handled from the forums instead of putting them in as global changes. Make them optional for those that want more reward for risk without changing the entire game for everyone.
  11. Agreed. Plus you can get unlocks to reduce the crafting cost of shotgun ammo further. Now Junk Turret Ammo... that's cheap.
  12. We don't build horde defense bases anymore. We just take over a POI and put in a murder hole or two for spraying death down on the zeds. Next horde night, find a new POI and let them wreck it.
  13. Agreed on the over saturation look with the new zombie models. Love the new crawler model but he just looks bleached out white.
  14. T5 blunderbuss will one shot normal zeds with a close range center mass shot on warrior difficulty. It blows off a lot of heads too. Fat guys/bikers take two shots unless you get a good head shot in. Unsure if any points in shotgun will affect blunderbuss at all. I have zero points in that but 5 points in STR.
  15. I had this same experience. In fact, it was fairly global to all work stations. Of the first 20ish I came across, only a single workbench was operational. That is certainly a much lower observed probability. Only one had a schematic (cement mixer). Granted, it could have been the work of RNG. I'll have more data when I start a few more new runs.
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