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Mod/s to get the zombies back to how they were in A15


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Hi modders

Please may I have some mod recommendations? 

My end goal is to be able to play with all the new content but with the zombies spawning & behaving how they were in A15, i.e:
1. No sleepers (or at least none hiding in stupid places for jump scares)

2. Lots more zombies in towns

3. None of the new pathing.  Zombies should behave like zombies where they come straight at you, not avoiding traps and ditches, etc  

I may have the third point sorted. This mod sounds promising:

Any advice on the other 2 points?

Thanks in advance

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12 hours ago, stallionsden said:

look for Jaxtellers modlets, not his overhaul but his modlet thread he has increased spawns modlets.



Thanks for the reply @stallionsden. I did actually try @JaxTeller718's increased wilderness zombie modlet, which made things certainly more interesting, but I found there were too many in the wild. What I'd like is to have them congregating around the towns like they did in A15 with the hub cities, where it was relatively safe in the countryside, but you had to be prepared if you wanted to go looting.  I'm thinking that might not be possible yet?  I seem to recall in the A19 dev thread that someone was apparently working on spawn maps. That sounded as if it would provide for setting different numbers of zombies in different biomes, though I may have misunderstood entirely.

16 hours ago, TechieZero said:

Don't know about the pathing --- but I think you can increase the listening range of the Zeds server side - not specific to urban areas but you can increase zed density everywhere as well.

Would the listening range make the sleepers wake up from further?

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