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  1. Those Blue Fang guys should check for a dedi server update everytime they bring up your server. I like how this mod cleanly sticks to the Mod folder method of modding as this helps in this regard. I realize this can also cause issues as it might trash a saved game. Your other option is to install a previous build --- however as Lorde said --- you need to update to the newest version of the mod. I can say that it ran fine using a previous save version save as these updates were performance/graphic improvements mostly. Not to put those guys out of biz --- but if you have a spare PC somewhere its not hard to create your own Dedi server.
  2. Bring up your craft menu. Search for Workstation. It should be one of those listed when you read the description --- also the journal is a good resource.
  3. Yep I figured it out...thanks.
  4. I noticed a smallish dedicated server update today. It doesn't even change the client / server version...any details?
  5. This mod looks badass --- it seems like every modder needs about 4 years to get it really going. Is it compat with the latest vanilla release?
  6. Is it the stable or experimental download?
  7. Looks like the update to 7D2D created at least 2 issues to the GUI. Options doesn't work and there is no way to get the player list up --- which prevents teaming....darn.
  8. My friends and I are having a great time with this Mod on my Dedi. Good work. Your doing something wrong most likely and welcome to the forum.
  9. Cool --- I will have to look at that and maybe try to add it to another Overhaul.
  10. Anyone think of a mod that can work with the other Ovewrhauls that will have gangs and Bosses of NPCs? I relaize that there is one that does Bandits...but I am considering something more. Gangs of NPCs that occupy areas that prey on other players. Missions can be built around them from bounties to eliminating strongholds. No --- don't say for me to build it...lol...but I would help.
  11. This could be a vanilla issue instead of this mod --- however if you are on a step ladder --- then hit 'C' for crouch --- then your toon gets vaulted in to outer space --- but not really --- you just see that not others. Hitting space brings your out-of-body experience back to earth...make sure you don't fall off the ladder...
  12. Just wanted to follow-up. I tried all I could and still no luck. Going to put this on pause for a bit and give you a try again for the next version.
  13. Yeah I now tried the small1 map in SP and that is hosed as well. I have a feeling its map related. Have you tried all of them? Which are you using sucessfully?
  14. Tried small1 map --- still no luck. The world downloads, it inits, goes to the MOTD screen --- hit continue --- and it never resolves.
  15. For a new server using vsmall1 map --- it get hung on creating the player. Never gets past it. Dedi server log attached...its too long to cut and paste here. Saw some interesting out of bound, Delta, and spawn messages. Going to try a different map. output_log_dedi__2021-01-13__08-15-40.zip
  16. ahhhh ok very good. Going to do a fresh server install. I looked at the server config. xml..I am seeing that nothing changed with that correct?
  17. I am not sure if these 2 google drives are updated or any of the drives are updated for the new world files...please confirm. Don't see this Bossman. Oh an before I forget Merry Christmas!!! 🎄
  18. Got some requests... Can we mix and match power armor and rad suit stuff to get the protection please? Flamethrowers are cool but useless --- they really need some love. Can't shoot them through bars without hurting yourself and their range needs to be like 3x as far with. More damage would help as well. Stun batons --- don't get any blunt weapon bonuses. I get its a science thing but its a baton...a fancy name for a bat. I think Automatic rifles and rifles...basically the same thing. Am I on base here? Not sure if this is the thing or not the game. Automatic weapons would be the SMGs and autopistols. I can see the M60 being its own deal.
  19. Thank you! Is this hotfix all of the hotfixes? I feel like I missed a memo somewhere...maybe put it on the 1st page? A mini hotfixes release? Don't know if this is DF or not Scrapping Forged Titianium scraps for more titanium than you started with --- about 50% more. We are having an issue where players and monsters get pushed through walls if they are in conflict with each other; although monsters are appearing inside our hoard base underground somehow without a visiable hole or tunnel. Basically we GM and shot them in the head to fix after the fight. Having a wolf as a pet is really buggy. It richochets all around and there is no way to stop it from killing itself on traps. Its a good concept tho.
  20. Bah....this should be in the DF thread...
  21. Scrapping Forged Titianium scraps for more titanium than you started with --- about 50% more.
  22. If it hasn't been suggested before. Do this. Uninstall 7D2D Delete the contents and directory of \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die Install a vanilla copy of 7D2D copy the contents of \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die somewhere else. Download the Client install on page 1 of this thread. Extract the contents of that zip file and copy it into the folder where your copy is. If you don't get a windows replace files warning --- you are doing it wrong. The zip file has the same folder structure of where it should be. You will see the same directory names in the extracted file that are present in your copy of 7D2D. Double click on 7DaysToDie.exe to run the game. It should work. ******* I run a standalone server for my friends and I. Its not neccessary --- but there are some good advantages to that one of which is performance and not relying on someones machine to be running the game. Good luck.
  23. Repairing Augers dip below your stats to construct them. Don't know if this is intended.
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