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Elevator Mod


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Guppy's Elevator Mod




Download: https://gitlab.com/guppycur/guppymods/tree/master/Guppycur's_Elevator


What it is:


This mod adds an elevator model in game. It is very particular, and I will not be changing it.


It will move an elevator from one floor to a second floor. That is it. This is NOT an sdx mod, there IS no code, so it is NOT fancy. The colliders are goofed because it is a multi-dim mod but I'm going to see if I can farm this out to someone smarter and see about getting it working better, but I recently discovered that the colliders are just fine in the in-game prefab editor, so something is different in game. <shrug>


What it is not: An SDX mod that is fancy, remembers what floor it's on, and goes beyond 2 floors. This is essentially a door, and using some trickery and colliders it'll move you up and down. Nothing more.


What I still need to do: Add elevator sounds (and muzak!), try and fix collider (hitbox) if it's fixable.


...but, if you have a base that has floor, space, space, space, floor, and enough space to add your own elevator shaft (the elevator takes up 3 wide, 7 high, 3 deep), then THIS MOD IS FOR YOU. =)




I highly recommend using concrete plates for the front cover, and build your shaft as needed... you just need to leave a 3x3 empty space in between the walls.


SHAFT REQUIREMENTS: 10 High (includes floor and ceiling), 5 Wide (1 and 5 are the left/right walls), and 5 Deep (1 and 5 are the front/rear walls)


*For your convenience there are two included prefabs - a pre-made elevator shaft and an elevator shaft with elevator in this mod. Simply copy the contents of modnam/prefabs to your data/prefabs folder*

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I think it was yesterday that faatal fixed the bug where a hatch door propels you upward— so you’ll have no competition from hatch elevators come A18. :)


Man what I would give for an hour of that dude's time... I can't wait to start reporting modding bugs because this one has a weird one. =)


- - - Updated - - -


Video updated.

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