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Here is it, according to Rolands google translate post. Our question. What is happening with the console version of 7 days to die. Apparently in TFP language that means can we get a collectible mug for 7 days to die. Good News the mug is now available.




Now I would suggest just taking my word for it. Only read the whole thread and reply’s before you say anything in my thread to me. You know where I stand. 8-2-19.


I look forward to the spin that is going to be announced but its over console.

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I feel like this because I actually went and read every post thinking something was said. Now I feel like a dumb ass lmao.




Anyway, nothing new was given in that topic. You got a bunch of speculation just like over in these 20 different threads. We all know how you feel but you act as if new information was given and it wasn't. I don't I say step back and give it time then come back. I feel as what you went on with Roland about and what you go on in here about you goin to give yourself a heart attack or something.

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