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  1. Let’s be honest then SylenThunder. What do you think is going to change when PC is complete? Since there is no date for PC to be complete, it is just left for each individual to find out. Since nothing has happened since 2018 some people might think maybe there is more info out there, just not posted. I know that nothing is going to ever change with the current version, but some people just getting 7D2D might still be optimistic. They might even buy into after PC is complete that TFP will do something for the current version of 7D2D. You point out every time the reasons that the update wont happen, with money being the top choice normally. Your “there is no new news” statement should have been the console version is done and finished. Yet you act like if and when PC is complete that TFP will then go back and update the current version. I’m just being blunt too, I suggested you close these forums down, because the majority of people come here after they get the game and have questions about any kind of update. I got the hint when you closed the bug report and tech support sections, but some people might not have understood that it is over. Unfortunately TellTale Games is gone, and since The Fun Pimps own the rights, I think it is fair for someone new to ask if anything has changed. Posting a link to a long ago closed thread, is going to lead to more questions. IMHO.
  2. This is from the link that always gets posted. ‘The following console sections have been merged into [the General Discussion section]: Bug Reports General Support This should tell you all you need to know. TFP is happy to provide a place for those who are still playing the game to be able to meet up and talk about things they wish to discuss. Players can help each other out with tips and troubleshooting advice. However, there is no longer any official support or bug fixing going on because there are no planned updates for the current version.” ”this should tell you all you need to know” is the key line. Of course the last sentence of “no planned updates for the current version” is important too.
  3. From the News and Announcements sticky. Since that thread it crazy long. This is the only important thing to read. The line of “this should tell you all you need to know” is the nice way of saying sorry but its over. “The following console sections have been merged into [the General Discussion section]: Bug Reports General Support This should tell you all you need to know. TFP is happy to provide a place for those who are still playing the game to be able to meet up and talk about things they wish to discuss. Players can help each other out with tips and troubleshooting advice. However, there is no longer any official support or bug fixing going on because there are no planned updates for the current version.” The current console version of 7D2D is done. Finished and even though The Fun Pimps bought the rights back to the console version after the TellTale Games auction. There is no money (profit) for a “free” update that was originally promised by TTG. TTG made the lions share of the money when it was released on console, so now it doesn’t make financial sense for TFP to spend money on an update that TTG talked about back in 2018. For the record I was all for a kickstarter, or even the idea of 7D2D being re-released. Unfortunately until PC goes gold, which I don’t even think TFP know when that is, there is no point in asking anything about the console version.
  4. Roland, That is new. I love that “this should tell you all you need to know”. Would have been nice to see that in the news and announcements. That being said, there still appears to be a ever growing group of people who show up here every day with no knowledge of the situation. Glad to know it is over.
  5. Single player only PS4. Multi-player tends to reset the non-host person. Not all the time, but enough to cause frustration.
  6. Since Roland closed the other thead, I have to question Sylen post here. Sylen, you said آ“And you have the audacity to sit here and blame TFP for something they had little control over. You guys sure have a hard time facing reality. What would you do if TFP just said "♥♥♥♥ it" and shut this entire section of the forum down? Then culled any further discussion on the Console port, and told you to just deal with the fact that TellTale ♥♥♥♥ed you over.آ” Just so we are clear TFP have these two choices 1) Leave the current console section open. Which they have said nothing will happen until PC goes gold, which we all know there is no date set for that. TFP have zero console experience, zero porting experience, and the months of time and millions of dollars you say it would cost to finish the update or do anything for current or future console versions. 2) Close this entire console section of the forums down. ok, sounds pretty simple close it down. Since TFP now own the rights, they could do something, so dont say we have the audacity to blame TFP when they clearly picked up where TTG left off and gave us the impression they were going to support all platforms. Oh, sorry Support PC but aid console players. So what aid have console players seen since TFP got the rights back? Nothing. What is going to happen? Well until PC goes gold nothing. So do it close the console section with a last thread that reads. Dear Console Players. The current version of 7D2D for console is dead. IF and that is a big IF PC does go gold, and we feel like we want to wade back into the console platforms we will make a new section and discuss it at that time. Slyen, you say we cant face reality, when it seems pretty clear that TFP are the ones that cant face reality. Otherwise every day someone posts here (console section) for the 1st time and has no idea they game they are playing is over. Just a section of the forum were most playing questions go unanswered, and there isnآ’t even a start date for anything to happen in the future. Sorry after PC goes gold, which TFP donآ’t even know IF that is going to happen. Yes, I said IF because without any date at all, it technically will never go gold. There was a time when I felt this was all TTG fault. But you Sylen have said main times, TTG approached TFP about the idea. TFP said yes, and well here we are. I dont blame TFP for what TTG promised the console fans. I am starting to blame TFP for kicking the can down the road when we know and you have posted many times why the update isnآ’t going to happen (cost of money, time factors, and lots of other things). Yet, TFP still need to be the ones to say its over. I just hope long before PC ever goes gold. So why keep the console section open? For dialogue on nothing? Remember nothing is going to change until PC goes gold. Until I see anything that resembles a date for that there is no dialogue to be had. Since it will be ready when it is ready, there is no need for a console section at this time is there?
  7. LMAO, do you really believe what you posted? I read their post and the only آ“damnآ” thing that made clear is nothing is going to happen until the PC goes gold. TFP dont even know when that is going to happen. The money for the current version has been made and if TFP dont feel the risk is worth it, then no one else will think the financial risk is worth it. Seems to me we all understand the issue, MONEY. I get it. I just think making us wait for PC to go gold is wrong, at least for the current console version. I am all aboard the next version and ponying up money for the next one, IF that happens. I fully understand they might not want to make another run at console. I agree anything could have happened. The fact is that time has long since passed for the current version. When PC goes gold, you will see they will tell us the current version is dead, or maybe to keep hoping. At some point TFP will say it. Sorry, but I stand by the come clean on the update for the current version of console. I get people are going to cry about it. But the truth hurts sometimes. Still dont understand that broken save game statement. Every update I downloaded for my 7D2D console version required me to restart a new world to get the new update features.
  8. These 3 statements sum it up about what they need to come clean about. The current version of console they bought is DEAD. If they never had the resources to do both versions concurrently they why tell us TFP might do an update after TFP get the rights back, if you clearly donآ’t have the resources to do both projects. From the TellTale update post. Why be vague and act like you are going to support console. Kicking the can down the road until PC goes gold to finally come clean with the current version of console. From the most recent console update post. Everything being said sounds like the current version is dead. That is my only complaint now, rather then telling us its over. We get the after PC goes gold we will find out the current version. Which I think we all agree is done. I just seems like TFP have had a few opportunities to tell us the current version is done. They havenآ’t said it. Based upon the facts you and Sylen provided. Why would you THINK TFP would keep the door open on an option that clearly isnt going to happen?
  9. You said they were excited to get into the console market. You said they didnt need the money. Now that they have the rights back and could actually support console we are told they dont have the experience with console or the financial resources to support console. So what happened between this excitement for money that isnt really need and sorry we dont have the resources to support or aid console? I can accept that it is next gen console, just need to have TFP say that. Unfortunately until PC goes gold we wont get that answer. Unless your statement about updated version on the next gen console is confirmation that the current version is dead. As for the money they did get. It was added to the books as income. It will be spent on expenses. So I believe they spent more then one cent of that profit on expenses for the PC version. “Now that we are the console publisher, as an operational business and out of obligation to our investors and our hard working team (who need to provide for their families too) we have to evaluate the expense and risk of porting any future versions of the game to consoles relative to the income it could generate.” I understand the need to provide for their families. But this statement is pretty much straight forward about the reason the update will never happen. I am with Meganoth. Put me down for the next release. Just come clean about the current version.
  10. So what happened between selling the rights to a game for money you dont need, to now? Are TFP no longer excited about their console version? “The Fun Pimps are a PC game developer and publisher…and we do not have the resources or expertise to do ports/updates to the console, so we licensed the console publishing rights to Telltale Games who hired Iron Galaxy who have done the ports with minimal TFP assistance.“ This statment seems to make skills_over_9000 statment plausible. I didn’t include your 2nd paragraph, because I agree. ZERO coincidence between PC updates and console sales.
  11. Thank you Sylen. For the record many of the updates I downloaded required me to restart the console version. So maybe I dont fully understand what you mean by آ“break current savesآ”. Matter of fact when updates were published by TTG they clearly stated you would need to restart (lose your current game) for the new update features. This was the only part of your post, I feel I might have misunderstood or disagreed with. آ“These kinds of things would have been negotiated back in the first step.آ” I totally agree. I think these things would have been discussed long before spending money to regain the rights. This is why I am salty about TFP and their plan. I would say it is a lack of plan. They should have cut bait when TTG went under and said we dont know console, or have the money to finish the update TTG was working on. Painful, but I would have understood. I am only here because TFP keep the idea alive. Not TTG, but now TFP. Or correct me if I am wrong and TFP didnt say they might do something after PC goes gold? Either update or possibly new release. To me it would be this simple. What is the cost of the update. Put that cost + some profit and put it on kickstart. If console players want it, they will pay for it. If not then OWN up and say its over. At least the current console version. Next gen or re-release discussion comes up after PC goes gold. You loudly and clearly pointed out why the current version of console is dead. Why then wont TFP say that instead of leading us down this long windy road that when PC finally goes gold. We will get to hear sorry guys but.... Just tell us now.
  12. So Sylen, Can you educate us on this complex process of porting the update? Or when you say you don’t want to give us false hopes do you know something you don’t want to share with us? As some have posted that IG actually does the port, so other then the fact it will cost money. Which most of us have asked about a kickstarter, to see if we can offset the cost to TFP. Maybe you could explain it so we do understand. Or do our requests fall on deaf ears.
  13. I am not angry with TFP. Just a correction and question for you. Correction - TFP knew exactly what TTG Publishing was doing. They gave them their own forum section and had a contract. TFP didn’t pick TTG Publishing. TTG Publishing approached TFP, TFP mistake was not knowing TTG would go up for Assignment (CA version of bankruptcy, but not bankruptcy). At which point TFP posted that they revoked the rights of updates and sequels from TTGs contract. I have done quite a bit of research myself on this whole ordeal. Question would be. Are you saying that if TFP asked IG to do the update IG would “actually DO the conversion to consoles”? So TFP really wouldn’t have to do much other then provide code. My disappointmet in TFP is they could easily tell us the current console version is dead. Future versions could be possible but until new consoles are out, no idea what will happen until then. Pretty straight forward truth. But I agree some will be unhappy no matter what is said. So unfortunately until PC goes gold this is what we get.
  14. So what’s really happening? I mean I feel like when TFP tell us they might do something after PC goes gold. What are we supposed to think? They might do something or like you said the current console version is dead. I agree we might not fully understand the porting process, but that is what Iron Galaxy is for. If you are telling me TTG could do a port and then push out updates I have to believe TFP can do the same thing. Pretty sure if TFP paid IG for the port things would move forward. But reality is this cost money, we all know that. I think the reality is TFP won’t say its over. Your words don’t fall on death ears. Post it, tell us the current version of console is dead. You wont, TFP wont, so we are stuck here. Dont blame some of us for the fact TFP are the ones kicking the can down the road. I said it months ago 8-2-2019 RIP. POST IT.
  15. Totally agree, but unfortunately we are in limbo until the PC goes gold. But I agree that is when we will hear the current version out right now is dead. I hope when it goes gold they do re-release it for next gen console, but just come clean on the current version being dead. Or talk to us about costs, and lets talk about a kickstart run.
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