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  1. they got the rights back a month or two ago and said they arent doing anything with it. Basically buy it on pc or hope for a better experience on next gen consoles
  2. The zombie AI is one of the more glaring weaknesses in the game for the simple fact there is no middle ground. You can play as intended with Zeds running at night but then its fairly boring during the day. You could have them run all the time but like you said you cant pause so you would have to fortify whenever you have to stop for than a minute. I suppose you could just as easily dig down and avoid runners but then that is the solution to this version of the game overall.
  3. Right so we can REBUY the game and put more money in their pockets while you pc players had to buy the game 1 time. No its the pc player base who is terribly ungrateful towards the console base. Had TFP not taken the quick money for selling an incomplete game they very well could have went out of business themselves. The sale of the console version is what allowed you pc players to continue to receive support
  4. Well honestly that would probably have been the smarter route to take. Release a finished debugged A15 version then on next gen rerelease the full game up to A18 or whatever that ends up being. I personally would have been more then willing to buy a revamped version if the original was complete. As it is now there are a lot of questions surrounding a next gen release but my main question would be if they failed the first time what makes you think it wont happen again.
  5. horde nights arent particularly threatening past day 14. At that point you probably have gone a fair way to setting up your base. Since the AI is so limited on console all that really means is dig a hole or get up high. There have been times when all i would do is dig a hole, throw a hatch on top and sit all night long wherever i was at the time. Alternatively you could sit in the water and zeds wont spawn anywhere near you. in both scenarios all you do is wait for morning and kill whatever you see since ther arent buffed anymore
  6. I would rather not have console versions than an out of date and broken version. TT released an unfinished port that is true but it never would have happened had tfp not sold them the rights to an incomplete game in the first place. What console players got was essentially an unfinished version of an unfinished game that was sold as "complete". - - - Updated - - - go for 5 dont matter to me i dont play this game more than 2-3 weekends a year before i get bored with how terrible it runs on ps4
  7. if that was the plan then tfp should have made that clear to all including customers. Selling the rights to a game that is "complete" only to never actually get finished makes everyone involved look stupid
  8. lol i think we hit a nerve or someone is tired of finding excuses for the tfp. - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - you have high hopes lol i doubt the pc will be done even within 2 years
  9. Well when it takes you 7+ years to work on 1 game that has no clear direction i'd imagine they run through money quick.
  10. it is and honeslty the game isnt worth anywhere near that. If there isn't any support and its been dead for about a year and a half either drop that price to like $10 or remove it from the store. What is the point of selling an out of date incomplete game
  11. you are stating the same anger most console players have right now. TFP have benefited since day 1 of the port but have given little back. Even as of today with them buying the rights back you must assume money is either going to TFP or IG...my bet is on TFP since they own the rights. Now it would be fair to say that with the money you have amassed and the fact you are benefiting from console sales that some interest would be returned. However tfp have said and have always said they are not into consoles they only care about the pc version. So yes they will take our money but no they arent going to give us anything in return. The focus has always been pc thats why pc continues to get free updates while consoles are left to wait for any possible change in status. Simply put the console player base would have benefited more from any other developer getting the rights over tfp.
  12. used copies of course are being sold still but digital copies should also be removed
  13. While i agree with this thought TFP have already in their official statement, after getting the rights back, all blame was on TTG. As TFP see it and some others on this forum they lost all responsibility after selling the rights and everything after that is the fault of TTG and IG. Now i would argue TFP knowingly sold the rights to an incomplete game, had no experience ever porting a game and then washed their hands of it to focus on the pc after getting the money from the sale. I blame all involved but as TFP started all of this i place more blame on them for poor business decisions. Those poor decisions seem to be continuing with the idea of requiring console owners to rebuy a game they already own while pc players just get everything for free. I had said before tfp got the rights back that that could be the worst case scenario and that seems to have come true. We now have 0 hope for updates, 0 communication and a game that for some unknown reason is still being sold thereby creating more angry customers
  14. all the more reason the game should not be sold on console any more
  15. Short answer - No this game is dead so nothing is coming Long answer - TFP have the rights back and have already said they have no intent to develop console until after pc is complete. Even then the answer seems to imply they arent going to fix current gen and instead we would all be forced to rebuy the updated version on next gen. If you recently purchased the game i am sorry but do not expect to see anything done with the vast amount of issues present.
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