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  1. If this game comes to next gen it will be awhile. It definitely should have frame rate, graphics and performance improvements vs last gen. But the question would still remain. Based on what been said if they don't give the option to save manually then xbox could still have the reset error bug. Unless xbox changes something on their end.
  2. I know why you do what you do I didn't ask you why you do permadeath. You keep missing my point so not sure how else to say it. Will try this you are asking for changes that will effect all difficulty because you play permadeath that is a choice that you make not the game making that choice. You talk about people modding to do this or that and you don't like it. Even though you didn't go into the XML files or download a mod to do permadeath. Doing that is the same thing as modding the game to do it pretty much. You and you alone is making the choice to delete the game after death.
  3. Think you missed my point. I get it but don't at the same time. Single player or not I wasn't even talking about. You're making the choice to delete the game after death. The game isn't making you do this. I get why you are doing it but again the game isn't making you. So it is possible to do what needs to be done to play on those settings just not how you're playing. You delete the game after death is basically the same as modding to how one likes to play regardless if is what you agree with or it is how you like. So I would have to talk about how you would like things as if you are playin a
  4. You play on the hardest settings. You talk about mods in order to beat it. But you also talk about permadeath. That is a choice you are making the game doesn't offer that (at least as of now unless I missed something) so you are picking to start over when you die not the game. The game technically keeps going. So basically you are modding if you think about it. So not sure what you wanting when you are adding to the game that isn't an option. But you want balancing that will effect other difficulties? I mean I get what you are wanting but at the same time I don't know.
  5. Anyone know if you can adjust the voip settings in the XML files or anywhere at all? Yes I know you can use discord and other ways to talk. But when you have a server doing a little light roleplaying those options don't work very well unless you want everyone to know what you are up to. So if there is anyway to play around with some settings to try and make in game voice chat feel a little better would be great. Thanks for any info anyone might have.
  6. Did you not watch Tuesday night play through? MM doesn't like sharing food and starves everyone.
  7. Just an example here... if you and I don't spend points where we can craft higher quality tools. We spend point else where. You don't wanna open that box because you not high enough level to get iron tools yet. So you are stuck with quality 1 tools for at least 7 days as you put it waiting until horde day. I on other hand open them up and found quality 3 tools by the end of day one or say day 2. I'm out gathering more material now because I get the job done faster all because you wanna wait. So go ahead wait it out if that is what you want to do. But i personally don't mind this slower progres
  8. Think the point is to have a progression stage now. Not talking about what we are used to doing but what the goal is moving forward. That would be cool except for the fact I spawn in and the first poi I come to store or house that has a working stiff tool crate within 10 min of game and I get iron tools. Then that progression system is out the window and no longer early game 10 min and done have med game tools. I get it what some are saying but no point in a progression system with it like that. When I see people say the first thing I do is find those stores so I can have iron tools are the on
  9. Then what would the point in stone age be in the game? I mean I would be happy with the lowest iron tool over a stone one anytime. But if it is possible to rush to a store and have iron tools in 10 min of the game then what is the point in stone tools then? At that rate make nothing lootable at all until day 20 *shrugs*.... sometimes game play out weighs realism. Some of us like a progression system and not have everything day 1. Just like some of us never had issues with finding bury treasure or quest items in poi's. I wish it was a turn on and off button so I wouldn't hav
  10. Not trying to be a smart @%$*#! really asking so I understand it right. What do you expect to find if you decide to go to a store day one and bust open one of those boxes? From the way it sounds you don't think stone should spawn in them so you want iron or steel tools on day one?
  11. Duh, I forgot it gives the price of the stack and not individual. Never mind then lol.
  12. Not sure if this was or has been brought up. So if you can only get candy from vending machines for 100 but it sales for 200? Not a big deal as it would take loads of candy to make any kind of profit to buy anything worth anything. Just seems strange is all.
  13. haha that was pretty funny gotta say. Bandits are human are they not? They might not be in game yet but it is alpha and they are closer to being in game then ever. So we will have traders that are already in game and bandits to add to it.
  14. i'm srue they talked more other times but one time it was talked a lot out the top of my head is when they added the skyscrapers into the game. At least talked about it in the forums in the diary page or something back then. It was brought up that the one with the testing place at the top is where it started or something been awhile so can't really remember.
  15. Sharks wouldn't fit in as these are lakes not oceans so I would vote no to those. Piranhas would be nice and always wanted them but last that was said on that was they don't belong either because of the location the game is based on. I would love some kind of water threat as well. But with said nothing says zombies are this vs that. Everyone has an idea of what a zombie should and shouldn't be. It comes down to whatever lore you are going for and as long as you stick to that lore then nothing wrong with it. But I do agree that some other kind of water threat would be nice. So hope this is just
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