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  1. haha that was pretty funny gotta say. Bandits are human are they not? They might not be in game yet but it is alpha and they are closer to being in game then ever. So we will have traders that are already in game and bandits to add to it.
  2. i'm srue they talked more other times but one time it was talked a lot out the top of my head is when they added the skyscrapers into the game. At least talked about it in the forums in the diary page or something back then. It was brought up that the one with the testing place at the top is where it started or something been awhile so can't really remember.
  3. Sharks wouldn't fit in as these are lakes not oceans so I would vote no to those. Piranhas would be nice and always wanted them but last that was said on that was they don't belong either because of the location the game is based on. I would love some kind of water threat as well. But with said nothing says zombies are this vs that. Everyone has an idea of what a zombie should and shouldn't be. It comes down to whatever lore you are going for and as long as you stick to that lore then nothing wrong with it. But I do agree that some other kind of water threat would be nice. So hope this is just another way to get bandits ready and then gets cut out and something else gets put in. One can only hope anyway. But maybe it be something that can be turned of in xml or something and then a mod can take the swimming code and be able to make something with it besides zombies. If not it really isn't a deal breaker for me at least.
  4. What above said. It doesn't matter single or multiplayer as long as not cheat/creative has been turned on. Got platinum on playstation but because the console can only have 4 players at a time getting those kills is a pain lol. Good luck
  5. Oh yes, you know me so well. Bet this is the only game I play as well huh? But hey at least I got a good chuckle out of it I will give ya that. Sorry but not sorry you don't agree with what I say. You have a right you have a opinion but what I said is very true. If it bothers you I highly recommend not playing alpha games. Because things can change at any given time. Doesn't mean that the roadmap changes could be lots of different things that happen that it comes to being able to get closer to the version that they see and or wanted it to be. Could go all day with why this and why that but it is pointless. But still stick to what I said that seems to have bothered you for some reason because changes even if it isn't what you like in your opinion does and will happen it is part of the experience so again welcome to alpha Edit: oh my bad I said welcome to an unfinished game lol *shrugs*
  6. I'm sure they will when the game goes gold. I'm sure it has been brought up but they are not just paying IG for the port they have to pay to get console publishing rights and so much more so it becomes very expensive. Money they just don't have coming from a small indy company. Getting the rights back cost them a lot already. Sure they have money they could do it I'm sure but at what cost? Them going bankrupt as well? Sadly current gen is what it is and will just have to wait for next gen where they can make money to be able to do what they need to do. But again I'm sure they would be pleased to work with IG and most likely will when the times comes I mean unless they know someone else and work out better business terms with.
  7. Or just leave the size alone and do like a few mods have done and make traps to catch them. Maybe do a little different then mods or something idk but with the chicken trapped could also give another way of getting eggs or something. Idk I'm sure it could be worked out and balanced out with some more thought into it.
  8. Where to start, guess I will start from what I would call the top and work my way down. This is also just my opinion on it not facts even if some of what I say could be facts. This is also coming from someone that has it on ps4 and PC and have had it on both for several years. So first thing I will say is they never said they wasn't going to do anything else with console just highly unlikely it will be the current gen console. They never thought TT would go bankrupt and when it was announced I'm sure they didn't think it would get drugged out like it did which ended up costing more money then they thought it would. So now they spent more money then they thought to get the rights back. Now they are stuck with hardly any income coming from console because most of that came already and TT got that income. Now with that money gone for the rights back now it cost even more money to be able to update the current gen and that don't count towards extra update that follow to fix this bug or that bug that may or may not pop up with a new update. So yeah sure they are to blame for selling the rights of an unfinish version but at the time I'm sure they had no idea it go this way and I mean who would? But without money and the game is still unfinished are they goin to go bankrupt themselves to do what some feel is the right thing to do? Sometimes stuff happens and you just gotta eat it. I know I wouldn't risk ending up like TT did but that is just me. So now we are left with the only way console gets anything is for them to finish the pc and then release a new and finished game (yeah sure it is the same game) on next gen console. Sorry if anyone don't agree that the current gen is to low specs but this is just 100% facts that current gen can't match what the pc is right now. Sure another update was being worked on but honestly it was probably going to be the last update anyway as far as content goes. Next gen will or at least should have the specs to handle the pc version so it will basically be a new game even if it is the same game. Getting the rights back it wouldn't really matter if it was TFP or someone else. If someone else got the rights to the game it would still most likely be on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. Say you got the rights if you have no or very little income because the game is several years old how can you afford to do a proper update? Same goes for TFP. I doubt they will sale the rights again as to what happened the first time and who blames them? Would you risk going through this again? One time isn't bad enough? So doubt the will sale them and doubt with it being an older title nobody would want to buy the rights anyway unless they thinking like TFP and saying next gen will bring more money. I would love nothing more then to see current gen consoles get some updates or at the very least the update that was being worked on. But reality is I highly doubt it will happen. As to what I said above plus more. Again sorry if anyone disagrees that the current gen can handle what the PC has but as someone that has close to a pretty high performance PC and has ps4 and xbox one (just not this game on xbox) the current gen can't and if you read the sticky threads that are on the subject you would understand that. If don't understand I honestly have no clue what to say. I could list more stuff but this stuff has already been said so it really just keeps getting repeated. So just goin to leave it what I said and sorry if it kinda all over the place.
  9. A perfectly viable version of the game of 16.4 in your opinion. Doesn't mean it is what they seen the game they want in that version. Why is is starfield still being worked on? How long have they been working on that game? Since 2013 and it is being made by a way bigger company. So many other games been in development for years the only difference is you don't get to play those as they are being developed so you don't get to see all the twists and turns that they make while developing them. In alpha you get to experience the process and when someone opinion is goin this way (in this case what they see as a finished game) others don't. Either way it doesn't matter what we think we are not the ones developing the game it isn't our project it is the developers. Sometimes you might not see the logic or the reasons as they do but doesn't mean it isn't there. So as I previously said welcome to alpha if you don't like it I recommend to stay away from alpha and play complete finished games because not really any other way to say it.
  10. Think you missing the points. It isn't just about stuck/glitch vehicles or whatever you wish to call it are just one problem that you can't predict when it will happen. Other problems come from map layouts that you absolutely can't predict how rwg will do. So now we go into the matter of what the left hand people opinion on fun is VS the right hand people. So one side finds it that it be fun to come across that road that the vehicle can't climb so they wanna park and build a ramp to get up it that in some cases could be hours to do. Other option would be go around but as said we shouldn't be driving off road in wasteland that vehicles should be on road and you should need to be on foot. Then those mountains that the roads go straight up and so on and so on. Just because that hand of people feel you shouldn't be able to pick up vehicles. While the other hand don't find those things fun for something that don't add nothing to the game besides annoyance especially when you can do all this other stuff in game so what makes this one thing that would be so annoying be so far fetched? Glad you find taking the option out to be fun nothing wrong with that and if the map layouts get 100% fix I can probably get on board to a degree and deal with the rare chances for the bugs that come and go. Until then (and I doubt it will be reliably solved) I can't. If it by chance does my only complaint would then be leaving my vehicle out for griefers on servers when I'm off line again annoying but that is a different subject.
  11. Well good for you that you had near perfect experience when it comes to this. I and others not so much. It doesn't change the fact that it can't be reliable to take the option out. If you seem the maps I have played you understand. Drive down the road and boom the road shifted upwards like 8 blocks high. Oh but we should stay on roads in wasteland not be driving off road. Oh look mountain the road goes straight up can't even get the vehicle to angle right. Oh look this bug and that bug but no admin around when you are ect ect. To many issues to take this option out just because a few feel we shouldn't be able to pick a vehicle up but have no problem with all that stone and everything else you can carry on you. Sorry will be on the other side of the fence when it comes to this. Maybe I will get a big surprise if the issues can be fixed but still say voxel worlds are to unpredictable to take this option away.
  12. Sorry just going to be negative here but not towards TFP just in the voxel view of things. I don't think voxel technology is that far along where I wanna rely on it to no be able to pick my vehicle up. Sure TFP could go another 5 or 6 years and stil be in alpha. Cool we get to keep getting updates but lets be real at some point they have to call the game finished because money doesn't last forever. Just don't see voxel based worlds being far enough ready before they go gold. So maybe next project/game it will be and stuff like this can happen. But as it stands sorry just doesn't add enough to the game vs the out come so personally hope they keep it the way it is and don't put that kind of limit on vehicles to not be able to pick them back up.
  13. I have did some testing on the server my friend and I play on. I can hit zombies with spears like 6 out of 10 times and not get hit. Out of the other 4 times 2 of them are just me not doing it right and the other 2 are from the zombies pushing forwards after getting hit. Like instead of stunned or stumbling backwards they stumbled forwards and get a hit on me. Then if they rage the end up getting at least one more hit. So I feel from my experience they should either get stunned or stumble backwards not forwards. That would solve the issues I have using a spear on them. As someone else said guns are to easy to find. On day one I had 4 pistols and a lvl 2 AK before the end of the night. Sure not that strong and sure not like I have loads of ammo but I can still take what I have found and go to that bigger house with a nicer loot room and cleat most of the house out. Then by the time I get to loot room more ammo and more loot for other items and or more guns.
  14. Think trying to explain to people is like talking to a brick wall. They see and read what they want to. Sometimes you have to even spell it completely out because they don't read between the lines very well either. Because it has been said by many that TFP do have blame in this to a point but that blame is that they shouldn't of sold the rights so soon from the start. After the rights was sold not much they could of done. Anyway it is like beating a dead horse the information is here so not much left to really say about it.
  15. But can we really judge this from most played using WOW? I mean unless you get the hours played at the time this game released to now or you started WOW at the same time as this game. But if been playing from start you got what a decade or close to it before this game was even out lol.
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