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  1. Did I look at it wrong? I thought he looked at it and switched it to healing or something. So in the case you only have to do it once and keep the inventory filled. But maybe I looked at it wrong. I think they talked about more of what it can do and not do as well as will come later but I can't remember so will leave it at that. 100% agree on the voice part lol
  2. Naw they didn't use nothing special as far as items. Just a normal club and machete. But he did tell him to put in something in the console commands. I forget what it was but that is why it was happening.
  3. Imagine something like this. Not as full of goods/supplies. But a zombie spawn is inside and when you get near it wakes up and is able to smash through the side or something. It could have on one side a book/magazine loot or 2 and middle would have like 2 food loot shelves. And the other side have like more book/magazine loot spot. Someone please make this for this man. Newsstand to him is like you know what to snowdog. Isn't sayin much but sayin just enough ya know 😏
  4. Who needs hints or different colors telling you yes or no when you can have more moments like this 😏. https://www.twitch.tv/thadrius/clip/HyperDepressedSandstormGingerPower-jquAdmU6YaIv9gsT?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time
  5. I haven't checked in a long time. Think it was back in A16 the last I messed with it. But vanilla then had bandits you could spawn in. I imagine it still does but again I haven't checked. Just sayin technically they have had bandits just not active ones. I mean they have had a lot of things that either not ready or decided differently that are in the files just not in game.
  6. I don't think a mod will allow it to shoot. But it can heal you and have even more storage space. Maybe something else or 2 but not sure. Edit to say that when I say more storage space I mean it will have storage and it follows you so with your backpack plus it plus vehicle you should have plenty of storage lol. If it follows you in a vehicle not heard it can't but also not heard it can so hmmm lol
  7. RWG not been shown yet. Last night was about POI. From the pics shown it looks better but no videos or details yet
  8. It was brought up probably several times before. When doin quest, will we get the option once we reach the next Tier like T3 will we be able to go back and do T1? If so will it be in A20? Reason I personally feel it is important. Sometimes when brought up about a poi a response is do quest and reset them. The problem is once you get to T5 you can't do lower ones to get them to reset. So it would be nice when I log on but find that the towns have been raided that I could do a few quest that are not only just massive buildings to reset and do a few lower and medium tier houses/buildings to reset and do. If this has been answered sorry.
  9. I'm used to it as well. Was just sayin that to someone that said something about putting the frames down but we have 1200 blocks to go through to find that one odd shape to replace that frame. You don't have to go through the blocks in that case. Just copy block before picking frame up. But yes for those that either not used to wood frames and upgrading them or just don't like doing it that way I can see it being more I guess inconvenient for them.
  10. As far as the statement that was made about picking up the corners or the 1000 of odd shapes. If you don't want to upgrade each step and don't want to go through 1000s of shapes to find that odd one you placed down. Simply put the concrete block in hand and look at the odd frame block and do the copy block before picking the frame up. I think I said this right.
  11. Maybe that is why he didn't get a key to give out during the stream. "Smug" lol Maybe it is snowdog fault though.
  12. Lmao so true ............... On topic Sure some things could be easier/nicer. But it isn't that bad. If the way it is now is a deal breaker then and this is just my personal opinion and probably not a very popular one but maybe this game isn't for you. Please don't read to much into that because I'm not being ugly just sayin is all. Plenty games I don't like that others do and will say those games are not for me. Just sayin 100,000's of people so not everyone going to agree or like the same thing. But will say this, have you ever played my summer car? That game has no guidance what so ever. Point is that this the way it is isn't that bad and could be way worse.
  13. Yeah, I was just sayin is that I don't think the next page will select the next column on the left. I feel it is probably on the all blocks and the left is a filter kinda thing. The picture is also on concrete from what it looks like. So maybe concrete only has 240 whatever items for it but wood has lots more and so on. Why I put the +/- because some materials probably don't make as many blocks as another. Point is I can see it both ways and in one of these streams soon we will see more info on it. Either way we getting loads more building options to play with
  14. Why would it do that? If I'm not mistaken mostly everything has another page. Crafting-click next page and more items show. Sometimes a page 3. Trader- click it and it sometimes has another page. Secret stash normally does unless it been cleaned out. Clicking on it doesn't take you to another tab or whatever. It looks like what is in the picture is shapes and those have 270. So probably 2 or 3 pages of shapes. If you click the last one that I imagine is letters and numbers you probably only have one page of those. You click the couch that I would imagine is furniture you get all the shapes of furniture that may or may not be more then 1 page. All these shapes is idk what material they have wood I guess? Is what all you can make with wood. So I might be wrong but I imagine you craft the wood frame or whatever it might be. Using A19 knowledge here. Wood frame you hold R and you click on more shapes. X amount show up. In A20 you make the block and hold R and this manu shows up. To the way it was announced and from what it looks like you have 1200+/- blocks you can make with wood. You make a idk flagstone block and hold R and 1200+/- block menu pops up that you can make with flagstone. Again I'm using A19 flagstone might be listed under a stone block or whatever if they changed it in A20 I have no clue in that much details
  15. We all know Roland only shows off things to his fan only page. 😏 😂
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