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  1. Nice, thanks for the help. That solves that issue anyway
  2. Think I confused now lmao So I can't just turn off EAC on the server. Anyone that joins has to go into the 7day files and turn it off? Or did I read something above wrong?
  3. Cool, agree take the time you need. We appreciate what you do to keep the mods going and up to date. If I come across anything else I'll let ya know. ..... On a side note I can't remember who's mod it was a few years ago. Maybe a mix of a few but would like to find more plants/trees mod. Maybe when it goes gold we will see more mods come about. I'm sure it is a pain to keep updating them every alpha lol.
  4. Yeah, I looked at the loot files and the numbers don't seem that high especially the food one. It is like it is taking the modded files and running the calculation in it without the loot files of the game or something. I have no clue I hardly know what I'm talking about lol.
  5. All good. If you can you can if you cant you cant. Thanks for at least checking. Also wanted to add that I'm having same issue with loot spawns as well. The trap books seem to be 2 in just about every other pile. Sewing kits seem to be high as well. Then chips, chocolate and noodles along with a random item seem to come in 99% of cabinets. Like day one and I have 10 of both chips, 10 chocolates, 10 noodles. 10 tap books. I have only looted a few cars and one poi. So definitely high. Not sure what would of changed from A19 to A20 to cause the mod to do that but just wanted to bring it to awareness. Once again thanks
  6. Something is going on with the reusable cooking bowl. I tried without the mod and everything seems to be ok. I tried taking all mods out just incase another mod wasn't matching well with it and only ran the game with this mod. Even with running the game with only this mod seems to break things. So with this mod the camp fire seems to be missing the placeholders for the grill, pot and beaker so can't cook things without them. .... Also a request if possible, I like your working oven and sink mod. I know it isn't your responsibility to do this and if you don't want to I understand just thought I would ask. I'm using khaines 60 slot backpack mod. When using it and I open the working oven it doesn't show my backpack. Would it be possible to adjust something for it to show? If not like I said I understand. If so greatly appreciated. Also thanks for what you have done as well.
  7. Hey Jax, thanks for all you do. I do have a question. Ia there anyway you could put at the end of your mods if they are server side only or not?
  8. That sucks, hopefully they fix that. Well if I can't turn the protection off right now then no point even doin anything with trader damage. Thanks for letting me know
  9. @KhaineGB I used your always open tader mod on A19. I'll probably use it again for A20. When I did it for A19 I went in and changed the trader protection to false so the walls could be destroyed. When I did that though the trader still could not be hurt so it made what I did kinda pointless lol. Anyway was wondering if you know how I can have them take damage. Would it be the same place where I turn the protection to false? Or do I need to look somewhere else. Appreciate the help and thanks for all you continue to do.
  10. Favorite moment of A20 so far is watching someone tell someone new well kinda new to the game that if they hit the machine it will give them free drinks. Needless to say they didn't have much health and died from electricity lmak
  11. Idk about all that but being able to push your buddy because he just happens to be standing in front of you into a zombie/horde would be some funny trolling moments lol 😏
  12. Still at work but thank you and can't wait to get home. See yall again for A21 thread so we can repeat once again with walls of text on why a delay, why someone gets to play on weekend and so on and so on. Hahaha
  13. If you watch TV and or movies why do you do that when you can act yourself instead of watching someone do it for you?
  14. Without getting into details. I know a few people that was goin through some hard times. Each one different things but put that to the side and each one was near breaking points. They just happened to come across some streamers (not all of them are related to one specific streamer) and the play style, conversation and the community for those streamer actually helped them through those harsh times they was facing. They got involved with the streamer and the community and now are like a 2nd family. I know others that just enjoy watching streams vs watching TV. Or some on the road traveling and wanna watch something. Some that waiting on PC parts so they watching. Some watch and play at the same time...... So many different reasons why people watch. Just because they enjoy something that someone else doesn't understand doesn't make them any different then another person. Everyone likes different things and enjoys different things doesn't make one way right or wrong. If we was all the same we would live in a most boring world.
  15. When I say it, I'm saying to be an smartalec @%$# 😏
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