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    I'm a 40-something dad who loves to game. Console games, board games, card games. I'll play them all. My partner and I have 6 kids so gaming can be a challenge at times but once the kids are in bed it's game on!
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    Console gaming, board gaming, socialising and killing zombies (they are real, right?)
  1. ...potenital sales. There's no guarantee that potential future sales would recoup what they paid to regain the rights, there's only hope, and you cannot run a business on hope. ...there's nothing inevitable about what you're stating. Again, this is an assumption that someone else will want to pick up the rights. It's a gamble and, in business, you simply cannot do that when you are responsible for your staff. TFP isn't just an amorphous beast pumping out a video game. It's people, with families, mortgages, children, responsibilities. To run a risk like this and possibly end up going the same way that TT did is totally reckless. ...just as above, you'd be gambling a definite loss of profit against a possible upswing in sales. I feel sure that those in control of TFP did a P&L analysis against potential sales revenue. When you're dealing with intangible aspects like revenue potential you have to be very, very careful. Most of the time it's simply not worth it. ...actually, I hope they did. That would make the most business sense. The PC version is their flagship product, it's where it all started. When you have a successful flagship product you support it as best you can. That is far smarter than any other option they had and will ensure that TFP stays around. ...I doubt that TFP kept people around simply to help TT and IG on the odd occassion they needed it. Again, they run a business. In business each person has a full-time role and, in the case of TFP, those roles would have centred around development of the PC product. That was what they were there for and the console version is what TT and IG were there for. When you enter into a business partnership with someone you expect them to be able to do the job they said they would. TFP had to trust that TT and IG could pick up the 7DtD code and run with it without distracting TFP from their primary goal, the PC product. That's business. You must be able to rely on your partners and that is the greatest area that TT let TFP down. Skillz, I get your upset and you want someone to blame. That's perfectly natural. The long and the short of it is, TFP did their job and expected TT to do theirs. That's all that TFP can be blamed for here. I really think this thread needs to be closed. All it's doing, like the last one, is creating animosity between those with differing opinions. The decision has been made and we have to learn to live with it until the day that TFP says they have a new console project on the go. Bickering won't change anything.
  2. Thank you, TFP, for the update. Of course it's sad news for us all but I, for one, am glad that you were able to recover all the rights to the game. I wish you all the best for the PC version, if only that it may invigorate the possibility of a re-released console version. I'm still a big fan and will continue to play my console version of the game. Good luck and God bless.
  3. Also the cursor colour here should be changed to green when you're in the right forum for posting PC info.
  4. Can this be something that happens in life? Like, if you live to 21 you get a $10,000 reward for surviving well. At 31 it goes up to $15,000, etc, etc. I could get behind this.
  5. Yeah, you're right. Thanks for the correction. I still get my versions mixed up.
  6. Here's a list from the official 7DtD Wiki. Some of these may not be on the console version but it'll tell you what build they appear in. Just remember that Console is on Alpha 16 but pretty much only has A15 zombies (mostly). Watch out for Zombie bears in the woodlands. They're real nasty. https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/List_of_Zombies
  7. Interesting, and potentially promising - maybe. With this out in the news it's possible that we'll get an official announcement on 78Dtd in the not-to-distant future....
  8. The console game disk makes a nice matching coaster for it.
  9. You have Schrodinger's 7 Days to Die.
  10. No, it is not officially dead on Console. It is in Limbo until we hear from TFP.
  11. Good to know. I've only ever had one reset and it was only a very small portion of my base so I'm not really bothered by MD5's, personally speaking. EDIT: And, yes, I play on Xbox.
  12. I'm with you SpaceDog. I have had littel issue with 7DtD and am intelligent enough to understand the party who is responsible for those issues. I have nothing against TFP and would gladly pay for a v2 of some description that resolved those issues I did have.
  13. I'm not going to call it anything because I won't generalise the state of the game for the whole community based only on my experience. I'm an Xbox 1s owner and have had a partial reset of a base occur once only. I primarily play single or local co-op so can;t speak to multiplayer but, as Freestyle604 said, to say the game is unusable is simply incorrect. I never said it didn;t have flaws but I refute your statement that is is "busted" or "unusable".
  14. Just for clarification, the console version of 7DtD is neither unusable nor busted. I play it regularly.
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