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Eagle's Prefab Collection - Dregora's Universe [A19]


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Hello everyone!

[The F are you? part:]

I am NLBlackEagle and have quite a history when it comes to creating maps, started out when i was 13 on battlefield vietnam map modding, which had extremely bad documentation by the way! Later i moved on to Minecraft for which I created the original universe of Dregora.


[The Dregora Universe]

The map Dregora I am making for 7d2d could happen in the same universe as the story I made for minecraft but way earlier just after the blight happend in 2117 which basically is a devestating world crippling event with nuclear fallouts and weird exotic particle accidents. Very fancy! Read More story: Dregora - The Blight

[Click here for all downloadable content]


Downloads Ready:

- Complete A18.3 World + all custom made prefabs which is a HELL of a lot more then this measly list below:
- Sillo's Rainbow Choo Choo
- Vault 81

- HeliPad
- Observatory
- TrainPack (Stations, Trains & Tracks included)
- StreetPack (With Sewers)
- QuarantainePost Collection (Modulair parts used to make the Quarantaine Post)
- Quarantaine Waste processal (Zombie Waste Pit, originally part of QuarantainePost but offered seperately)
- Reinforced ThePimps Construction Skyscraper (Wont collapse as easily)
- The Bellows (Big Scary DOOM styled mines)
- Highways Collection (By Fastburst but updated by NLBlackEagle)
- Here4BeerPub (A simple Pub)
- Gasstation (A troll prefab that is indestructable with loot. Originally a trader)
- Furniture & Decor shop (For the anarchy Server-Side mod that allows you to buy decor items)
- Powerlines Collection (Big power poles that connect the HydroDam to several cities and townships.)
- Billboard Collection (A fast collection of billboards specifically for Anarchy but can be used on other servers too. They mostly consist out of jokes)
- EinHerDam (HydroDam made to honor EinHerJar, a pretty big prefab. May house the entrance of a vault in later releases)
- Bridge Giktown (Biggest suspension bridge possible at the time of A17 and possibly A18 too)
- Notre Dame (Made for Anarchy by Madness, a previous admin of Anarchy)


First and foremost, this pack, this world wouldn't be possible without the persons listed below. Secondly, feel free to download any content offered and use this on your server, share it between friends or even update it when I fail to do so. Long story short, this is not my stuff, it's the communities stuff as we all had a part :)

Content Credits:
- NLBlackEagle
- Einherjar (for names, idea's and nagging gikon when needed)
- Girlfriend for allowing me the time to work on this project!
- FastBurst for his Sunken Highway Collection!
- All participants in the Slaan project!

Special thanks to:
- Anarchy for hosting the map
- All the awesome players on the Anarchy map and Discord for their support and constructive criticism!
- Guppycur, HaidrGna, Cpt_Krunch and many more at Guppy's Discord for all their unconditional help!
- Pille for his awesome zombie.exe tool!
- Slaan for his awesome prefab pack ( especially the roads! ) and the YouTube tutorials!

Slaan Project:
Magoli - Compo Pack
Pille - Editor and amazing prefabs
Laz Man - more amazing prefabs
Reach Gaming - Play Testers and Advertising
Sundog - Moral Support
Guppycur - Excellent youtube guides
BigC90210 - Provider of hardware, Powershell guru
Not a Gamer Gaming - Youtubes and some amazing prefabs
Topminder - Nice prefab pack download
Hernan - amazing prefab


[My First Prefab]

Fun fact is that I actually did not had a first prefab but I did had a first world in both senses. However, if i had to name a first prefab it would be The Vault. Here's a little teaser trailer:






The Map 8x8k - Will update once finished.








Custom Terraforming with real heightmaps











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VAULT 81 - One of many to come from the Fallout Universe!





Reactor: (Original fallout reactors are just too unrealistic, not that this one is though)


Testing on first corrupted started here:




Air Filtration, yes they need those when trapped 200y underground:





 Simple Prefabs - small ones like house and traders.

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Gotta say some of those pics look amazing, can't wait to see the rest.


Wow, Thats awesome, good job!!


Very inspiring builds. You're not going to start with something small, aren't you.^^


It's nice when you get a compliment, very nice even. However, getting it from those from which I learned how to do this in the first place makes it all the better! Thanks :D


As in a matter of fact i will add some road pictures very soon. These roads where made by you, @slaan I added sewers and gave them a more weathered look :)



Added Weathering & cars to existing roads. Found under: Roads & Infra

Added Trader found under: Simple Prefabs

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if i put this awsome Thing to my Prefabs Folder. Will it spwan everywhere, or does it have a fix spawn?. Nice Work, like it.


Well... Only vanilla stuff will spawn in for now, i will have to discuss with admins on releasing the full map while still working on it ( admins anarchy ) I Will soon add more downloads though! Like the street pack :)


I need the Vault 81 prefab for A18 ♥.♥


The vault is a secret prefab that Will remain hidden till its gotten through one gameplay rotation on Anarchy so you'll have to be patiënt for the vault ;) it'll release in about 2 months, the full map in about 5 months after which i Will improve everything even more and add a second vault.


Someone have a prefabs lisst for this cool map?

I Will soon upload more prefabs, like the street pack :) the full list Will take some time though! ( All prefabs releases in ~2 months, full map with prefabs.xml included in ~5 months )

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[uPDATE] Updated all current prefabs on website to A18.3 and added new prefabs:


- Train pack ( all the train stuff I have made so far, its a big pack )

- Apocalyptic street collection with sewers & Street Details ( Base of streets are from slaan project so they are compatible :D! )

- Quarantine Post - Some custom walls n tiny bunkers.

- Quarantine waste processing ( Burn Em Zombies! )

- Reinforced ThePimps construction skyscraper ( it collapsed a lot, NOT ANYMORE! :D )

- The Bellows - Dark Image, Dark environment, Escape will be hard if you go for the loot ;) ( Used this as server spawn on upcoming Anarchy map )

- VaultTec Med-Size Enclave Bunker ( Intact bunker )

- Updated version of the FastBurst highway collection

- Here4Beer pub

- Furniture & Decor shop

- Electrical Infrastructure

- Billboard Collection for Anarchy


Hope you enjoy!!!!


Download at: https://7d2d.dregora.com/

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On 9/14/2020 at 7:58 AM, stallionsden said:

Hi @NLBlackEagle your notredame has a bad link as i cant seem to dl it.

And is it ok for me to pass your great pois to magoli for consideration into the compo pack 🙂

It's rare for me to be on the forum these days so while I am at it I just wanted to get it out there that stallions den has permission to put any of my created prefabs in the compo pack. Big thumbs up for continuing the awesome work magoli started! Without them a lot of prefabs would've been lost through the passed time!

Regarding people following whatever I do and those who took a particular liking to the Vault 81 and all the Fallout Content. I will be back to add in more, Most likely with a brand new vault too! That said, I do this purely for fun so I am not sure when this will be but as with any of my bigger projects I always do return at some point :)

P.S. I will update that whole website and fix any links and such once I return to the game. This will of course include the whole hand made map :)

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