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  1. a List of alt.manifest, hope i can post it here. Assets: - Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Mods/AimpointM3Prefab.prefab - Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/colt1911/1911_fire.ogg - Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/coltM1873/1873_fire1.ogg - Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/USP9/usp_reload.ogg - Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/USP9/uspPrefab.prefab - Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M249/M249_fire_start.ogg - Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/P99/P99_fire.ogg - Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/hk416/hk416AEPrefab.prefab - Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/m82a1/m82overlay.png - Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/hk416/hk416_fire_end.ogg - Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Mods/RMRSightPrefab.prefab - Assets/AllWe
  2. Cool Songs in the boxes, but i hate to punch the juke for on / off. Also missing a remote to forward or backwords the songs.
  3. Thats awsome, you had cool stuff in there at the time . i played alot.
  4. Someone have a prefabs lisst for this cool map?
  5. some ar and some not, hm. will try it but i think i can' too.
  6. You think to bring it to a18 ?
  7. Does someone, have the icons with transparent backgrounds ?
  8. Great but if i put it in Folder Ressource of Nitrogen it want show up, only see ------ option for vanilla, combo39 & costumlist. Any Glue ?
  9. Great Tool, great Dude. Thx for that tool, awsome work, love it. - - - Updated - - - hi there, where you got the prefab list from ? i only have it for v.39.
  10. any chance for a prefab list in .csv for Nitrogen ? thx.
  11. if i put this awsome Thing to my Prefabs Folder. Will it spwan everywhere, or does it have a fix spawn?. Nice Work, like it.
  12. wich files nitrogen reads... .xml, csv, or wich and how to convert the list?
  13. would be a nice thing.
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