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  1. I've used the old prefab in the Dregora's Universe map that was hosted for one wipe on the Anarchy server and among several prefabs, such as the vault 81 I made the A16 castle you made also got a ton of feedback. From what I understood a lot of people were drawn to the castle but found there was a lack of loot and too much candles around that were causing them to have lag For A19 (Dregora V2.0) I was planning on giving it a huge facelift but it seems the original creator beat me to it I yet have to download the new version but among all the updates and new stuff that came to A19 for this development cycle i am about the embark on your updated castle is one of the few prefabs that i am really looking forward to see what's new and all! I may go as far as asking the closed alpha test team (It sounds weird but yeah, the anarchy server provided one lol) to test the new castle, ill be sure to reply with what they found (Do note it's a pvp focused team though so as for horde testing there wont be a ton) Thanks for sharing your awesome work Much appreciated!
  2. Update time! I've uploaded the entire world and all prefabs that I used for A18.3 and have successfully loaded them in A19. I would love to hear from you guys what you think of these prefabs and the world itself, The vault is also part of this pack and I would love to hear what you guys think of that prefab, perhaps I will make a separate topic for it later on. To download the files go here: https://7d2d.dregora.com/ The world download contains all the prefabs I've used in the world, below that you can download specific highlighted prefabs and/or prefab packs.
  3. It's rare for me to be on the forum these days so while I am at it I just wanted to get it out there that stallions den has permission to put any of my created prefabs in the compo pack. Big thumbs up for continuing the awesome work magoli started! Without them a lot of prefabs would've been lost through the passed time! Regarding people following whatever I do and those who took a particular liking to the Vault 81 and all the Fallout Content. I will be back to add in more, Most likely with a brand new vault too! That said, I do this purely for fun so I am not sure when this will be but as with any of my bigger projects I always do return at some point P.S. I will update that whole website and fix any links and such once I return to the game. This will of course include the whole hand made map
  4. [uPDATE] Updated all current prefabs on website to A18.3 and added new prefabs: - Train pack ( all the train stuff I have made so far, its a big pack ) - Apocalyptic street collection with sewers & Street Details ( Base of streets are from slaan project so they are compatible ! ) - Quarantine Post - Some custom walls n tiny bunkers. - Quarantine waste processing ( Burn Em Zombies! ) - Reinforced ThePimps construction skyscraper ( it collapsed a lot, NOT ANYMORE! ) - The Bellows - Dark Image, Dark environment, Escape will be hard if you go for the loot ( Used this as server spawn on upcoming Anarchy map ) - VaultTec Med-Size Enclave Bunker ( Intact bunker ) - Updated version of the FastBurst highway collection - Here4Beer pub - Furniture & Decor shop - Electrical Infrastructure - Billboard Collection for Anarchy Hope you enjoy!!!! Download at: https://7d2d.dregora.com/
  5. Well... Only vanilla stuff will spawn in for now, i will have to discuss with admins on releasing the full map while still working on it ( admins anarchy ) I Will soon add more downloads though! Like the street pack The vault is a secret prefab that Will remain hidden till its gotten through one gameplay rotation on Anarchy so you'll have to be patiënt for the vault it'll release in about 2 months, the full map in about 5 months after which i Will improve everything even more and add a second vault. I Will soon upload more prefabs, like the street pack the full list Will take some time though! ( All prefabs releases in ~2 months, full map with prefabs.xml included in ~5 months )
  6. Added Dowloads! Added world without prefabs and 2 seperate prefabs: bridge & notre dame on https://7d2d.dregora.com/
  7. It's nice when you get a compliment, very nice even. However, getting it from those from which I learned how to do this in the first place makes it all the better! Thanks As in a matter of fact i will add some road pictures very soon. These roads where made by you, @slaan I added sewers and gave them a more weathered look [updates] Added Weathering & cars to existing roads. Found under: Roads & Infra Added Trader found under: Simple Prefabs
  8. Bunkers - The ones that give a real bunker feel except for the Vaults as they deserve a spoiler on their own
  9. Townships, Area's, Cities - Bigger, Multi Prefab Projects
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