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Weapon variants as rewards in POIs


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over at the "Game feels like its punishing me for levelling up" thread, discussion has been ferocious. In the midst of it, last friday (26th), brainstorming about how the game could implement more diverse rewarding POI loot, it came to my mind the way Team Fortress 2 brings weapon diversity to the table. You see, in TF2, players are rewarded by play time, receiving, and among other things, a reward weapon. Say for example, the Brass Beast, a variant of the Minigun (the original Heavy class weapon). It does more damage than the Minigun at the cost of moving slower when firing.


I think this would bring intermitent rewards to exploring players, while letting every new find be usable in its own way.


Below is a list of suggestions I came up with for weapon variants that could be randomly found in POIs (like the Taza's Stone Axe). It's not meant to be exhaustive list of course, but more of a idea pitch. First comes its name, then the benefit and finally a downside; some don't have a downside - either I didn't think of one or it would make for an underpowered item. I didn't come up with ideas for higher tier items (MP5, AK47) because I don't have much experience with them. A disclaimer: some of them are humourous; I don't think this is incongruous with 7DTD, as there is humour in the game (cough SEXUAL TYRANNOSAURUS cough).





- Bone Shiv


Fang - 30% chance a strike will stun animals


The Neanderthal - 5% chance a hit will kill a player - user will grunt and shout while equipped


Putrid Bone - 10% of poisoning upon hit - 1% chance of disease to user upon use



- Small Stone


David's bullet - a headshot will kill a tough zombie (cop, biker, tourist) - will break on hit



- Stone Axe


Mother of Invention - reduced cost of building and repair while equipped


Faux Tomahawk - double damage - half harvest damage



- Gardening Hoe


Green Thumb - crops wield double



- Wooden Bow


Artemis - double damage to animals - half damage to rest of targets


Oxَssi - double damage in forest biome - half damage elsewhere


Ullr - double damage in snow biome - half damage elsewhere


Eros - 5% chance the target will go berserk



- Wooden Club


Heracles - double damage to quest targets


Cave man - double damage while naked or in plant fiber clothes


Coup Stick - a killing blow to the head will temporarily double damage but will also temporarily decrease movement speed



- Iron Reinforced Club


The Taffer - double damage if hit to the back of the head (the hit will be silenced) - half damage if hit on body or limbs


Homerunner - 10% will behead zombie target - if so, will produce a wider radius of noise than usual


Macuahuitl (variant with iron bits sticking out) - kills and knockdowns restore health and stamina - decreased durability



- Compound bow


The Berserk - double damage - the arrow will fire itself when the cord is fully pulled; hipfire only


80's design - 5% chance a shot arrow will explode on contact - less durability


Athlette's pride - double damage shooting steel tipped arrows - half damage shooting stone and iron tips



- Crossbow


Wetwork - completely silent - half damage


Cho Ku Nu - reload speed tripled - projectile parabola reduced in half


The Ballista - double damage - no moving while weapon equipped



- Hunting Knife


Sadist - damage will double for each consecutive hit on the same target - a one hit kill will drain user's stamina in half


First Blood - while in inventory, if the user takes damage from another player, damage to the latter will be doubled by all means until either is dead


Navaja - weightless - half damage



- Fireaxe


The Fireman - double block damage to wood - half damage to rest


Maniac Utensil - increased sprint speed and attack speed - half damage


Francisca - the axe will be thrown instead of swung - useless for harvesting



- Claw Hammer


Old boy - double damage - half efficiency in repair and upgrade


Surah Yunus 10:41 - double speed for repair and crafting while equipped when alone inside land claim block radius - half damage



- Machette


Duelist - double damage when alone with a zombie/player - if not, half damage


Mob Butcher - double damage when 10 or more hostiles in vicinity - if not, half damage


Gladius - double damage when in a door threshold (blocks to the immediate left and right) - if not, half damage



- Molotov Cocktail


Petrol bombs - fire will stay for double the time


Soda bottles - increased throw range - smaller AoE


Sticky bomb - the thrown bottle will glue to the target, detonation will happen in a span of 0 to 10 seconds



- Dynamite


Long fuse - detonation after 5 to 10 seconds after thrown


Confessor - double damage and radius - 10% chance will blow up in user's hand upon throw



- Blunderbuss


The Right to Bear - double damage inside Land Claim block's radius - half damage elsewhere


Guillotine Gun (axe baionette variation) - user will deal melee damage to the front when gun equipped - reload speed halved


Obüs silahi - increased accuracy; deals massive damage to blocks - half damage to enemies



- Pistol


The Fingertrigger - double firing rate - half magazine size


Disciplined - sparsed shots (two seconds delay inbetween) will deal double damage - if not, half damage



- Hunting Rifle


Obrez (sawed off variant) - immune to steel cartridge use damage - hipfire only


Elephant gun - a shot will kill any target - 2 uses until breakdown; very noisy


Psalms 22:11 - double damage when 10 or more blocks above ground - half damage elsewhere



- Shotgun


Home Defense - double damage inside Land Claim block's radius - half damage elsewhere


Escopeta Jalapena - 10% chance of fiery damage; will consume 2 shells if so


SWAT Tool - double damage in close quarter combat - half damage elsewhere



- 44 magnum


Good Night - the last bullet shot in a row will deal triple damage - 4 round barrel


(stub nose variant) - higher rate of fire - hipfire only


Big Iron - Double damage in desert biome - Half damage elsewhere



- Chainsaw


Texas Favourite - double damage if user's wearing full leather armour - if not, half damage


Thirsty - double damage - triple fuel consumption



There could also be options for armour:



- Plant fiber gloves


Pugilista - increased move speed and double punch damage



- Plant Fiber armor set


Corpo Fechado - upon death, the user will not lose items nor suffer the death debuff - the set will be destroyed upon revival



- Cowboy Hat


Old Rancher's shade - aiming costs much less stamina



- Football Helmet


Runner's Helmet - user won't have legs broken upon falling



- Leather boots


Makasins - stamina costs reduced for running in desert, forest and snow biomes



- Poncho


Awful Trophy - animals attack hesitantly (delay of seconds between attacks)


Blondy - increase damage with handguns


Orgullo Vaquero - all stamina costs halved in desert biome




edit: Another thing: some names are quite extravagant but only that; to me, only a few of them deserve a change to the ingame model.

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What Royal Deluxe said, and for starters, most of these double/half damage situation-specific items will only cause the need for extra inventory management and annoyance, with the player (un)equipping them every now and then (much like clothing and temperature in their first iteration).


Imo lootlists must be sorted well first, current items must actually become more valuable and only then one might want to consider adding something extra. With the current state of balance and tuning it wouldn't matter if you added the arsenal of world of warcraft in the game because it would also quickly become obsolete. Then monsters would in turn become obsolete and so on. Not to mention that any sense of "theme" has already gone out of the window...

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Only thing that fits not in my opinion is the abudant use of words like double and tripple.


Why more than 10 maybe 20% bonus

This way you complete devaluate the normal Q6 Items.


yes yes I forgot to apologize about this in my post. The know-how for appropriate stat calibration is not my forte. I went for the crude double/triple/half in favor of putting my pitch forth.

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