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  1. I was of course not invisible, as can be seen in the video by all the other zombies working just fine It was only the hawaiian that was having this issues. The same was experienced whether god mode or not. I remember the invisible feature was "fixed" fairly recently in the patch history, which was great and really helped test some other stuff. But in this case invisible mode had nothing to do with it I just happened to be in god mode as I was zipping around while trying to figure out what was going on Yes, it only seems to happen at specific locations. I showed thi
  2. I was making a new base type, and all was going great, until I tested with Hawaiian Zombies. And was stunned! For some reason, if near the location they will go towards a specific location, going through blocks as opposed to an open corridor 5 blocks away, through concrete, steel, and ignoring me until I'm ~1 block away. As from the pic, they are aware of me, they look at me, and they're even targeting me in their AI. But they WON'T come for me. Has anyone seen that with the new Hawaiian zombie? I included the overhead debug info (num-pad 0) in my video, so
  3. In general, unless the game publisher has explicitly given you permission, the answer is (in I would wager many/most) jurisdictions: 1) Yes, you are legally allowed to record (for own use). 2) Yes you are allowed to upload to anywhere (for own use). 3) No, you're NOT allowed to give OTHERS access to the footage. Which makes YouTube pointless if you just keep it private. But you can use it as a video storage site just like dropbox. As soon as you share the video content, you're distributing it which normally is license violation and often a crime. 4) Yes you normally
  4. Always great advise to do a clean re-install, and start a new fresh game without any mods. That goes for a lot of problems with the game (and other games for that matter). There are just so many times people reach out to me about (issues), and it turns out actually they're trying this or that mod and it's not working, and people are upset with the actual game, instead of the mods they have themselves elected to install. Then describe the problems faced on a clean install/fresh game in detail, check logs, as that really does help people provide any specific information
  5. No I believe it's actually totally broken. It does not factor in any armor reduction at all. One could argue the way it's written that removing 20 % of armor means it would go from say 20 armor to 16. However since the damage is the same as regular ammo, one can easily conclude that this does not happen. We'll see how the fix ends up, however in my view the only reasonable would be for it to remove a fixed 20 %.. So it'd bring 20 % armor down to 0. It'd bring 40 % down to 20 %. Bringing armor down from 20 to 16 would be so pointless as to not be noticable, except for t
  6. Nice to see my video coming up as an explanation! There was a bunch of testing I did, including a follow up video trying to show and explain what I saw happening. People (on reddit, kind souls!) were able to replicate the 6x with even square full blocks. It's just a lot harder to set it up so the zombie glitches into it and does the extra damage, whereas some blocks (poles/plates) seem very prone to it. Centered poles for instance were a lot safer and much harder to glitch into. I can see why it's there, it's just "over-aggressive" and if toned down so it's less glitch-
  7. Yikes that is a lot of wires! Well done to get it all up! It's definitely possible to get it done, but at some point one has to ask the question "What is the reason we are so focused on the WIRING, as opposed to the functionality of the electrical items themselves?" ... and originally I thought there was mention of wiring so they could be cut in pvp, but that was years back and there's still no real way to cut wires, and even so most don't do pvp so it's a moot point. At that, wires just cease to be that useful, and one might as well just imagine we lay invisible cables through the
  8. Personally I'd probably just want to simplify, do away with wiring and instead work by configuration. Generators have a range of 50 blocks or some such and receiver devices configure which generator they are tapping from. Do away with tedious wiring and cables hanging everywhere, and just simplify. If you wanted to add on a power repeater block to extend the distance, but while it's cute and all to manually wire from point A to B to C to D to ...X, I'm not really sure it adds anything but unneeded complexity for the player.
  9. We do have "simple" and "harder" POI's but I agree biome addition to challenge ratings would make sense. We sort of have a harder time in wasteland already, but further ways to make it harder would be good, higher level zombies in dangerous areas and better loot. Still just the added wasteland stuff of always respawning zombies at night etc goes some distance to achieve this for now, so thanks for that!
  10. That is true. But if you're going to buy steel to craft, that's very close to simply just buying the weapon from the trader to begin with. So I think due to the need of steel, an increase in that being found would be helpful and not unbalancing. Just a bit more here and there would do it.
  11. I might be the odd man out, but I actually like the slower progression. I do think it needs some further updates to make it feel smoother. 1) More weapon parts. I end up day 7, and the only weapon I have I bought from trader. I can make a Q2 shotgun, Q2 stun baton, but I have no parts for either. 2) More steel. Right now a lot of crafted weapons/armor require steel, which is locked behind very rare finds (and rare wrenching specific items). Crucible is way further down the line. So by the time I find weapon/armor parts, I got the perks, but I don't have steel. Doin
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