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  1. Yikes that is a lot of wires! Well done to get it all up! It's definitely possible to get it done, but at some point one has to ask the question "What is the reason we are so focused on the WIRING, as opposed to the functionality of the electrical items themselves?" ... and originally I thought there was mention of wiring so they could be cut in pvp, but that was years back and there's still no real way to cut wires, and even so most don't do pvp so it's a moot point. At that, wires just cease to be that useful, and one might as well just imagine we lay invisible cables through the blocks and stop worrying about them, and just handle it by range from generator And lastly, you are very welcome, and I'm just glad when people appreciate and learn something, and tell me new things so I learn as well!
  2. Personally I'd probably just want to simplify, do away with wiring and instead work by configuration. Generators have a range of 50 blocks or some such and receiver devices configure which generator they are tapping from. Do away with tedious wiring and cables hanging everywhere, and just simplify. If you wanted to add on a power repeater block to extend the distance, but while it's cute and all to manually wire from point A to B to C to D to ...X, I'm not really sure it adds anything but unneeded complexity for the player.
  3. We do have "simple" and "harder" POI's but I agree biome addition to challenge ratings would make sense. We sort of have a harder time in wasteland already, but further ways to make it harder would be good, higher level zombies in dangerous areas and better loot. Still just the added wasteland stuff of always respawning zombies at night etc goes some distance to achieve this for now, so thanks for that!
  4. That is true. But if you're going to buy steel to craft, that's very close to simply just buying the weapon from the trader to begin with. So I think due to the need of steel, an increase in that being found would be helpful and not unbalancing. Just a bit more here and there would do it.
  5. I might be the odd man out, but I actually like the slower progression. I do think it needs some further updates to make it feel smoother. 1) More weapon parts. I end up day 7, and the only weapon I have I bought from trader. I can make a Q2 shotgun, Q2 stun baton, but I have no parts for either. 2) More steel. Right now a lot of crafted weapons/armor require steel, which is locked behind very rare finds (and rare wrenching specific items). Crucible is way further down the line. So by the time I find weapon/armor parts, I got the perks, but I don't have steel. Doing 1+2 would help allow for a smoother progression, so while you might not find weapons or better armour around, you can start crafting it so YOU're the one behind the progression, as opposed to as what I do now, just run trader quests, get money, and buy the damned weapons from trader joel
  6. Yes, alpha ... 17 was it? Where they started adding way too many jump scare zombies. I get the feeling the new POI's in Alpha 19 they are trying to tone that down. It was fairly peculiar to always find zombies in wardrobes (which can't be open/closed), or up in ceilings (where there are false ceilings and no ladders and no access). Great for jump scares once in a blue moon. Pretty overdone when every single POI has it
  7. Yes, I do agree that tier 1 quests should be better located within a better range of the trader. Some are, but some send you to another town for no reason, which can be a bit of a run. However I doubt new players mind as such. If it's the first time they've done it, it'll seem natural. And they'll enjoy the scenery, exploration, or perhaps not even do them for a while as they dunno there are trader quests
  8. I would say TFP are doing a great job making them random. Imagine if all ponds had water in it, would get boring fast. Or all roads lead somewhere. Or don't dead end in a mountain. Or have 10 meter drops midway. It is truly random ... as when I cycled up a mountain only to crest it and ...plunge to my death some 50 meters down as a POI had been placed and carved out a perfect squad in the area. I would like them a bit less random perhaps In a18 I didn't see any skyscrapers in any RWG i generated, in a19 ... actually I'm not sure I've seen any either 😛
  9. So reading the question/poll, and then the text description itself there are some areas where they do not quite match. Yes, I would like a dynamic gamestage. We have one. It grows as player level does, and as you stay alive, and reduces as you die. It is a novel concept. I've never quite seen a game allow that. "Today let's go with gamestage 1." ... "Tomorrow I'll try gamestage 500" ... The game makes the general (correct) assumption that the longer you live, the more loot you accumulate, the better base you have. You simply can not make a steel base on day 1. You're putting out a hypothetical that's not possible within the confines of the game (unless you play with 1 year long days, which is not a default setting). No game will adapt well to players who cheat in a thousand steel blocks on day 1 and q6 weapons. 1+2 it already does. It however generalised to "days alive" which is more generic. On day 1 you have certain weapon/armor power level. On day 10 you have another. It's not an exact science, as then you'd have to start diving into a lot of factors. Hit accuracy? Did the player perk in the weapon? Do they "have" a weapon but don't use it? It gets messy fast. If I put a q6 m60 in a chest, and another chest has the ammo, but I never use it for a blood moon horde, how is that counted? What if the zombies spawn in and I then pick it up? What if it has 50 durability left and I have no repair kits? What if I have repair kits? What if I can craft a repair kit and then repair? Maybe I don't have skills in the m60 but in pistol, but only have a q1 pistol? If you think the game has poor performance now, imagine the game having to track a thousand variables (and items) and trying to anticipate how the player will utilize them versus a threat. 3 is slowly getting there. Wasteland is more difficult. Forest is easier. Night time is harder, daytime easier. Tier 5 poi's are harder than tier 1, which is location specific. 1) If you directly scale damage to player health and armor, you basically might as well remove armor altogether, because the more perfect this system becomes, the more it is the equivalence of having no armor. 2) Again, we might as well have 1 melee and 1 ranged weapon, because perfect scaling of enemies mean everything feels exactly the same. 3) So a steel house I put my bedroll should be wrecked, but a steel house someone else built that I happen to stay in should last longer? Or for that matter a steel POI? Accomplishing high damage for certain material and low for others, is functionally equivalent to having different blocks with different block strengths (which we do now). Wood is weak, steel is tough. If zombies deal 3x damage to steel, we'd then need to triple steel HP and .. they would cancel each other out. So why add the complexity? Now what I would like to see instead, is certain zombies being better against certain materials. Ie, wood/flagstone being easier, and certain zombies like demo, construction, wight, doing higher damage to concrete and steel. 4) The game does this already. Each gamestage has a mix of fodder, regular and elite units and it's randomized. It's just as the gamestage goes up, there are higher proportions of higher tier zombies, as otherwise there would be no challenge increase. To me, while the gamestage system isn't perfect, and I do think locations (ie, biome, time of day, blood moon horde etc) should impact more, most of what you highlight is already included but in a more general sense which actually can be tracked. I think there's a huge danger in games which try to over calculate things, and equalize to make enemies the exact same challenge for all levels, because you might as well do away with levels entirely as a system like that makes everything play exactly the same way whether level 1 with a bow and club as a level 300 with a m60 and a chainsaw. But ideas are always good to throw out there, I commend you for that! /Ved
  10. So, while there certainly is more than graphics, that clearly seems to have been a focus. I've said the same since we started getting teases of what was going into it, that it's all amazing. I love the new HD zombies. I think the new POI's with the new assets are simply amazing. Playing the game in A19 is smoother, feels more immersive, music better, fighting better. Exploration is richer, more engaging. At the same time, there are some new cool stuff. Some new weapons, auto shotty, desert vulture, sniper, steel club etc. However, I've also raised the similar that while I love Alpha 19, it's also more like a "better" Alpha 18, but it lacks the additional new content that would have really set it aside as a great version. It plays essentially like A18 does, and while that's not necessarily bad, it's also not necessarily good enough either. If you want to keep people continually engaged (as opposed to play once and then put on the shelf) there needs to be continual content drops that make people expand their gameplay accordingly, as opposed to "I did it pretty much like before, it was smoother, but essentially the same as before." But all is not lost! What I would have recommended, would be to: 1) Put in the junk drone in a patch sooner rather than later. I don't care if it's perfect. Heck, stun baton was broken all of A19, Junk Sledge was broken. New content is always good. 2) It was highlighted on the streams that melee bandits were essentially there. So put them into a POI. Put them into a wandering horde. Ranged not ready? fine. Put in melee bandits. Let us play with them, experience them, and while they might not work as they will later on, who cares? New content wins. 3) It was also mentioned rafts/zombie fish/shark whatever was "almost" there. so put it in. Spend the couple of weeks to get it in, and let players see how "some" of it works now we even have swimming zombies. More content would make people be happy we had a graphics update AND excited to try new things with new systems, such as simple bandits, simple rafts/water hazard. Even more so, as 2+3 was mentioned as "almost there" and needing some "glue" to finish off. Superglue it, duct tape it, and get it in for patch 19.2 /Ved
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