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  1. If you are looking for it in more ways so you can make a chem station, you could always buy the chem station from the traders. Chem stations show up quite frequently in the traders in my experiences.
  2. Was talking to my in-server farmer about this last night. She said that she also has a surplus of raw food as well, and this after stocking two vending machines full of food and drinks.
  3. In my SP world I have just been living off the food crates, buying all the corn, eggs, and potatoes I can, and making meat stews. I don't even farm and still have plenty of food lol
  4. Our server farmer doesn't like the nerf, but she's still been able to make all the good foods and keep 2 vending machines stocked full with food and drinks, not to mention the tons of back up she has to keep stocking them. Mostly making meat stew, meat and potatoes, chowder. I buy her out every time she has spaghetti and some fish recipe. (can't remember the name lol)
  5. I will say in my 3 runs (SP and MP) of A20 I haven't found it to be that difficult to find good gear pretty early. Beakers, acid, weapons, ammo, it's all plentiful in my opinion. And when I want higher level/better stuff I just go to the snow or wasteland. It may be me getting lucky, but I haven't had much of an issue with stuff. I mean in my MP server (all vanilla) I have 2 chem stations, and around 20 acid with 6-7 beakers left over. Also, everyone has multiple chem stations, beakers and acid on the server. I haven't purchased a single chem station. I do buy any beaker and all acid I see at traders and have looted a many of them as well.
  6. That's plausible as well. I interpreted it the other way, but this makes sense as well. I still feel like it makes sense that it's only a matter of time until The Duke tries to muscle out the other currencies.
  7. hmm, I like this thought. Essentially The Duke buys up old currency to have a monopoly. I hadn't thought of that. Well done.
  8. Precursor: this doesn't actually bother me, I'm just curious. I was just thinking after raiding an ATM. What is the point of old cash in the game if we are just selling them for dukes? If old cash has a duke value then why is it not used as a currency itself still? EDIT: missed a word
  9. lmao, I felt it man. Gamers Unite haha
  10. Listen up Pimps! I like to poke fun that this game is "The Alpha that Never Ends", but honestly, I don't really care. Keep pumping out updates that I may, or may not, like. It used to bother me but then I sat back and thought: I paid $20 for a game that has given me almost thousands of hours of game-play and have never been charged for updates. Also, you made it so modders have easy access. I'll still have opinions, but I can always choose when stop/start playing too. Thanks for content, looking forward to more. PS: I like the the RNG
  11. I may be in the minority here, but I'm not looking for 7D to become an all out questing game. I rarely even do the trader quests. I'm not opposed to them, just would rather play scavenger style.
  12. I'm really enjoying it. I liked A16, played A17 and it was too linear after a bit. Just kill, level, perk build anything. It lost the appeal without the RNG for me. Didn't touch A18. Played at the very end of A19. A20 is great with the cities and RNG items. Really liking the new play-throughs.
  13. I hardly do trader missions and dukes have not been problem. And brass is ezpz when get salvage 5. Wrench the heat radiators in POIs for 2 radiators to smelt from each.
  14. Late to the party here, but I love the RNG items. Just being able to level a craft everything makes the game too linear and kills replay-ability to me. I love the A20 update. Brought me back into the game after stopping with A17. GGs on this update.
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