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  1. Two points here: I agree that people may be pretty emotional about this game. I have been, only because I got extremely bored with A17. It's just too easy do EVERYTHING. Making difficulty sliders and what not is cool. But artificially making the game "harder" is not for me personally. I'll continue to check back on other updates. But, for now, I'm just done playing for a bit. Next point. I really enjoyed A16.4, but it's not easy for me to move backwards in the game knowing that I am missing out on cool POIs, new vehicles, etc. So again, that is why I'm just hanging it up for a bit hoping to see something better (IMO) in the next few alphas.
  2. Fair, I'm fine with the UI as well. Wouldn't mind better, but have no complaints with it as is either.
  3. I'd rather have optimization, I have a 2080ti now and still dip to -30 fps on horde nights.
  4. I think it's time for a beer lul
  5. My apologies, I thought we were speaking of the books Madmole is in the process of creating.
  6. The read button in the menu that allows you to read books.
  7. too simple, need huge flashing red numbers /s
  8. You bite your tongue, Claptrap is awesome lol.
  9. A few points to touch on: 1) Everyone has an opinion and the right to share it. TFP reserve the right to build the game how they want. Relax lol 2) No one cares what Alpha someone started this game on. It's of no relevance in how they enjoy the game now. 3) If TFP make the game the way you don't want, same can be said about you: "If you don't like the game, stop playing it, it is simple as that." So, again, relax lol. Your emotions seem to be getting the best of you.
  10. That is what I thought of as well lol
  11. Lower tier guns already are worthless once you've obtained a higher tier due to the mod slots. And the repair costs even out regardless of the tier. Also, there shouldn't be piles of guns anywhere, scrap them or sell them. Otherwise they are still useless lol.
  12. PoppaTot

    Mod List

    I just put like 300-400 wood in each forge and let it go. Late game I just put like 3000 wood in each one and not have to worry about it.
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