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    Owner of the Barren Realms server. 4k hours in-game and counting!
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    Building zombie-proof bunkers and modding. Owner of the Barren Realms server.
  1. TehKarmah 4850 A7 TehKarmah#3864 English Server owner of Barren Realms for the last 3 years. Admin on the 7 Days Admin Coalition Discord server. Participated in the a18 Streamer event. Helped QA team repro several duping and spawning bugs.
  2. I have a decent high-pop server and I've gathered a few wave-top observations for balancing a18. For reference, we're currently in the stable build. Overall the vast majority of the game is great and my server is busier than it's been in years. Really good job, Pimps. - Quests are fun, but it's killing us that they fail if you leave the area or log off. Not sure if this can be addressed. - It's really odd that you get sick from canned food, not home cooked meals. Punctured/dented cans can introduce bacteria into the contents, the liining can fail (which is why they have experiation dates)
  3. Player Vending Machine Pricing I'm passing along a note from one of the players on my server regarding pricing on player vending machines. TLDR: If you've perked up your trading skill, you can't set your personal vending machine prices as high. Vending machine prices should be based on global economy values.
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