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  1. Any indication when stable is hitting??
  2. Don't get me wrong, I love NitroGen. I wouldn't have donated if I didn't. There is just 1 thing that confuses me a little. Why isn't there biome selections? Just have little radio buttons with the biomes and let us pick which biomes we want on the map. There must be something in the code to prevent this?? Thanks for all your hard work Damocles!!
  3. I think there are to many animal spawns now after the patch. In 3 game days I have killed 3 bears, 3 stags, 4 doe, 3 dire wolves, 2 regular wolves, a chicken and 2 rabbits. Seems a bit much. I was thinking having bears spawn rarely, deer spawn at night, and the little critters during the day. Seems a little better. On a side note, I love the localization pushed from servers now and in the last patch, I love the writable storage boxes. Great work!!
  4. Favorite feature of A19 so far??? The ability to push localization.txt to servers!! Thanks Fun Pimps
  5. Hey Dude, waiting like the rest of us.
  6. It was released before 10am last time.
  7. Yeah, I know. But it should be vanilla. My opinion.
  8. Will we be able to craft tier 6 weapons in A19??
  9. Community Accreditation Using Much inspiration from the modding community with my own tweaks Khaine's Bigger backpack Highope's dye lab, extra vehicle seats (highly modified by me) Snufkin's Autominer (modified by me)
  10. And some of this was pioneered by Stompy, and guess who is helping with the Botman mod?
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