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  1. Don't get me wrong, I love NitroGen. I wouldn't have donated if I didn't. There is just 1 thing that confuses me a little. Why isn't there biome selections? Just have little radio buttons with the biomes and let us pick which biomes we want on the map. There must be something in the code to prevent this?? Thanks for all your hard work Damocles!!
  2. And some of this was pioneered by Stompy, and guess who is helping with the Botman mod?
  3. Thank you for this Rag. It really steps up the server game.
  4. Is this a change from A17? Seems like A18 brought some good improvements.
  5. Hi Alloc, thanks for your great work on this. I have a couple questions. I have mods to put in, they go into sdtd/engine/mods or do they go somewhere else? Does the serverconfig.xml get used in sdtd/engine? Does the info just get pulled from /sdtd/instances/name/ config.xml? How do I add files from a windows machine to the server? Thanks for your help.
  6. It should work on a single player game. Put it in your mods folder and see.
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