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  1. I have been doing mod videos for a long time now, and I haven't fallen in love with a mod like this before. This mod is beyond awesome. For it still being in heavy development, it is still so amazing. I plan on doing as full a play through of this mod as I can so I can show off just how awesome it is. Check out the first mod video below
  2. Yep, I have been doing a 7 days to die mods weekly video series for the last few months. Check em out if you are interested, and want to give/get some feedback
  3. Dang I love your mods Telric. I have covered a few of them already, and am covering the fishing mod on the 15, and the week after that i will be covering the awesome horses mods. Keep up the great work!
  4. Probably a lot to ask, but I am curious if you can tell me of any of these mods are server side only?
  5. Love the mod, and getting ready to do a video on it soon. Super fun to have all the extra vehicles. Gotta ask, is the mod serverside only or client&server?
  6. Curious, are these wonderful mods server-side or client side?
  7. Sorry for how vague that was. What happens is when we download the mod and extract it, it comes out as winter-project-a19-master. If we go into that file and copy all of the contents into where we have 7 days to die installed and overwrite what is there, the game crashes on launch. Not sure if we are doing anything wrong on that or not, but that is the situation we are having. We can play it just fine through the mod launcher on single player, but anytime we all try to do multiplayer we get a cannot connect to host error which could just be an issue with our network but we have no issues with connecting through steam so idk.
  8. Not to be "that guy" but do you have any clearer instructions for installation? I want to play this with friends, but installing through the mod launcher isn't letting us run multiplayer, and if we extract it to our 7 days to die folder the mod doesn't work.
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